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1875 Club

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Can you post a bit more info regarding the 1875 club -where is the money going etc maybe a link to the clubs website .Thanks for posting this on here along with the link you have gained 1 more member .

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What happens to the money collected:

all funds are ring fenced purely for the purchase of additional players through the season, over and above our normal budget.

Just 100 fans signing up donating £10 a month will give us a fund of £12k to call on in times of need, or that last promotion push!

200 fans and we are starting to talk about a decent fighting fund which could separate us from the herd also looking to be promoted.

Most of the clubs in the Championship already run a similar fund to great success, including taking one of our players! we desire to catch them up as best we can, and we can only do this with the continued support of our loyal fans.

There will be a Club rep on the B.O.D which at this moment is Scott Deakin, and a rep from the Supporters Club which is Louise Scarr.

Perks of being a member of the 1875 club:

We intend to issue Bronze lapel pins for every new member, these will change to silver once you have donated for 2 years, Gold for 5 years and so on.

Any player bought using the fund will automatically be sponsored by and owned by the 1875 club. The club will be mentioned on the tannoy as per other sponsored players.The Home kit will be the property of the 1875 club and available to be auctioned/raffled etc amongst the members. Monies raised re-deposited into the fund.

There will be one event a year held at the Raiders Bar purely for members of 1875, at this event it is expected at least the signed player/s will make an appearance. At this event will be a one off yearly prize draw for a % of the funds raised never to exceed £500.

At least one match where you will be able to claim a free pint at the bar. To be announced during the season.

Other benefits are being looked into, and once decided which are feasible will be announced in due course.


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Yes it was a success and massive thanks to Barrow Golf Club for hosting the event. They have promised to put it in the calendar annually and they really think it could grow and maybe incorporate a dinner for the evening too. It wasn't a massive earner but we have to keep working hard bringing in as much as possible, it also helped foster our relationship with some of the business owners of the town. 

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