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3 hours ago, kev p said:

white hart lane & northumberland park stations are 5 min walk from ground. as a life ling spurs fan, i agree the area is not the best! bars stay open for an hour after game, so plenty of time to lest most of crowd leave. boxing there also later in year also


On 09/06/2021 at 18:59, georgehadgingerhair said:

How do you find the regional league tables I can only find the one for Cumbria on the website.


just saw your article. ncl tables are on rfl website, also in league express, if any probs, i can supply them

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what is the min number of games that NCL teams need to play this season to be considered for play-offs. i think teams are scheduled for 14, but most will not paly them all. Group A looks to be well short of games, although they do no play cross division games, so only 12 max in that group only.

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