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Sam Armstrong

Connor Lynes - A Message Of Support

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Terrible news for this young Lambwath Lions player and his family. I'm sure everyone in our great game will join me in wishing Connor a full and speedy recovery and letting him and his family know they're all in our thoughts at this difficult time.


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Think every rugby league fan will be sharing those thoughts Sam its a tough sport and thankfully injuries like this are few and far between , but that does not take away our thoughts and prayers for this young man I for one hope he makes a full and speedy recovery .

NWC Juniors send their full support to the family and will do anything we can to help them through these worrying times .

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Hello All Secretaries/ Cttee


Cc Kath Treasurer; Ian Chair; Craig and Shane u14s coaches; Jason N at HKR


Steve Ball RFL Benevolent Fund is now handling all enquiries and press releases on my behalf after I was being inundated yesterday from Press and the marvellous rugby/ sports in general fraternity who have easy access to my email and Tel Number.


Steve has asked me to channel all fund raising via himself to show it is being co-ordinated in the correct fashion. So MANY, MANY THANKS TO YOU ALL AT EVERY CLUB. I am not on facebook, just seen a bit on twitter and obviously Hull Daily Mail who tracked down his uncle after Sara unavailable and I was unable to represent the family for obvious reasons.


Sara sent me a text at 4am this morn with the current situation as described in daily mail with a little more on the positives i.e. beginning to stir but I shall try to keep you all in touch should you wish to email me (text going mad so pref email plse) Officially as I say,, Steve Ball RFL Benevolent handling all funding and press enquiries. his email steve.ball@rflbenevolentfund.co.uk


He wishes all Hull + D Club donations to be sent to him to make full list so everything can be accounted for, no matter where from/ who from. Cheque to RFL BENEVOLENT FUND (ON REVERSE  put --RE- Connor Lynes) He will send me a full list of persons / Clubs etc donating and how much etc to show it is ring fenced and no access by our Club- basically to show all goes to its rightful recipient- Connor.


Steve visiting Sara this afternoon.


Hull KR and FC both been in touch with me. Lots of events already for Fridays game at KR – try to keep you posted. Shane and Craig u14s coaches are main contacts with Jason Netherton so I’m awaiting email from Jason re flag bearing; etc etc.


Thank You All



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Hi All

Just to keep you all updated.

Connor is now awake smiling and talking.

He will have a MRI and a CT Scan today.

The blood clot remains in his brain stem but blood is getting through, so they are going to try and reduce his blood pressure slowly to normal, as they have been maintaining it for him.

They will then be able to see if there has been any changes in his brain function.

His Drs are amazed at his progress as he has full range of movement in both sides, but they have stressed it is early stages yet and things could still change, so he’s not out of the woods yet and still remains critical but stable.

His Aunt, Sara would like to send her thanks out to everyone, they are truly overwhelmed by all the support and well wishes they have received. 

I have already received some cards from individual teams who have already signed them, thank you. If you can’t get them to me, get them to your Club Secretary in time for them to bring them to the meeting on Monday evening, I will collect them all in, and post to Steve Ball at RFL. He is visiting Connor every other day and will take them all in for us.



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