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  1. How could I forget Whitehaven, another gem, not so much on a Thursday night away. I also had a thing for the Don Valley, felt like being at a European football game. Most random away was watching the Mile High challenge in Denver 2018, epic three weeks away.
  2. I have personally enjoyed my away day trips to Championship clubs more than Super League in my 25 years of following my team. My top 5 are as follows: 1. Batley 2. Halifax 3. London Broncos / Skolars 4. Toulouse 5. Gateshead
  3. Just to add, I was about 10/11 years old at the time. I used to love going a midweek game in the winter with my Dad
  4. Bradford (Northern) v Widnes in a midweek game, I am thinking around 1994?? It was a fog bound Odsal, cant remember the result but I do recall it was Tiny Solomona's debut for Widnes and he couldn't catch the ball for love nor money.
  5. And the work that he does surrounding Mental Health is outstanding too
  6. As in the fact it was all take with nothing giving back. For example if a local amateur team asked for a signed shirt to raffle, they would be charged £100 whereas they would expect the amateur teams to supply players / facilities for free
  7. For years Widnes Viking’s have milked as much money from the local community as possible with little return. Hopefully with our new ownership, things will improve in future
  8. I cannot see any negative impact to this. I am resigned to the fact that my own club will never dine at the top table again and any investment in the game will raise the profile/image of the sport as a whole
  9. How do you see the leagues lining up then? I think... SL 1 Bradford Catalans Huddersfield Hull FC Hull KR Leeds Salford St Helens Toulouse Wakefield Warrington Wigan SL2 Batley Castleford Dewsbury Doncaster Featherstone Halifax Leigh London NW Crusaders Sheffield Widnes Workington
  10. Not really, but to take some momentum into next year when we will hopefully be awarded a licence for SL should be aimed for. Its all well and good having a 'adequate' stadium, youth structure etc but it is first team perfomance that will put bums on seats
  11. Who the hell rattled your cage? All I said was that it was a awful refereeing performance, just like I said we where terrible. I don't see you asking me to put my boots back on because of the criticism of my team! Idiot!
  12. Leigh dominated the first 20, Widnes the second 20, then all Leigh in the 2nd half. The ref was awful but we where terrible. I think we have too many DR players and new faces to show any kind of cohesion. If Leigh play like they did in the 2nd half, they wont be far from the Grand Final come October!
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