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An Idea or 2

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Step 1

split and restructure leagues

Super League Prem (full current SL salary cap)

Wigan Warriors

Warrington Wolves

St Helens

Leeds Rhinos

Hull FC

Catalan Dragons

Huddersfield Giants

Hull Kingston Rovers

Castleford Tigers

Bradford Bulls

Super League 1 (89-85% curent SL salary cap)

Crusaders RL

Harlequins RL

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats

Salford City Reds

Widnes Vikings

Barrow Raiders

Leigh Centurions

Fetherstone Rovers


Toulouse Olimpique

Championship (part-time Current Champ salary cap)

Sheffield Eagles

Keighley Cougars


Batley Bulldogs

South Wales Scorpions

Dewsbury Rams

Hunslet Hawks

York City Knights

Legizignan(or other French Club)


Championship 1 (part -time pay as you play/current salary cap)

Workington Town

Rochdale Hornets

Blackpool Panthers

Swinton Lions


Gateshead Thunder

London Skolars

Winner of RLCN


A N OTHER these 2 places open to applications from new/existing clubs (poss 1 midland and 1 wales?)

National Conference and RL Conference National merged


Div 1

Div 2 east, Div 2 west, Div 2 South (play off top 2 each league for promotion)

regional conference leagues

Promotion and Relegation from 1 league to next providing meet Sadium/development/attendance/financial criteria of league above

Magic Weekend is now Challenge Cup QuarterFinals instead of extra SL round

The play offs now only top 4, (1v4, 2v3 and final)

Reduced fixture list frees up 8 weekends for Intl/rep football

proposed fixtures

Season Opener Mid/late feb:- Homegrown Allstars v SL Allstars (players and coaches voted for by Public)

Apr 25th (ANZAC DAY) or nearest sat: Double header England v ANZAC Warriors and England 'A' v France in London at 20,000ish capacity stadium

Origin/War of Roses (double header withCumbria v South?)

England v Other Nationalities

England V Celtic Nations or Europe

(poss mid season 3way tourn ANZAC/England/Europe

Eg teams

England v ANZAC

Widdop 1 Hodgson

Fox 2 Meli

Bridge 3 King

Shenton 4 Gidley

Hall 5 Roberts

Tomkins 6 Chase

Eastmond 7 Orford

Morley 8 O'Meley

Roby 9 Leului

Graham 10 Puletua

Ellis 11 Johnson

Burgess 12 Flannery

O'Loughlin 13 Fitzgibbon

Peacock INT Buderus

Sinfield INT Lauititi

Westwood INT Solomona

Crabtree INT Eastwood

England 'A'

1 L. Smith

2 T. Briscoe

3 R. Atkins

4 K. Yeaman

5 J. Lomax

6 L. Pryce

7 R. Myler

8 L. McCarthy Scarsbrook

9 S. Lunt

10 G.Carvell

11 J. Tomkins

12 D. Tickle

13 J. Langley

INT Scruton

INT Wilkin

INT Diskin


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So... Seeing as I'm guessing you're Welsh is that your reason for placing South Wales Scorpions in the wrong league?... Or is this meant to be in 10 years time when you expect them to have been promoted? :lol:

Btw, you've put Cas & les Cats in the wrong 'Super League' so Toulouse would have to remain in the 'Championship'. :lol:

Edited by HappyDave

"I've never seen a woman with hairy ears... And I've been to St Helens" - John Bishop

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I'd merge down the top 3 divisions to 14 and 16ish teams (which a few switches round) as 10 teams isn't enough (though there is a case for 12 sides in SL). Then look at merging the remainder C1 with the top of the NCL as part of a National League structure

Edited by bowes
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yes they would lose money

but fewer games would mean need smaller squad so drop 3overpaid imports from each squad also would save money not travelling as often, would fans spend more at games on food/drink/merchandise if they were paying less often at gate?

More Internationals and rep games would generate more

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and who instead of cas and cats


No as it is a new league and I believe they would warrant a place in that league as it stands, the single biggest problem RL faces in wales is the money thrown about in Union in Wales, players can earn upwards of
Edited by HappyDave

"I've never seen a woman with hairy ears... And I've been to St Helens" - John Bishop

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