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Worlds ten best forwards

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I have absolutely no problem with Crabtree being in the England squad for his sheer size but I'd agree that there is now way he's in the top 10-20 RL Forwards in the world.

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"I've never seen a woman with hairy ears... And I've been to St Helens" - John Bishop

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Ten best prop/second row forwards in the world, based on current form:

Jamie Peacock

Adrian Morley

James Graham

Ben Westwood

Gareth Ellis

Sam Burgess

Darrell Griffin

Stuart Fielden (Yes, look out he's back to form)

Gareth Carvell

Eorl Crabtree

Discuss :rolleyes:

PS. This is not a wind up.

what drugs are you on? have you never heard of nathan hindmarsh, jason ryles, cameron smith, willie mason, ben creagh etc etc etc

"Why is Napoleon crying ?" said one sailor to the other, "poor ###### thinks he's being exiled to st helens" came the reply.


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Nice to see the boot on the other foot for some Aussies with ridiculously biased opinions.

It was of course a wind up. Restoring the balance of ridiculous comments.

Mark Flanagan, left this country with less than 10 first grade appearances to his name, goes to the NRL and becomes a regular.

The English are Supermen.

Super League, Championship, the play-offs, Challenge Cup, and World Cup.


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I think the NRL is a superb competition but I'm truely fed up of the of the guys on the TRL forums who constantly whing on here about the SL, drool over the NRL & bang on about the NRL players ('Supermen'). So I like this thread as I'd agree we have lots of superb Forwards in the Englad squad & the SL.

"I've never seen a woman with hairy ears... And I've been to St Helens" - John Bishop

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