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Next Hull FC coach

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17 hours ago, Manfred Mann said:

Another then assistant coach at the Sydney Roosters, Justin Holbrook, left his position in the NRL to become head coach at St Helens -- a very successful appointment, which later led to him becoming head coach at the Gold Coast Titans in 2020.

So are you in fact saying that moving to Hull, working at the whim of and under the control of the cruel and heartless Adam Pearson, would be a different, much worse choice than moving to St. Helens working under the kind and affable Eamonn McManus?

Bloody Hell...who do you think you are, Jilted John?

"When I saw the Pistols and The Clash I realised it didn't seem that difficult, they didn't seem like they could play very well either, so the thing was to form a band then work it out. We didn't even know who was going to play what - we passed around all the instruments until we found what we were comfortable with. I wasn't comfortable with any of them so I became the singer."

                                                                   Terry Hall on forming The Specials.

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On 18/03/2020 at 20:46, Tre Cool said:

Id go for Danny Ward.  It always seems so tense and serious up there and it must rub off onto the players.  Danny has a really refreshing laid back attitude which takes pressure off players, it would help to not have a local / ex Hull man too (and he gets results and plays good footy).

I thought Richard Agar was keeping the seat warm for at Leeds until Danny has a bit more experience

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