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Harry Pinner - Former GB Captain

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'Gums' was a great player. Loved him in his only season at Leigh who had some great ball handling forwards such as Derek Pyke.

Honest player.

John Pendlebury was another player who was an absolute diamond to be associated with with his leadership and craft around the ruck. Very difficult to replicate in modern day RL.

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On 05/02/2024 at 19:16, Superb Chops said:

May I add John Pendlebury to the list? 

In terms of Harry... such an elegant player with ball in hand, resolute and highly likeable too. That despite this spectator being of the cherry and white persuasion. 

Looking forward to watching the film as I wish the game still had loose forwards like Pinner, Pendlebury, et al. Just like I wish there were more stand offs like John Woods, Tony Myler, Nigel Wright... 

It's still a good game but artists like these seem to not figure as much nowadays. 

Or maybe I'm old and living in the past. 


Opening sequences are done but we want to get some more filming in.

Harry is a keen fly fisherman and we would like to capture some of that

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On 07/02/2024 at 06:49, Andy JG said:

Yes I think it's Ian Potter. The picture is from the 1984/85 Lancashire Cup Final in front of over 26000 at Central Park.

Also can see Nicky Kiss, Andy Platt and Peter Gorley. 

I think the tackled player is Shaun Wane.

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