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  1. Union Rooms (Wetherspoons) down the hill
  2. If we could get dr with Leeds we would, don't think Fev have done anything wrong, we'd do the same, it's survival. However I don't like it and I'm sure most if not all fan's would prefer for it to go. it does influence games and gives a false impression on some league positions Yesterday Fev's new signings looked impressive, Chisholm in particular was excellent As for us, I was pretty pleased with our display we hung in with them for 3/4 of the game. A marked improvement from last season.
  3. Don't think we'll worry you much this Sunday, poor defence so far from pre season. Fev should be right up there this year, good luck but not too much this Sunday !!!
  4. Could be a difficult opener for us Fev have recruited well and dr's will make a difference Dogs 6 Fev 30
  5. Danny Maskill I heard
  6. Are we at home or away ?
  7. Good luck next weekend Fev, hope you go over there and do a London. From all at Batley, well done.
  8. Thanks for your sympathies and support today Fev, we weren’t at the races today after the past few weeks it’s understandable Good luck in the play offs .
  9. Bat Lad


    What about the tackle on Rettie ???? Sin binning for Gabriel ??? 8 point try ????
  10. Bat Lad


    We could have been 20 points up in the first half with all the possession Dews kept giving us, we were woeful in attack. Second half first 20 we controlled possession and looked ok, last 20 Dews had a dig and could have nicked it. Fair assessment, two poor teams after a long and disappointing season.
  11. He was quoted as saying " Ive had a few years in the wilderness, but glad ive a chance at super league again ."
  12. Pleased with the performance York are a good side, we toughed it out with them and they are in second place. For those staying away your only hurting the club, I urge you to come back for the last few games and help us push on for a few more wins. Oh and how good is Jack Broadbent, one of our own.
  13. Don't think Leigh were dirty at all, main difference was Brierley, he was class his pace way too much for us. Just wish he hadn't arrived for this week, think it would have been a bit closer. I was pleased with our effort, Everett and Ward in the middles were great.
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