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V’landys Faces NRLs Biggest Test: Blowout Scores (Merged threads)

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The transport system is pretty much down pat in Sydney now to accomodate such an enterprise. The completed (ever growing actually) tram network rolls through the inner suburbs and the CBD seamlessly to the SFS and back to central station that has train arteries all over Sydney.

Certainly Stadium Australia is basically an public transport abyss that will never be solved.

Would NRL fans respond? Given the right billing, historical relevance and pep, I think it would have every chance of succeeding and securing itself as a once a month event each for Parra and SF stadiums. I certainly don’t think there is anything to lose. Just couldn’t afford to half ###### it like the NRL have done so often with anything other than SOO and GF.

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Credit where credit`s due.

Sea Eagles vs Roosters: Trent Robinson's parting words for NRL bosses Andrew Abdo and Peter V'landys after crazy season (msn.com)

I’ve been critical of the NRL at different times this year, and I obviously backed that up," he said.

"It’s only right for me to say how incredible this time has been up here for us, and the way that the NRL has just dealt with our families and our players.

"The way that they have organised nights for our partners to get to know each other, they have put everything on for us to play and train, it has just been with a lot of heart.

"It has been incredible, the amount of heart and care."

With so much uncertainty for all clubs, the work of V'landys and Abdo has been nothing short of remarkable to keep the competition rolling and allow for fans to be at finals games like the one we saw on Friday night.

Robinson name-dropped both those men, as well as Tiffany Slater and Jason King, thanking them all for their hard work and care for all players, staff and families.

"Peter on the decision with Andrew and Tiffany Slater and Jason King, the protocols and all that – there has been so much heart that has gone into us staying up here and performing," he said.

"Watching the games we have been able to watch, it’s just a huge thank you. I’ll have my views on different things, but there’s also the other side of it.

"Sometimes we see it as a cold brand that administers that holds the game together so fans can cheer their Roosters or Sea Eagles, but sometimes you have to stand up and applaud the NRL and say thank you for looking after us, thank you for caring for us in what could have been a really tough time.

"They needed to hear that, because they have been amazing."

 I put this up because as Robinson says sometimes the League is often seen as a `cold brand `and this reveals a little of the other side of the people who run the game. It`s also an example of Trent Robinson again revealing why he is one of the leading figures in the game.

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