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  1. Agreed but we want him back soon, he was class last season.
  2. I do, he was coaching Moor under 15s yesterday.
  3. Great entertaining game, yep Fev were off colour today, but with a depleted team we got a point. Hope you go on and get promotion, still think the rfl are bent and will find a way to stop it.
  4. JC and Browny have hamstring injuries
  5. fev were excellent yesterday, totally outplayed thought we might have give you a harder game, but, good luck next round.
  6. Your right I talked to Jimmy after game , he left the field because of a shoulder injury
  7. Except the fact he kept Pauli on the field when he should have been sent off and he threw the winning try pass !!!!!
  8. How come he didnt get red carded at batley, ref was pathetic.
  9. Well played Knights Great defensive effort second half Think we threw the kitchen sink at you !!!!
  10. Commiserations Fev, was really rooting for you, however we've the pleasure of playing you again next season, probably not as many as this season though
  11. Just want to wish you guys the very best of luck over there this coming weekend. Really hope you turn them over and stick one finger up at the horribly corrupt RFL All the best flat cappers.
  12. last game i was talking to Tonks, he said he was still talking to the club about next year
  13. He has joined the Police, but he's still a Bulldog
  14. Glover signed for York and Brown I think Widnes Rest of em, no.
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