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Jehovah's Witnesses

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Remember years ago when me and my wife came back from shopping and was unloading the car JW's were knocking on our neighbours next door. 

My wife said to me, "Come on hurry up we have to give blood in an hour"

Funny thing is they didn't knock on our door, how upsetting😂

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Their greatest moment was appearing on "One Foot In The Grave".

"When I saw the Pistols and The Clash I realised it didn't seem that difficult, they didn't seem like they could play very well either, so the thing was to form a band then work it out. We didn't even know who was going to play what - we passed around all the instruments until we found what we were comfortable with. I wasn't comfortable with any of them so I became the singer."

                                                                   Terry Hall on forming The Specials.

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