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Next up, it’s the Bulls.

White Knight

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1 hour ago, AB Knight said:

Anyone care to guess the attendance? 

Well done Bradford, I know we like a bit of banter and enjoy poking fun at Kear but they’ve improved this season and I think will wrap up 3rd spot.

With that defeat for me it’s the end of any outside hopes of playoffs and I just hope we don’t switch off for the final games, if we can finish 8th we’ve at least consolidated our place as a mid table championship club though I know we want to aim higher.

It’s been a tough old season, my main hope for next year apart from being higher up the league is less injuries and fewer players needed including loans, I make it we’ve used 42 players this season.

From the ex SL players signed this season I’d be quite happy to see Kirmond stay, he’s really improved as we’ve gone through the year and he doesn’t play like he’s slowing down. Clarkson has done well too although he signed up in 2020. Still think we are missing a 15+ try a season winger who’s solid in attack and defence - nothing too flashy just someone we can depend on to finish chances and not be caught out of position/knock on from a simple kick through most matches. I’m sure the YCK management already have ideas for 2022.

Lastly on AB’s wish list is for Knights to take over running their own ticket sales, Brew York to come onboard as promised and some thought to be given to making the fan zone a zone for fans and actually encourage people to want to turn up early (live music, TV screens, the full works). I don’t ask for much 🙃

Thank you for your kinda words also roger york. We will finish 4th at best we have Toulouse next so technically only 2 games so doubt we now catch fax but it’s a home tie to batley as things stand. Do with 4th wrapped up before we play haven last game could be a massive game for them and play offs. 

as for york you’ve gone from work men like players that play for the badge to named players who play for a wage and ain’t bothered about the badge. Not all your team offcourse. 

until next year where we start are rivalry again and hopefully it’s back to old affairs 2-4 point games hard for heart but we’ve both had joy in them.

above brough as been the change in are team his knowledge his kicking game alone I did always worry that all are eggs was in his basket and proved right when he got injured. Need him fit till the end and give play offs ago which is is heavy weight boxing anyone can knock anyone out. Who turns up on the day.


good luck for your last 2-3 games 

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Brilliant game of rugby league to watch (although I’m clearly biased). I wish Bradford would stop inviting teams back into games from silly errors but still a great performance and result for Bradford.

Sorry to say, as nice as the rivalry is, it’s nicer to do the double over you although good luck for the rest of the season. 

Bradford have had injuries problems all year but are getting players back at the right time. Brough is still so classy even at his age. 

PS - Always like trips to York as a city and enjoyed the trip again today. Very smart stadium and would love if Bradford could copy and print the same over into odsal but I think I’ll be standing a few decades longer waiting for that. 

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Definitely beaten by the better side , but by we look a tired and injury ridden team , can't wait for the season to finish now and build for next season , mass changes are needed as this years formula has been way off ,  up the kneets😀😀😀

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