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  1. Because season ticket holders are counted whether they attend or not
  2. Even when it's 'working' they can only manage to post 19 names despite the requirement for 21 existing since the start of the 2020 season.
  3. The RFL Match Centre sort of has them on (still only shows 19 players despite 21 being a requirement for some time) although that section has been down the last few weks
  4. Hardcastle and Gale out injured for a while and Hellewell went off yesterday. So he plays on the wing with Hall likely to slot in at centre.
  5. And Fev Twitter, who also report Callum Field going to Widnes for the remainder of the season
  6. Don't believe it is. Pretty sure capacity is around 6k. There are approx 5k seats and there's no way 5k are allowed on the PO Road terrace. Before the 2019 GF Davide Longo stated that capacity could be increased to 7k fairly easily.
  7. And Simon Finnigan leaves Widnes.
  8. Absolutely re bookings. Looking at Dewsbury's pitches this coming weekend a 5 a side pitch is available on all 26 of the available 1 hr slots and the 11-a side pitch on 10 of the possible 14 slots........
  9. Your figures are fanciful because (and this is by no means a complete list) - the pitches are not fully booked - they assume no costs - maintenance, wages, electricity etc - VAT - initial set up costs and likely on going loan repayments
  10. Yeah, Dewsbury are rolling in it.....
  11. A few years ago Dewsbury installed 3x 3g pitches (a full and 2x 5-a-side size) on 'their' land to rent out and look how that's boosted them......
  12. So why continue with the FT plan if the money wasn't there?
  13. Yeah, think I'm confusing the taking into account time spent at a club that is part of the Federation when making exemptions, or I can't read.....
  14. One that probably won't, ever: "This will be Warrington's year"
  15. Just to add that for a player to qualify as 'Federation Trained' they must have played in the ERLF for 3 seasons post 'U21' so I think most of our overseas players would be OK anyway. Pretty sure passports only become relevant with respect to visa requirements now although The RFL have the right to declare any player as 'Federation Trained'
  16. Pretty sure 'fax paid Sheffield an out of court settlement (with The RFL refusing to get involved) after legal threats for breach of contract
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