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  1. I don't think they'll go down, but I do think that Steve McBanana will be the first coaching sacking of the season.
  2. Given his performances for Fiji this autumn it's no surprise he's piqued the interest of the NRL.
  3. The game's main development priority needs to be the Pacific islands to establish RL as the region's number one code. In Europe Serbia/Balkans and Ukraine need more support. I agree that Spain should be assisted. And Italy. I'd be satisfied with a stable competition of twenty or so clubs in each of these nations. I also agree that Brazil should be a priority given its impressive growth thus far. The USA still has enormous potential but seems to lack effective organisation and vision. Finally, my left field suggestions are China and Albania. The NRL could gain a niche market in China. Pre-season trial matches could be played there and development work done alongside. Given the nature of the Chinese government, if it gains their support then it could lead to the establishment of clubs and a national team. Chinese money is already funding next year's Samoa 9s, so a seed is already there. Also, with the game progressing nicely in other areas of SE Asia, like Japan, Thailand and the Philippines, it could be an incentive to the Chinese given their geo-political aims! (though an incredibly miniscule part of their aims). Why Albania? Well, aside from the fact that I love that country, I think that it has some potential even though it lack even a rugby union scene. Without wishing to stereotype a nation, they are a fairly rugged and physical bunch. With average salaries about £300 per month the cost of funding development work won't be too onerous. They're a proud people and the idea of being the region's big dogs could be an attraction. Wherever RL chooses to develop next (if it does) we need to be honest and understand that with the possible exception of France it could be decades before any other nation has a domestic game of a size and strength to challenge the big three without heritage players.
  4. Abolish as in ban RL clubs from organising or participating in 7s? Why?
  5. I agree with one of the above posters who suggested SL investing some money in the self-broadcasting / YouTube route. It is, IMO, the ideal first step towards testing the market for a subscription service.
  6. Come on... Right over left, then left under right...
  7. Certainly not a celeb, but there was a grape picker from Collieure on this week's Rick Stein Secret France who was wearing a rugby league t shirt.
  8. The final table for the 1897-98 season of the rugby union Cumberland League. Two clubs had already switched to NU, with the rest following on over the next eighteen months.
  9. Well done Lagos Haven. They've already, after only a couple of years, won more than their west Cumbrian namesakes!!
  10. Yes. I saw them play Carlisle. It was a double-header along with Saints v Sheffield, which ended something like 50-40.
  11. Started in 1981, the same season as Carlisle. Their launch was high profile due to some significant signings from union - Fenwick, David and Ringer. They played initially at Ninian Park and their colours were blue and yellow (I think). I travelled down with two schoolmates to watch Carlisle's game at Cardiff and was introduced to Brains SA. We arrived back home a day late. Happy days...
  12. Carlisle City didn't even make it through to the New Year so were gone by the close of 1928. A proposal to move the club to Maryport was rejected by the RFL. Strange to think that had that happened then maybe one or both of Workington and Whitehaven might not have been. Ditto Fev had Normanton or Pontefract survived the early years. Considering just how marginalised our sport is nowadays it's a real downer to read through that list and see that if even only a few of the opportunities had been persevered with then RL would have a genuine national footprint.
  13. I see from Martyn's column in RLE that next week the paper's top 50 of events in 2019 starts. It's always a good read. Got me wondering what forum members ranked as their top ten. Here's mine, in no order except the first listed. Tonga defeating Australia Toronto's promotion SBW signs for Toronto Sam Burgess retires Roosters release Mitchell PNG beat GB Roosters retain title Jamaica / Greece qualify for 2021 Bulls farrago Success of NRLW & WSL
  14. Will he make himself available for Turkey? Like SBW he's a practising muslim who observes Ramadan, which means he does it tough for that few weeks in the season. Good signing by the Giants.
  15. Leaders St Helens Play off certs Wigan & Warrington Play off dog fight Hull, Catalans, Leeds & Toronto No cigar Castleford, Wakefield & Salford Squeaky bum Huddersfield Bye bye Hull KR
  16. Catalan look to have recruited a quality half back pairing. Hull, on paper, have made some good signings, but being Hull who knows how it'll play out. Hull FC could sign the entire Sydney Roosters squad and still finish out of the play offs.
  17. It's a pity but it's not as if the NRL is short of top class wingers.
  18. Cumberland Mountainmen / Hewers / Irons Blue (Lake) / green (Mountain) or black (coal) / silver (iron) Stadium between Whitehaven and Workington Jennings Gus or Ike
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