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I don't know whether there are many websites which catalogue/record Rugby League programmes. I am aware that there a number which have lists of programmes for sale.

I've entered about 40 programmes on the 45spaces site, which is for the purposes of listing collections of similar items, rather than trading.

The (Association) Football Programmes site on 45spaces,, as a comparison is coming along nicely, not unexpectedly, with around 6,500 programmes.

I was wondering whether anyone might be interesting in adding any programmes, with a view to creating a sizeable record of as many RL programmes as possible.

If so, here is the link: http://www.45spaces.com/rugby-league-programmes

Edit: It also allows you to keep  a record of your own collection.

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On 12/16/2018 at 1:20 PM, Hopping Mad said:

Very interesting. Thanks for the details. I'll add a few of my own!

These entries look great, and each appears to have an historic angle, to boot. I note that many of the programmes relate to new or defunct clubs, or unusual locations. 

I'll see if I can dig out some of my older programmes over the Christmas period.

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Just an update.

Over 400 RL programmes have now been added to the 45spaces site, for which much credit goes to Hopping Mad.


Having seen some references to RL fanzines on this forum, I have added a further space for Fanzines: Sports. 


If anyone would like to add entries to either space, they would be very welcome. One benefit of doing so is the opportunity to create a record of your collection.



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