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Ireland v Italy live stream - 19:00, Sat, 9 Nov

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Good game of footy. Saw it through the FB stream (thank God for Google Chromecast). 

Very interesting level, it's the toughest test Italy've played in 2019, that's for sure. 

I think the Monza game with Wales in 2016 was better, but maybe today's game was influenced by the weather and the pitch.

Ireland made a very excellent start, which devastated the Azzurri, who answered with the hooker Tramontana (the best Italian player last WC), but then didn't keep their discipline and conceded too many penalties.

In the 2nd half, it was just impossible to play, especially because of the Irish defence, which was very strong.

Both teams have changed a lot since the World Cup, Italy today didn't have any NRL player while Ireland had some SL talent, if I'm not wrong. But still, they deserved their win and it was a good game, worth watching.

With both teams qualified for next WC, it'll be interesting to see what happens next season. Tests need to be played, in order to make their coached work towards the WC in 2021. 

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Well done Ireland on beating Italy and qualifying for the 2021 world cup, good that some born and raised Irish players were in the team, I hope Ireland side retains and develops them and they find pro contracts in the future.

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