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Moorends Marauders have a .pitchero website but it hasn't been up dated for ages because they can not access it as the webmaster has moved out of the area and we can not contact him, does anyone have contact details for Pitchero so we can gain control of the website again.


Thank You  in advance

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support@pitchero.com or 0113 292 6070.

I've no idea what they can do for you if you don't have access though.

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Here at St Albans Centurions we had a Pitchero website for a couple of years before our webmaster decided to set up a different one.  We had to let Pitchero know we wanted to close it down and remove the webmaster, and if I remember correctly, at the time we had to email them at  'support @ pitchero.com' and tell them what we wanted.  They required a  letter from a club official saying we wanted to leave, and then had have that letter authorised by someone else that the person writing was to do with the club.

The address we wrote to was The Support Team, Sterling House, Capitol Park East, Tingley, Leeds WF3 1DR.

Hope that helps Marauder.


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