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  1. Season before last. We beat them at home last season and lost away.
  2. Last couple of seasons have been pretty good. Lot's of points scored etc. As l said, l agreed that he did well for and with us, so always pleased he coached us, but the games could be a bit of a grind. I said when Gilmore left he wouldn't be the success he was here because there was no way JK would give him the freedom to play in the way he did at ours.
  3. Agree with this. The only thing that makes his playing style acceptable is if you win. Losing under Kear is miserable as the style is utterly dull.
  4. I think this is the case. We were not as organised as usual and lacked the calm head that Woods brings. We also lacked the size we usually have and looked flat in that first half. It's not end of though is it? The interception try was a mistake made on their line by us which ended with them scoring, so could be argued that this contributed to our defeat as much as the missed kicks did.
  5. I agree it won't be easy. They have strengthened recently and they generally do well against us. It would be great if we carried on playing our recently acquired more expansive game, but as usual l would be happy with any sort of win and staying second.
  6. A little glimpse into the private life of il cattivo there!
  7. I have seen a few snippets in the press regarding Ben White making 80 consecutive appearances. What an incredible achievement this is and he really deserves great credit for this.
  8. I say this often. The only thing that makes Kear's style of rugby acceptable is winning. When his teams lose it is dire, and l say this as a Batley supporter. Gilmore will be wasted under him.
  9. Yes you did. We looked more fluid in the second half despite going behind. Hodson's try brightened everyone up.
  10. Up to an hour yes. We are still struggling in attack but proving tough to beat. In fact our last poor half defensively was the first half against you.
  11. Morton - great finishing for his tries but also solid defensively. White - took the line on and the game to Thunder. Brown - when he came back in the second half, he upped the intensity seemed to give us more energy while Newcastle wilted.
  12. A real grind in the heat for an hour. We still look clunky in attack and are struggling for that bit of creativity, but are so tough to beat. We looked good though in the last 20 when we threw it about a bit. After winning 10 and losing 4 our points difference is finally positive!!
  13. It's a fact that during the game I'll only want to be in one place, and it won't be the Cayman Islands.
  14. Yup. Quite the turnaround.
  15. Sheffield were good but we were equally poor. Absolutely nothing worked for us and it looked like a bleak season ahead of us.
  16. Sadly no, I will be doing my annual month of dog sitting in the Cayman Islands. I will of course find a way of following it somehow.
  17. 90 miles approximately, 1hr 30 mins down the A1 to watch Batley, and every minute of that journey is worth it. Saying that, I am delighted that we are playing Newcastle this weekend so the 15 minute drive will be a relief!
  18. Thought I'd seen some somewhere.
  19. It was a great day, with a decent attendance and a good competitive game. I would have liked many more thousands there but not to be. Glad you also enjoyed your victory too. Everyone wins.
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