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120 points against London teams

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15 hours ago, Magic XIII said:

At the risk of repeating myself  ...... the London Broncos junior pathway is only as strong as the ability of community clubs to introduce the lads to RL. One look at 2022 London Junior League results / fixtures, in comparison to say even 3 or 4 years ago show how much of a rapid decline has taken place in club and team numbers in the region and ability of teams to field even 13 players. And I can speak from a place of knowledge having coached juniors down here for a good number of years. 

This for me is the best post (worst one with respect being the idea London kids will travel north to join academies as it's just like going to Uni, which it is not - any southern kid would be isolated) of the discussion.  Obviously you have the "authority" to make your statement above. 

Other issues include club TV funding. IIRC we were worried that small clubs would lose significant funding, but in the end they received SKY money and they carried on - for now. The the question remains will they receive it next time?  Indeed, what are they doing to earn any such future monies?

Shipping in 120 points between them probably says "nothing much", whilst for me the drop in private investment by Hughes and McNeil who has announced he is stepping "away" are also indicators that 2004 may be a significant re-set for the game, and personally I don't see three divisions.


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13 minutes ago, gingerjon said:

There's not much point in a root and branch review if there's no will or money to do anything as a result. (And this doesn't just apply to London/SE development).

The RFL made a profit last year. Credit to them for doing so. But they had to reduce their payroll by half a million to do so and have an awful lot of loan repayments due. I don't see where the additional funding to do anything is going to come from.

Cutting out League one?? 

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6 minutes ago, steve oates said:

Cutting out League one?? 

How much would that add to the balance sheet and how good a review and implementation could you do with that money?

(Assuming it was a good idea to do so).

Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life. (Terry Pratchett)

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Moving from Trailfinders because “That’s not Super League” was a an absolutely crazy decision. 
What makes things even more galling was that Ealing Trailfinders won their championship and although they have been denied promotion now they had offered to work towards a ten thousand seater stadium at Ealing in the next few years.

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Good to see Broncos get a win today 👍🏻

It’s worth noting though that of the 10+ ex Skolars players Broncos took in pre-season, only 2 were in the Broncos team today.

Whereas Skolars lost 96-0 to Keighley and of Skolars team, only 3 players were Skolars regulars last season.

Although i’m pleased Broncos have won, there is sadness in the manner in which we have behaved this season and i feel we could have done irreparable damage to Skolars future & harmed the development of RL in London 🥲

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