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General reminder: Cut out the personal attacks on other forum members

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There seems to be a rising prevalence of people on here thinking it is ok to have a go at other forum members, making personal attacks, snide digs, that sort of stuff.

It isn't ok.

Cut it out.

Disagree with someone's opinion, but do so without adding a personal dig as part of your response.

Otherwise the big moderating stick will be coming out.

Thank you for your co-operation.

A reminder of our T&Cs below:


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In addition to above. If you have a chip on your shoulder about a poster, maybe about whether they got a fact wrong, then let it drop once you’ve publicly grumbled about it. If you demand an apology for someone having an opinion WITHIN THE RULES OF THE FORUM and you don’t get it then you’ll just wind us up if you push for that apology across multiple threads.

Go out, have a walk, maybe even go watch some rugby somewhere.

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"When in deadly danger, when beset by doubt; run in little circles, wave your arms and shout"

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