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Brian Clemens Thriller (1973-76).

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Dr. Frank Henson, mid forties, a severe looking man walks down the stairs of his country house, running down the stairs in front of him is Hilary, a blonde haired lady , crying. She sobs as she sits in the living room, Henson stands over her, glaring at her, then strikes her across the face, she screams. He then puts his arms around her saying, " it's all over now my poor neurotic darling!"
A strange situation indeed.
In the countryside nearby, two felons have escaped from jail and are on the run.

images (2).jpeg

Garard and Filton are dangerous murderers, they've killed a clay pigeon shooter and stolen his gun, a shotgun, and are looking for someplace to hideout.
The police have swung into action, Superintendent Brooke is in charge, drafted in from Scotland Yard, this is big news, Garard is notorious, a psychopath that will kill again unless found quickly. A large security net is thrown over the area, police patrol cars everywhere.


Dr Henson meantime is worried for Hilary, as her doctor and the man who loves her he feels he can not prescribe any more tranquillisers, she needs rest. The front doorbell rings, Henson answers it and in barges Garard and Filton covering them with the shotgun.

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Into this area, Spearbury, drives a taxi , the passenger is American journalist Tracy Loxton, she's come to interview Mrs Henson who has a famous collection of valuable posters, a very rare collection of original movie and advertising posters , some are priceless. The taxi is stopped by a police patrol car and told not to pick up strangers, two convicts are on the loose.


Back at Henson's things are tense, Garard has got Mrs Henson, Hillary tied and gagged upstairs on the bed in the smaller bedroom.


Filton the small fry of the two hoods is busy repairing a police radio they've ripped out of a police car they ambushed before getting here , they want to pick up police radio broadcasts to hear how the police search is going. Downstairs Garard has helped himself to booze as he and Henson chat, Henson assuring him they'll be no unexpected callers to the house as he isn't a usual village doctor, he's a heart surgeon.


Suddenly the doorbell rings, it's the police checking the vicinity. Henson nervous as he answers door, Garard hidden behind door covering him with gun. Henson tells Detective Tredgett that he's seen no-one, when suddenly upstairs Hilary has pulled her gag off with her teeth and screams, Henson quickly thinking, calls upstairs for Hilary to keep the kids quiet, telling Tredgett that she's reading to them, probably reading them horror stories by the sound of it. Tredgett leaves, Henson relieved, Garard impressed, " one moment Doc I thought I'd have to kill you, next moment I was proud of you."
Garard calls up to Filton, who sheepishly comes down, apologises, saying she got her gag loose, Garard responds by punching Filton in the stomach who collapses, Garard orders him back upstairs and get that bloody radio working.

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In the bedroom Filton tells the gagged Hilary that he needs scissors for his repair work on the radio, and walks over to a cupboard door, it's locked, Hilary starts shaking her head and trying to scream as Filton tries to pull open cupboard door. " What's the matter with you, what you got in here ?" he says.
From downstairs a loud bump on the upstairs floor is heard, Garard and Henson run upstairs to find Hilary on the floor and Filton standing over her, Garard menacingly moves towards Filton.

Filton  " I never touched her! I was looking for scissors,  and I tried to open this door and she went berserk."

Filton kicks the cupboard door in frustration,  " this bloody door."

Garard., " what you got in here Doc?"

Henson,  " just old clothes."

Garard, " key?"

Henson,  " er I don't know where it is."

Garard points shotgun at lock when the front doorbell rings. Tracy Loxton has arrived.


Tracy introduces herself and says Mrs Henson is expecting her for an interview for a magazine regarding her poster collection. Henson apologises, saying his wife isn't here and he'll call a taxi for her to go . But Tracey apologises for being presumptuous but she's already arranged for her boyfriend to pick her up here in a couple of hours and even though Mrs Henson isn't here she could still look at the posters for her article. Tracy walks into the living room, and sees on the wall framed movie posters first editions from some famous Hollywood films, and says even just the posters in this room make her trip worthwhile.


Henson looks over to Garard for guidance, Garard places the shotgun out of sight and steps forward saying, " Sir if the young lady is staying perhaps she'd like a drink sir." Garard plays manservant and pours the drinks. Garard asks Tracy if her boyfriend will be alone when he arrives and will they require dinner. Tracy says no, they won't be staying, Garard asks Henson if he can have a word in private. In the hall Garard grabs Henson and tells him if he doesn't play along with this charade they'll be trouble. Garard wants the girl to see normality, look at the posters, leave with her boyfriend and no-one gets hurt.

Upstairs in the bedroom Filton has got the radio working, police inter- car messages are heard , the police are in force in Spearbury, the net closing. Filton stamps hard on the floor a message to Garard to come up. Garard pushing Henson enter the bedroom, all listen to the radio.
Back at police HQ near Spearbury Superintendent Brooke wonders why car 23 isn't answering, Tredgett says they're good men on that patrol, they'd call in if their radio is out of commission , something might be wrong. The area the car was in was Spearbury, Tredgett says he's just gone through the area, nothing to report, except Doctor Henson's kids playing up. One of the officers is alarmed, " what kids!, the Hensons don't have kids!"
The police rush off.
At the house Tracy has finished looking at the framed posters in the living room ,making notes , and she now slowly moves up the stairs looking at more posters on the wall along the stairway.

She is studying a poster when she hears conversation down the landing , the door at the end is the small bedroom door, ajar, Tracy peers in, and looks in horror, Hilary is on the bed gagged, Garard holding the shotgun as he intently listens to the police broadcasts Henson looks up and eyes Tracy looking in, he silently mouths that she should go back downstairs.
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Brooke and Tredgett and a couple of uniformed officers find car 23, in a ditch, the two officers inside dead, the radio ripped out. Brooke realises what's happened, he needs to put out a fake message knowing that Garard is listening. He gets on the radio in his car to HQ , " call off Spearbury search, Garard and Filton positively identified in the Dover area"
Delighted with this news Garard goes downstairs with Henson to rejoin Tracy, Henson knows of course she saw what was happening upstairs, Garard still playing at manservant.


The police are now in the grounds of the house with a directional listening device hearing what's going on. Tracy hopes her boyfriend will soon come, Garard offers her another drink and quietly tells Henson that as soon as the police have moved to Dover and removed the road blocks from the Spearbury area he and Filton will go, in the Doctor's car.
The police outside make their move, Tredgett says he'll go to the house, posing as the boyfriend.
The front doorbell rings Tracy runs to answer it, Tredgett is there greeting his "girlfriend " , Filton appears at the top of the stairs and shouts out to Garard, " he's a cop, he was here earlier"


Tredgett pulls out a gun, Garard grabs his shotgun, police pile in from the backdoor and overpower Garard and Filton, siege over.

Henson alarmed for his wife runs upstairs, moments later he appears at the top of the stairs looking glum, " she's dead, they've killed my wife."
Police vehicles turn up, Garard and Filton are put in the back of a van. The body of Mrs Henson carried down on a stretcher covered by a sheet. Henson and Tracy look on as the stretcher passes them in the hall. Momentarily the sheet slips off the body, Henson rushes forward to replace it, the woman on the stretcher isn't Hilary, but a brunette, Tracy sees this, the stretcher party leave, she is about to speak up when Henson strikes her with a karate chop around the neck.
The dead body is placed in the back of the police van with Garard and Filton, it sets off.
Garard notices the hair of the woman sticking out of the top of the sheet, it's dark, it's not the same woman as Mrs Henson.
Superintendent Brooke at the house wonders what's happened to Miss Loxton, she'll be needed to make a statement. Henson says she left , must have just walked right passed you outside, she's a journalist and probably can't wait to write up her experience here. Brooke leaves ordering Tredgett to put out an APB on her, she must be found. Henson has dragged the unconscious Tracy into a back room, he goes to the bottom of the stairs and calls out that all is clear. The cupboard door in the bedroom opens and out steps Hilary.
At police HQ Brooke interrogates Garard who insists they didn't kill Mrs Henson and the dead body isn't her anyway. An officer says he knows the Hensons and the body in the morgue is Mrs Henson. Okay asks Garard who then is the blonde, who Henson said was his wife.
Back at the house Hilary and Henson look down at the unconscious Tracy, Hilary panicking Henson reassures her it'll be okay. Henson says everything was going to plan, better than expected, "Garard and Filton coming here means no one will suspect Elizabeth was already dead before they got here, no one will question that those two thugs did it, we've got away with it. If only Miss Loxton had just seen you or the body we'd be okay but unfortunately she saw both, she cannot wake up, a painless injection as we used on Elizabeth simulating heart seizure. Then we'll do what was planned for Elizabeth, we'll take her far from here , no one will suspect anything but heart failure then we're in the clear....fetch my bag"



Tredgett reports to Brooke, no trace of Miss Loxton, but suddenly realises, " she must return to the house, two reasons, first her luggage was still in the hall, and second her boyfriend is picking her up "
Tredgett dashes out.

Tracy has woken up, and asks, " what happened?"
Henson replies " you had a fall, this injection will help you "
Tracy suddenly remembers she was hit, Henson orders Hilary to grab her and hold her down, as Tredgett runs in from the backdoor covering him with a gun as Henson was about to administer the lethal injection.

Tredgett,  " an unusual procedure Doc?"

Henson,  " I'm just giving her something to relax her."

Hilary, " for God's sake Frank, can't you see its over."

Tredgett, " yes I rather think it is."


The front doorbell rings, Tredgett says with a smile to Tracy, " I'm sorry to say Miss Loxton, but that's probably your real boyfriend at last."

Henson....Denholm Elliot
Tracy.....Tandy Cronyn
Garard.....Anthony Valentine
Filton....Juan Moreno
Hilary.....Claire Nielson
Brooke...Alan Browning
Tredgett...David Horrovitch

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Prisoner Spelling is in his cell in pyjamas as Dr Styles examines him for his routine check up.
Spelling, " I'm in fine shape aren't I Doc?"
Styles, " if you say so."
Spelling, " oh I do, fitter, stronger than you, even though we're the same age, and build too. That suit you're wearing would fit me perfectly."


Styles looks alarmed, too late, Spelling strikes, one hit and Styles is out cold.
Outside the cell a man in a white medical jacket waits patiently, there's a knock from the inside of the cell door. The white coated warder looks through the spy hole to see the brown suited Doctor Styles, back to him, waiting to get out. The door is opened and the warder is dragged in, and knocked out. Spelling dressed in Dr Styles suit leaves, locks the door behind him. He is wearing the doc's glasses and stethoscope around his neck. Spelling pleased with this venture so far, " it's perfect. ", he calmly leaves the facility and to freedom, out of....The Prison For The Criminally Insane.

A train clatters across the English countryside, Spelling is in a carriage alone with a beautiful young lady sitting opposite. They say nothing as the train journeys on, when Spelling sighs and says, " excuse me do you mind if we talk, I've been on this train for an hour and I'm bored, Bob Spelling is the name."
The lady is an American and smiles back, " sure, Patty Heron, pleased to meet you Bob."


Bob notices her shopping bags, about 8 of them, mostly from exclusive clothes shops.
Spelling, " you like our shops?"
Patty, " once I start..you know the problem, your English shops are so seductive. Anyway I'm in the fashion business, publishing, so that's my excuse. What line are you in Bob?"
Bob, " guess."
Patty, " erm...I've really no idea."
Bob, " okay I'll give you a clue, if I was applying my trade to you, I'd say, good foundations, solid middle structure and penthouse area exquisite."
Patty, " er..sex maniac?..no...surveyor?"
Bob, " architect actually."
Patty, " oh my goodness then you're just the man I need. I've recently bought a property, old Victorian, solid structure but needs a lot of interior work on it and I haven't an idea in my head on how to go about it."

A warder walks down the corridor of the prison and looks through the spy hole into Spelling's cell, shocked he sees Dr Styles and a colleague out cold, he dashes to the wall alarm, presses it, alarms sound all over the prison.....but way too late.

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Spelling still with Patty on the train has drawn some rough ideas on a sheet of A4 given to him by Patty.
Bob is showing his ideas, " so an extension to the garden knocking this wall down here, a spiral staircase here in the centre."
Patty, " that's marvellous."
Bob, " I mean these are only basic ideas, not actually having seen the place."
Patty, " let's do it, I could take you out to look at it."
Bob, " you don't even know if you could afford my services."
Bob hands her his business card with address on it.
Patty , " well I'm sure we could discuss it, look what about tomorrow afternoon at about 1pm , I could pick you up, my office isn't too far from you, then we could drive out there."
Bob, " fine Patty, it's a date."

Dr Styles has recovered and is with a colleague in the cell.
Warder, " you okay doctor?"
Styles, " slight headache."
Styles notices his watch is missing, " what time is it.?"
Warder," 2.30."
Styles, " oh my God, he's had a four hour start..God help any woman he meets."

Spelling looks out of an apartment window down to the busy street below.
Spelling, " I'd forgotten how many pretty people there are."
He is with a middle-aged lady, she hands him a Scotch whisky and says, " what made you choose me, I've often wondered how a man chooses like that, we've only just met, but why me?"
Spelling " you are perfect."


Lady, " perfect? Me , no."
Spelling, " oh yes, you have something about you, so here we are in this perfect little apartment of yours, the air crackling with sexual tension, anticipation, the man woman conundrum, what a pity it won't last."
Lady, " won't it?"
Spelling, " well it never does, it starts off all pink and fluffy, then comes the rows, the delusions, the false teeth in the glass by the bed, that's why I like to end it at the pink and fluffy stage."
Lady, alarmed, " end it!?"
Spelling, " while it's still perfect."
They kiss....suddenly Spelling's hands go around her throat, he squeezes, she falls dead! Spelling looks totally insane, he picks up a china ornament , a figurine, his face contorted in madness as he snaps the head off and throws the figurine on the floor by the body.

In a private garden a lady takes a refreshing swim in her swimming pool, she climbs out and sees Spelling staring down at her, he says one word, "perfect."
Then he pushes her head under the water, her husband comes into garden and shouts out, "Dorothy!"
Spelling releases her and runs.

images (2).jpeg

Inspector Filory of Scotland Yard looks down at the dead body killed by Spelling, he holds the broken statuette in one hand, the removed head in the other and says, "Spelling no doubt, this is an emergency, he must be found!"

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Spelling is back in his own flat when the doorbell rings, he opens it and looks disapprovingly as a woman saunters in.
Spelling, " what are you doing here Jenny."
Jenny " just passing Bob, thought I'd see how you are, hoping I haven't ruined anything after you know.."


Bob," yes I know , yes it's ruined."
Jenny " aww come on Bob, you're so old fashioned."
Bob, " yes I am old fashioned , I like my fiancee to be faithful."
Jenny, " it was just the one time Bob."
Bob, " that I could prove...sorry Jenny it's finished please go."
Jenny," Bob...Bob..we had a great time surely you haven’t forgotten. "
Jenny puts her hands around his neck, trying to kiss him.
Jenny, " come on Bob...kiss me."
Bob pushes her away, " GET OUT!"
Jenny goes towards the door saying, " I don't give up easy Bob, I'll be back."

Inspector Filory is interviewing Dorothy who was attacked by her swimming pool.
Filory, " you were lucky, did he say anything?"
Dorothy, " one word...perfect."
Filory nods, it's Spelling.

At Bob's flat another ring on the doorbell, it's Jenny again.
Jenny " sorry Bob, my car wouldn't start, so I've been forced back by a (laughing) technical conspiracy. Garage man is working on it outside now. Can I have a drink Bob."
Bob, "Jenny please.."
A car horn is heard, Jenny says, " that's my car....pre arranged signal...I'm going Bob, see ya around."
Bob, " Jenny...for your own sake don't come back here."
After she has gone Bob sits and opens a newspaper and sees his face on the front page with the headlines KILLER ON THE LOOSE.
Bob, " oh my God."

At the prison Doctor Styles walks into the cell with Spelling!! A female nurse looks terrified until Styles says, "don't worry nurse this isn't Terry Spelling, this is Bob Spelling his brother."


Nurse, " brother? He's absolutely identical."
Styles, " yes, freaks me out, and I know about it."
Bob, " I came as soon as I found out, I'd like to help if I can before he kills."
Styles, " he already has, I'm sorry. Look go home Mr Spelling there's nothing you can do."

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Meanwhile Terry Spelling the killer has broken in to his brother's flat. He is hiding here when the doorbell rings he opens door, it's Jenny...again.
Jenny, " hi Bob."
Terry, " come in."
Jenny " well that's an improvement, you're not kicking me out?"
Terry, " why should I kick you out, you look great."
Jenny " how about a drink."
Terry, " sure, why d'you want?"
Jenny, " Martini of course, you can't have forgotten that."
Terry hands Jenny drink.
Jenny " you mean I didn't ruin it all."
Terry, " course not, I'm not going to let you ruin anything, there won't be time."
Terry Spelling wraps his hands around her throat and squeezes, she falls dead. He looks towards bookcase and sees figurine and picks it up and then snaps head off.

The phone suddenly rings, nervously Terry picks up receiver, it's Patty Heron.
Patty, " Bob it's Patty just to let you know I'll be round to your place at 12.30 , managed to finish early."
Terry, " erm.....right."
Patty," you haven’t forgotten have you, Patty we met on the train yesterday."
Terry, " oh Patty yes of course, nice to hear from you."
Patty, " okay I'll be over soon, I'm coming straight from work so you'll have to accept me with all my imperfections."
Terry, " imperfections?"
Patty, " yes you know what I mean."
Terry, " er...will you be alone Patty?"
Patty, " yes of course, see you soon."

Terry is nervously waiting for Patty, he stares at portrait on wall of elderly man then shouts at it, "ARE YOU PROUD OF ME?!" He grimaces in emotional pain.

Later Patty arrives at Bob's flat and of course it's Terry answering the door.
Patty, " hi there Bob."
Terry, " you had me worried....imperfections I can't see any."
Patty, " oh well they're all powdered over now."
Patty looks around the room admiringly, "this room, what I expected from you, this portrait, your father?"
Terry, " yes."
Patty, "shares your intensity."
Terry looks at portrait on wall, looks a bit uncomfortable as he talks.
" Yes, he was shorter than he looks in that portrait, he wasn't so small but by God sometimes I wished he was. He suffocated you, mentally towered over you...I couldn't please him whatever I did."
Patty, " sounds like you have a hang up about him....but you're a successful man in your own right. Shall we go?"
Terry, " yes fine." Terry puts on very dark sunglasses, a disguise he hopes.
Patty, " what's with the glasses, travelling incognito?"
Terry, " burnt the midnight oil , eyes are a bit sensitive."
They leave and Patty drives off to her house, after a few minutes Patty says "what's happened to the chatty man I met yesterday, has he ran out of things to say."
Terry, "sorry."
Patty, " that's okay you don't have to talk if you rather not."

Later- Bob enters his flat , hiding behind door are two uniformed policeman, they pounce and hold him. Inspector Filory is there, he grabs Bob's arm and rolls up sleeve.
Bob," what the hell is this Filory."
Filory, " just being careful Mr Spelling. You have a mole on your arm, your brother doesn't, that's the only way to tell you apart."


Bob, " well you could have just asked."
Filory, " have you seen your brother today?"
Bob, " obviously not , I'd have reported it."
Filory hands Bob a letter, " keep this with you, it tells people who you are, or more importantly who you're not. They say your father started all this, Impossible demands to live up to."
Bob, " Terry was in a very bad car crash."
Filory, " so were you yet you came out of it unscathed. Your brother though...this need for perfection."
Filory notices on the bookcase the broken figurine, head missing, " hang on, he usually does this after a killing."
Bob, "that is usually right."
Filory, "search this place top to bottom."
The police officers and Filory search then come across a wooden trunk in corner of room. Filory opens it, and beckons Bob over, he looks inside "oh my god...it's Jenny."


At Patty's house she and Terry are downstairs, the place is in need of renovation, uninhabitable at present.
Patty " so this is it, what d'you think?"
Terry bluffing his way through this, " hmmm."
Patty, " hmm? What does hmm mean?"
Terry, " it will do."
Patty," so the extension into the garden?"
Terry, " yes....er...through here this way."
Patty, " but that's a supporting wall, even I know you can't knock that down."
Terry, " okay how about out through this way."
Patty, " this really was a mistake coming here wasn't it, there's something wrong, you're not yourself."
Terry, " no no it's okay."
Suddenly a short man with glasses comes in, he is the realtor, Mr Holland.
Holland, " ah Miss Heron, I saw your car outside everything okay?
Patty, " yes Mr Holland, this is Bob Spelling an architect I've engaged to do the place up."
Holland " well it needs it yes, but the structure is sound or I wouldn't have sold it to you. Isn't that right......er...Bob."
Holland looks alarmed he recognises Spelling.
Terry, " yes it's structurally sound."
Holland, " okay I'll..er..leave you to it....bye.."
Holland runs out back to his car. Terry turns to Patty, " excuse me I'll be back in a minute I'll just see Mr Holland off."
Holland has almost made it to his car, but Spelling grabs his arm, and strikes..

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Bob Spelling is on the phone in his flat, the police still there.
Bob, " Filory, I just phoned a girl I was supposed to meet today, her secretary says she spoke to me about an hour ago, and was coming over to meet me."
Filory, " well?"
Bob," I didn't speak to her, it must have been Terry.
Filory " good god, where have they gone?"
Bob, " I don't have an address, she was going to take me to her place. I have her work address."

In the countryside Patty and Terry arrive at a large mansion set in it's own grounds.
Terry " this is what I wanted to show you, my latest work."
They get out of the car and enter the residence. The interior is ultra modern, all in white, Terry picks up a remote control device on an armchair. The device has buttons on it like a TV remote.
Not knowing really how to work it he presses a button and the curtains close by themselves. Another press of a button and music is heard, another press and a panel in the wall opens and a television appears and extends into the room on a rail.
Patty is impressed, " this is amazing, I've never seen anything like it, not in Beverly Hills or even Bel- Air."

Terry " well it is considered my masterpiece."
Then Patty accidentally catches her dress on a sharp table corner, it tears, a few inches just above the hemline.
Patty " oh damn."
Terry tries to stay cool, "it's ruined, bloody table, ruined it, it was perfect now look at it."
Patty, " I can mend it."
Terry, " mend it?"
Patty " yes with a needle and thread, that's how I started in the fashion business, sewing. You must have some thread I can use...upstairs perhaps."
Terry " yes..upstairs."
Patty, " okay I'll go upstairs, it'll be good as new."

Bob is in his flat alone when the doorbell rings, he opens it and a middle-aged big guy walks in.
Bob " Mr Bradley?"
Bradley is holding a newspaper with Terry's picture on the front.


Bradley, " my god, you are alike, two peas in a pod. Why didn't you tell me about him?"
Bob, " why, did he build your house."
Bradley, " touchy.....okay I'm sorry about your brother, wouldn't wish that on anyone. However I'm here because of Audrey the wife, she went to see a friend and she had a double bath, you know, one next to the other, his and hers baths, now Audrey wants one."
Bob, " we've just finished your house Bradley."
Bradley, " you're supposed to be the great architect Spelling, just put one in next to the other one."
Bob, " it's not that simple, the plumbing is not that easy."
Bradley, " okay okay, let's take a look, come on."
Bob, " now?"
Bradley, " why not, that's how I made my first million, wanting it and getting it."
Bob, " it's not convenient right now."
Bradley, " you've never liked me have you, anyway it'll take your mind off your brother."
Bob stands reluctantly, " okay, let's go."

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Bob and Bradley arrive at Bradley's house, the house where Terry and Patty are in.
Bradley, " whose car is that?"
Bob," probably come to look at the house, it is a show property."
Bradley, " yeah, mine, let's find them and chuck them out."
Bradley pulls a gun out of the glove box of his car.
Bob, " do you have a license for that?"
Bradley, " I don't need one, works perfectly without it."
Bradley marches up to the house, Bob in tow.
Upstairs Patty has found the master bedroom and all the sewing accessories she needs. She has removed her dress and is sewing the tear whilst watching television.
Shocked she sees Bob's face on the TV. An announcement is heard, "The public are advised not to approach this man, he is extremely dangerous and has murdered twice already."
The door opens and Bradley enters, "who the hell are you! What are you doing in my wife's bedroom."
Patty is totally confused, "your wife."
Bradley, "I'm going to lock you in here for now."
Bradley locks door, Patty runs to door, "please let me out, you don't understand."
Bradley turns to Spelling, " I was right, there's a girl in there half naked, now let's find the bloke, if there's a girl there's bound to be a bloke."
Spelling just stares at Bradley who says, "hang on you look different somehow."
Bradley suddenly , horribly realises who is standing in front of him.


Patty has dressed and has found a knife and is attacking the lock of the bedroom door, she manages to crowbar off the lock from the doorframe and runs out, to see Bradley lying on the floor. She tries to wake him, but he's not asleep but dead. Bradley's gun is under the body, Patty picks it up.



Downstairs Spelling, is it Bob or Terry, is gulping some whisky when Patty comes down the stairs pointing gun.
Spelling, " Patty, what's wrong?"
Patty, " stay where you are, I know all about you."
Spelling, " you're pointing the gun at the wrong man."

Patty, " no I'm not, you're a murderer."
Spelling, " please Patty let me explain, I have a twin brother, and it's him you want. While you were upstairs he came at me, we fought, I locked him in the bar....( points)there behind you."
Spelling picks up remote device, " You don't have to take my word for it, here take it, you can see for yourself."
Patty " you do it."
Spelling, " okay."
Spelling presses remote device and a section of wall slides back to reveal the drinks bar, the other Spelling is on the floor just about regaining consciousness , he staggers to his feet.
Spelling ( behind bar), " Patty!"
Spelling quickly closes bar again, the wall panel slides back.
Spelling " you see, that's my poor brother."
Patty relaxes gun arm, " oh I'm sorry, to think I almost killed you."
Spelling, " that's okay."
From behind the wall the other Spelling speaks up.
" Patty you're with the wrong man. You've been with him all day, he was hiding in my flat when you picked him up, ask him about the alterations to your house we discussed."
Spelling, " well there was the extension, the spiral staircase.."
Behind the wall the other says, " okay ask him what you were wearing when we first met."
Patty, " what was I wearing?"
Spelling, " erm...look I seldom notice women's clothing, just the woman inside them."
Patty has a question, " where was the train heading for when we met."
Spelling, " was does it matter now we're here together."
Patty realises this is Terry Spelling and says rather unconvincingly, " you're right it doesn't matter, erm...look I've left my bag upstairs, can you fetch it please and I'll wait here for you then we can go elsewhere."
Terry shakes his head, " oh Patty did you really think I was that stupid."
download (1).jpeg

He moves towards her, hands outstretched and grabs her neck, a gunshot is heard, Terry Spelling falls, Patty fired, she picks up the remote device and lets Bob out from behind wall.
Patty " I'm sorry I had to."
Bob bends down to face Terry who is dying.
Terry, " she's beautiful, you were always the lucky one, Father's favourite."
Bob, " he didn't have a favourite."
Terry dies, Bob with tears in his eyes says to Patty, " how could he have a favourite, there was no way to tell us apart."

Spelling......Ian Hendry
Patty.....Donna Mills
Bradley......David Lodge
Filory......Roddy McMillan
Jenny....Susan Dury
Dr Styles....Ralph Ball
Holland.....Robin Parkinson

Edited by HawkMan
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Jennifer Peel , a top female barrister is away from home at her mother's place , when she receives an anonymous phone call, at first thinking it's her husband Bernard, but the anonymous whisperer tells her to return home where she'll find Bernard cheating on her with another woman. She does quickly leave at about 4pm and should be home by 7pm.
That evening at 9pm Bernard Peel enters the office party at the headquarters of his employers Maycrofts. The party is to celebrate the merging of Maycrofts and Tulliver, two rival businesses now merging for the good of both. Maycroft himself is there as is George Tulliver, they greet Bernard and Tulliver is impressed to meet the so called American Whizkid who saved the company millions recently unearthing a fraud against the company. Tulliver asks Bernard what he thinks of this merger. Bernard replies he'd rather not say until he's seen the report Maycrofts people are compiling on his company. Also greeting Bernard is Mathew Earp, a detective who takes care of security during this merger period. Earp knows Jennifer Peel, they've faced each other across the courtrooms many a time. Another Maycrofts employee is there, a German, Karl Vorster, head of Maycrofts German business. Maycroft is surprised Karl is here, to which Karl replies that he was invited.
Bernard investigating the fraud irks Karl.
Karl, " I only resent that the investigation includes me."
Maycroft assures Karl, " it's in your own interests Karl that we clear you."
Bernard, " and I'm sure we will."
Karl clearly dislikes Bernard intensely. Bernard leaves after 15 minutes but as he goes a pretty blonde lady appears and throws her arms around him and kisses him and leaves.
Girl, "see you later darling."
Bernard smiling, " I don't even know her."
Bernard puzzled but thinks it a sort of joke by someone and leaves the party. Maycroft Tulliver and Earp all see this and laugh at Bernard's good fortune. Vorster chips in with , " perhaps the faithful Mr Peel isn't so faithful after all."

On arriving home Bernard sits on the bed, drinks a glass of Scotch Whisky and falls asleep. The next thing he knows it's morning and the front door is being banged. It's the police demanding to see his wife. Bernard tells them she's at her mother's, but the police barge in , open the door to the drawing room and see a mess, shattered glass on the floor, evidence that a fight may have happened. Inspector Gifford and Sgt Hendry tells him that they received an anonymous call saying he has murdered his wife. Hendry phones Jennifer's mother and learns of the call Jennifer got prompting her to leave early.

Gifford looks at the mess " I'd say a man was entertaining a lady here, ( picking up blonde strand of hair) blonde and your wife is a brunette isn't she sir. Then they were interrupted and it all got rather ugly."
Bernard protests his innocence telling them of the party he was at, but unfortunately no one can corroborate what happened after he left . But yes.....someone can, the guy he swapped cars with. He tells of a tree across the country lane about a mile from the house, result of last night's storm. He didn't fancy the 20 mile detour , and noticed another car on the other side of the fallen tree. The car was exactly the same model as his , even the same colour. The other guy made the suggestion of swapping cars, Bernard tries to describe the man , early thirties with a large red jewelled ring on his hand. Gifford is non plussed by this seemingly ludicrous story. They go out to the car in the driveway, Gifford opens the boot, inside is the dead body of Jennifer Peel. Bernard protests, "BUT IT ISN'T MY CAR."
He tells Gifford his car number, and when the mud is removed from the car plates, it is his car.

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Peel is arrested and asks for Mathew Earp to help him. Gifford is unimpressed with Earp or any private eye. Earp starts by going to the location of the fallen tree to corroborate this, and sees the tree has been lifted off the road and dumped in a field. He also sees a small bore hole in the grass by the road where a signpost was. He tells Gifford and drives him to the location, explaining on the way that the reason Gifford didn't see anything when the police went there before him, is because a signpost had been moved. Bernard said the tree was near a signpost, but someone had removed the signpost to further down the road throwing the police off the scent. Bernard is being framed. But on arrival at the scene the tree in the field is gone and the hole in the grass is now filled up. Earp is perplexed by this, someone very quickly has removed the evidence. Gifford accuses Earp of saying any rubbish to get Peel off so he can collect his fee, and Peel is guilty and should have got himself a proper lawyer. At Maycrofts no one can believe Bernard killed Jennifer, but Karl Vorster keen to stick the boot in reckons, " why not if he was cheating on her."
On visiting Peel in detention Earp learns of Bernard's unexpected experience of having one glass of whisky that evening and then crashing out. Earp agrees to take a closer look at the whisky decanter. He breaks into the house and sniffs at the decanter, but before doing anything else an assailant whacks him from behind, across the neck, a karate chop.
Back with Gifford at the police station Earp chides Gifford for overlooking the whisky which Earp says smelt very odd. Bernard was drugged, and the frame was put in place. Back in the cell Bernard reminds Earp of the girl at the party who kissed him and she must surely be part of this plot to frame him. Earp agrees it is possible and Bernard remembers she had a canvas bag slung over her shoulder with the word Uncles stencilled on it. Uncles is the name of a boutique and Earp heads off to investigate.

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The blonde haired lady does indeed work at Uncles and tells Earp she was paid £50 by a man to hide at the party and then spring out and kiss Bernard, but when Earp tells her Bernard is now under arrest for murder she wants no involvement in this affair. She describes the man, thirties wearing a red stoned ring.
Earp is at Maycrofts and assures Maycroft he is doing everything to help Bernard and he is sure he is being framed.
Earp, " the girl was bought for £50, but if I tell Gifford he'll say I bought her for £100, they don't trust me."
Maycroft, " poor Bernard locked up for something he didn't do, you're sure of that?"
Earp, " oh yes, however I can find no reason to put Bernard in this situation, if he is the problem for someone why not kill him, why kill Jennifer ? The only answer is Jennifer was the real target , the frame was incidental to confuse matters."
A man named Garfield enters, he works as assistant to Tulliver, Earp notices he has a large gaudy red stone ring on his hand, hands Tulliver some papers and leaves.
Earp, " who's that?"
Tulliver, " Garfield, I brought him over with me, not the brightest but useful."
Earp, " takes care of the chores that you don't want to do?"
Tulliver, " something like that."
Earp, " where does he live, servant quarters?"
Tulliver, " actually in a flat opposite me."
Earp trails Garfield to his apartment, waits a moment after Garfield enters block, and follows. As Earp enters he stands aside for a little old lady leaving.
At the top of the stairs is Garfield, slumped on the ground dead, killed by an expert karate chop.
Earp thinks ...the old lady, he runs out to see the " old lady" running into a car and speeding off.
At Maycrofts Karl Vorster is writing a cheque and handing it to his secretary telling her that " I like to see a job completed "
At Uncles Earp shows the blonde a picture of the dead Garfield, she confirms he was the man who paid her £50.
Back with Bernard in the cell Earp tells him he believes Jennifer's lawyer work is why she was murdered, she must have made enemies being a criminal prosecuting lawyer. Bernard tells Earp Jennifer was compiling a dossier of businessmen who warranted close attention, against whom nothing could be proved but might be a bit dodgy, and this dossier was going to be sent to the Investment Bureau that had commissioned it.
Earp, " that, Mr Peel is quite magnificent."
Gifford and Earp go to the safe deposit box that the dossier is in, and Gifford opens it.
Earp, " it was her hunch file, people suspected of corruption but against whom nothing could be proved."
Inside is the names of these dodgy businessmen, one name is Tulliver!
Earp, " the timing is right, time of the merger, any whiff of scandal and...."
Gifford, " let's get him!"

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Tulliver is arrested, Bernard set free.
Gifford, " what about the body in Peel's car?"
Earp, " oh I had that worked out ages ago, the swap was done at the car park at Maycrofts, Bernard drove it to the tree and was given his own car back, the body inside."
Gifford, " but the number plates?"
Earp, " identical on both cars, Bernard's carplates were splattered with mud, and it was dark, a million to one chance he'd notice."
Earp reports back to Maycrofts that Bernard is free, Maycroft is happy for Bernard of course but the merger is now off, Tulliver must be crooked to be in Jennifer's dossier.
On the desk is the now useless report on Tulliver's company that Maycrofts did to examine and assess Tulliver's firm. Earp looks through it briefly, a sudden realisation hits him and he hurries out.
Maycroft takes the report to Karl in his office and asks if he sees anything significant because Earp saw it then ran off in a hurry. Vorster notices a list of signatures and dates by the names, he snidely comments, " only that you and Bernard saw it before me, that sums up the hierarchy around here"
At the police station an apologetic Gifford says sorry for doubting Earp, but Earp wants to see Tulliver in the cell. After they talk Earp promises Tulliver that within 24 hours he'll be free.

Earp makes a quick trip to Uncles, sees what he wants a poster behind the counter advertising karate lessons, he takes it and hurries out. At a gymnasium karate mats are placed on the floor, two people are fencing with rapiers. Karate and Fencing lessons are offered here. After the two people finish their fencing bout, Earp approaches the winner and asks if he can fence with them. Earp wins and removes the face guard of his opponent, it's the blonde from Uncles.
Earp," you're good but karate is more your sport, the way you bopped me in the house and killed Garfield as he stood aside to let an old lady pass."
Behind him someone has entered.
Blonde, " he knows, lock the door."
Earp suddenly hits out, the blonde is lying unconscious on the floor.
"Terrible business hitting a woman, better than killing one though, better than killing your wife."
It is Bernard ready to kill , he moves slowly forward.
Earp, " it always bothered me how you kept leading me from clue to clue. But the real clincher was your own careless mouth, and my flawless memory. Remember at the office party you said you would rather not comment on the merger until you've seen the report, but the report was signed over to you weeks before. You knew all about Tulliver and that he was in Jennifer's dossier and he was the man to put suspicions on. You even used a description of Garfield with his red ring to be the guy you pretended to swap cars with, the motive , to get her money and be with the new love of your life ,I imagine you met here, wrestled on the mat and found a mutual liking of greed and malice.
So frame yourself, not enough though to make it stick, then throw Tulliver into the arena. No one would suspect you now , after all you're the poor guy who was framed. I always thought the whole scheme was too tricky, and it only takes someone more trickier to come along for it to unravel. I liked Jennifer Peel."
Earp and Peel fight, judo style, Earp wins, ending with Peel in a headlock. Peel and the blonde are arrested and led away. Gifford at the police station respecting Earp's detective prowess again, does mischievously say as Earp has scuppered the Maycroft/ Tulliver merger by revealing Tulliver in Jennifer's dossier, unnecessarily for solving the case, Maycrofts won't pay his fee, so he'll buy him dinner to drown his sorrows.

Bernard Peel....Christopher George
Earp...Dinsdale Landen
Tulliver....Richard Todd
Maycroft ...Derek Bond
Gifford...Edward Hardwicke
Karl Vorster...Hans Meyer
Jennifer...Marion Diamond
Blonde...Suzanne Neve
Garfield...Andrew Mann

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In the English town of Pembury death stalks. A number of girls have been strangled, a killer on the loose.
Superintendent Cramer not pleased to be called into the office as he was playing golf with mates and about to win some money, but yet another girl has been found dead, strangled by the canal in the park.
That makes 4 dead and no clues as to the perpetrator.
Cramer turns to his assistant Truscott, "the girls don't put up much of a fight."
Truscott ," he must be fit sir."
Cramer, " or he's been trained to kill, a serviceman perhaps. One thing for sure, he'll strike again."

In the Pembury library Miss Elizabeth Morris leads her team of George, the assistant librarian and Gillie, a student earning a wage during the summer holidays. Betty the girl from the newsagents next door comes in and gossips with Gillie and tells her she's been seeing a married man, meeting him at the bridge over the canal,
and at what time her next rendezvous is. A young man is entering as this gossiping goes on and hands Miss Morris a tupperware box
" your sandwiches Liz, you forget them."
Elizabeth, " thanks Steve."

After Betty has gone Miss Morris tut tuts, even though she's only 29, she's very prudish and believes Betty is very silly taking a risk with a married man.
Mr Stubbs also is there, a 70 years old ex navy man who agrees with Miss Morris that Betty is asking for trouble with her general attitude to men.
Stubbs is a regular visitor and spends most of the day in the library. He knows that this is odd.
Stubbs, " you see Gillie you don't have to feel sorry for me, I spent many years in the navy, and never married. I could afford to go elsewhere, but I prefer to come here, amongst friends. You don't need to pity me."
After he leaves Gillie says to Elizabeth, " poor Mr Stubbs, feeling he has to apologise for being lonely. "


That evening Betty pays the ultimate price, the strangler strikes, by the canal again, her body left on the footbridge over the water. Seconds later her date turns up, US airman Gerry Masters from the nearby airbase. Masters looks at the body and runs off.

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Miss Morris lives with her mother and lodger Steve, the next morning at breakfast the murder of Betty is news, in the newspaper, and Miss Morris goes to the local police station to see Superintendent Cramer.
She tells him that Betty has been seeing a married man , " she distinctly said a married man."
Cramer, " er..well thank you Miss Morris."
Elizabeth, " I just hope you get the filthy man....I mean I hope you get him."
Cramer not impressed, after Miss Morris has gone he turns to Truscott his deputy, " well they've started, the cranks, frustrated as hell that one."
Truscott, " a married man? Surely this is the work of your frustrated loner."
Cramer tears up Miss Morris's statement, "exactly."
Elizabeth Morris turns up late at the library after seeing Cramer, and George her assistant moans that if she trusted him with the spare key he could have opened the library. But George is not trusted, because he seems immature, shy, in his 20's but not really manly.
As the library closes that evening Elizabeth Morris stares out of the window to see student Gillie crossing the street and sees Gerry Masters approaching. The two stop, chat for a minute and go off together. When Elizabeth Morris gets home she phones Gillie's landlady and asks her to ask Gillie to phone her when she gets in.
Steve the lodger comes in,
" don't make me any supper tonight Mrs Morris I've got to go out."
After he leaves Elizabeth says to her mother, "Steve's going out a lot lately, never used to."
Mrs Morris, " he's having trouble with that wife of his."
Elizabeth, " didn't know Steve was married."
Mrs Morris, " yes, divorced, or separated."
Elizabeth, " why didn't he tell me?"
Mrs Morris, " probably thought you wouldn't understand, not being married yourself. "

In a telephone kiosk a blonde haired woman is talking, unaware the door behind her is opening, she turns, hands grip her throat, another victim.

Next morning the police find a woman's shoe by the canal, and Miss Morris phones again to Gillie's landlady and discovers Gillie never came home.
Elizabeth contacts the police straight away, telling them Gillie didn't come home, and she saw her with a regular to the library, Gerry Masters.
Cramer not totally convinced that Miss Morris has anything useful to add, but says, " nevertheless we need to bring Gerry Masters in, get in touch with the airbase."
Truscott reports back that Masters is on 48hr furlough and no one knows where he is.

George comes round to Elizabeth's house wanting to know why she's late again and Elizabeth tells him about Gillie and the police have informed her they've found a shoe by the canal. Elizabeth gives George the spare key and says he's in charge until she gets in.

images (1).jpeg

Later Steve the lodger comes downstairs for breakfast, his face scratched , Elizabeth asks how come , he says he had a fight with a cat, a cat he once married.
Mrs Morris, " well you be careful Liz on the way home tonight."
Steve, " I don't think you need worry Mrs Morris, from what I've read he goes for the younger type."
Elizabeth says nothing, she's only 29 herself, but Steve didn't mean anything cruel by saying that, she leaves to see Superintendent Cramer.

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Elizabeth identifies the shoe as Gillie's. The phone rings, Cramer hears about the latest victim, the body in the police morgue. Miss Morris is taken to identify the body, but it isn't Gillie.
Back at the library Elizabeth returns with news that Gillie still missing but the latest body isn't hers. Mr Stubbs the old boy regularly in the library is shocked by developments , " can't understand it, Gillie is such a nice girl, sensible girl."
Elizabeth Morris, " I don't thinks he's that fussy Mr Stubbs."
Stubbs, " I disagree, the others were flighty, easy, but not Gillie, I really don't understand it."
Elizabeth goes to her desk and sees library books that have been just brought back.
She opens the top one, to stamp it as a returned book, and notices who took it out, Gerry Masters. She screams at George who is doing some filing over at the history section.
Elizabeth, " George! George, where is he? The man who brought this book back, where?!"
George, " I didn't see anyone I've been busy, does it matter?"
Elizabeth " the man who brought this back murdered Betty and probably Gillie."
Cramer gets a phone call from Elizabeth about what's happened, he instructs Truscott to radio all cars, telling them Masters is in the area.

At the end of the day Mr Stubbs gallantly offers to walk Miss Morris home in light of the situation. Elizabeth declines saying bitterly, " he goes for the younger type, it was pointed out to me clearly. "
Stubbs leaves, George says " I could walk with you Miss Morris, I'd feel safe with you!"
Elizabeth doesn't rise to the jibe, but says " the spare key George I'll take it back."
George realises his error, having the key is very important to him, " I'm sorry Miss Morris I should not have said that. "
Elizabeth, " the key please George."
George slams the key down on the desk," you like humiliating me , gives you power, well you're on your way to becoming a dried up old spinster."


Elizabeth, " becoming? I am one George. I think you better start looking for another job."
George is close to tears, he picks up the spare key and throws it across the library down an aisle about 20 feet away. Angered he then starts removing books from a nearby shelf and hurls them across library.
Elizabeth, " in fact George you better not come back here again."
Miss Morris starts picking up the books, George gives her a V sign then walks towards door, but notices her handbag open on desk, he sees main library keys on top of bag, he takes them. George leaves library and locks door, locking Miss Morris inside, he leaves with keys still inside door lock.
Meanwhile a big surprise at police station, Cramer looks up as someone enters his office, it's Gillie.

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In the library Elizabeth has picked up the books, turns the lights off and goes to door, and finds it locked of course. She opens her handbag, and finds no keys, and realises what's happened.
But George is long gone, Elizabeth remembers, the spare key, she starts looking remembering where George threw it.
She heads down a darkened aisle, then hears a creaking noise, she looks up, the storeroom door is opening......out steps Gerry Masters.
Back at the police station Cramer can barely believe what Gillie is telling him.
Gillie, " Gerry got to the bridge and saw Betty's body, it must have been minutes after because he is certain he saw someone running off."


Cramer, " why didn't he say anything?
Gillie" because he's a married man, he didn't want it all coming out."
Cramer, "then you agreed to disappear?"
Gillie" I agreed to drop out of sight, that was Gerry's idea, I've been staying with him. The idea was to draw George into the open."
Cramer, " George?"
Gillie, " yeah he works at the library, sort of odd, weird , well he was in the library when Betty said she was meeting Gerry at the bridge over the canal and the time too. Don't you see, someone was waiting for her, oh there is someone else, Steve somebody, he lodges at Miss Morris, he was in there too at the time."
Cramer, " well Gerry Masters must be very persuasive and very stupid. Where is he now?"
Gillie" in the library, he said he was going to hide until it closes then take a look in George's desk for any clues."
Back in the library Elizabeth backs away in terror as Masters approaches her.
Masters, " please Miss Morris, I'm not going to hurt you, I know what happened to Gillie, please let me explain."
Elizabeth is throwing books at him, Gerry Masters bats them away, " please..I just want to look in George's desk."
Elizabeth is breathing heavy, desperately throwing book after book, " you won't kill me....NOT ME."
Elizabeth runs up a spiral staircase leading up to a gallery where more bookcases are located.
Masters, " for crying out loud Miss Morris let me explain. "
Elizabeth " NOT ME..( crying) NOT GETTING ME."
She heaves at a small bookcase, the whole thing topples over the gallery and Gerry looks up in horror, "NO!! AAAARRRGGGGHH."
Masters killed instantly as the bookcase crushes him.

download (1).jpeg
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Back at Elizabeth Morris's home her mother is worried, it's late and she wonders where her daughter is. Lodger Steve offers to go to the library to see if she's okay.

Outside the library is Mr Stubbs, he sees the keys in the door and opens door and enters quietly. He goes over to desk and picks up glasses case. He then stops in amazement, he sees books on floor everywhere, Gerry Masters dead underneath bookcase and Miss Morris sitting on floor in a state of shock .
Stubbs, " Miss Morris what's happened here?!"
Elizabeth is crying and shaking, " tried to kill me, because I'm a woman, I had to..I.....had to. I didn't want to kill him."
Stubbs "have you called the police?"
Elizabeth, " no not yet."
Stubbs " let me do it."
Stubbs puts a book he was carrying on the desk, helps Miss Morris to a chair at the desk, then picks up the phone receiver.
Elizabeth, " why did you come back?"
Stubbs, " my glasses, I left them here today, ( phone) hello, this is Mr Stubbs I'm at Pembury library there's been an incident..a man is dead...hmm"
Elizabeth picks up Stubbs's book and flicks through it, it's in a brown plain cover, she reads and is disgusted.
Elizabeth, " this is FILTH..FILTH."
Stubbs( phone), " that's right officer please send someone....."
Stubbs notices Elizabeth looking over at him , and seeing he has his finger depressed on the receiver button, pretending to make call.
Stubbs," oh...Miss Morris, I'm sorry."

Elizabeth, " IT'S YOU! YOU."
Stubbs, " in the navy , all those years, never married, but I like looking at pretty girls...sorry..my only pleasure."
Stubbs moves towards her, she runs up spiral staircase , Stubbs climbs stairs after her mumbling almost to himself, " have to do this...necessary."

Stubbs's hands wrap around Elizabeth's neck, " it's NECESSARY."
Suddenly hands grab him, Cramer and Truscott drag him off her.
Steve, the lodger runs in, uniformed officers march Stubbs out , Steve calls out,
" Liz?...Liz..?
From the dark shadows Elizabeth Morris appears, Cramer and Truscott on either side of her, she has a weird look on her face, almost smiling.
Steve " are you okay?"
Miss Morris, " he came back for me, wanted me....because I'm a woman, a very desirable woman."
She is gently led out, in need of counselling for sure.

Elizabeth Morris....Maureen Lipman
George....Richard O'Callaghan
Cramer....James Grout
Stubbs....John Le Mesurier
Masters....Richard Pendrey
Gillie......Jan Francis
Betty....Jenny Quayle
Steve....John Nightingale
Sgt Truscott.....Colin Fisher
Mrs Morris....Rose Hill

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  • HawkMan changed the title to Brian Clemens Thriller (1973-76).

I watched some of these as a child. Gave me the willies. Saturday nights, I think. 

Are you familiar with a 1976 series called "Beasts"? Similar in tone and format to Thriller but with every story related to animals. Episodes have popped up on my YouTube recommendations. One involves a couple being cut off and terrorized by rats. You don't see a single rodent, just hear them gnawing and scratching as they close in.

While we're in nostalgia corner. There's a picture of Jan Francis above. Anyone recall the epic BBC children's drama series Jan starred in called "The Long Chase"? Broadcast in 1972 and repeated in 1974. In my mind, this remains the most exciting thing ever. Never had an opportunity for my illusions to be shattered. And never will, since apparently the tapes have been wiped.

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1 hour ago, unapologetic pedant said:

I watched some of these as a child. Gave me the willies. Saturday nights, I think. 

Are you familiar with a 1976 series called "Beasts"? Similar in tone and format to Thriller but with every story related to animals. Episodes have popped up on my YouTube recommendations. One involves a couple being cut off and terrorized by rats. You don't see a single rodent, just hear them gnawing and scratching as they close in.

While we're in nostalgia corner. There's a picture of Jan Francis above. Anyone recall the epic BBC children's drama series Jan starred in called "The Long Chase"? Broadcast in 1972 and repeated in 1974. In my mind, this remains the most exciting thing ever. Never had an opportunity for my illusions to be shattered. And never will, since apparently the tapes have been wiped.

Yes I have Beasts on  dvd. Loved all these type of shows like Hammer House of Horror. I hope you enjoy this thread.


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Tony Risanti is an opera singer, a good one, but not quite good enough for major stardom. He is also a gambler and owes money to the Mafia, not a good place to be. In his apartment on the Italian riviera overlooking the cliffs and water below ,Tony listens to a vinyl record. The record is his own, his face on the sleeve, his voice singing is heard. In the apartment with him is a tramp, a drunken youngish man Tony has invited up. Tony turns off the record, "I have a good voice, not bad, but not good enough, now here is the voice of an angel, someone who is going to make it really big."
Tony puts another record on, a woman's voice is heard, an operatic beautiful voice, Tony and the tramp listen mesmerised. The lady singing is Tony's wife Anna. Tony sighs, " an angel, what a pity I won't be around to see her reach the top. You envy me don't you?" The tramp smiles inanely as he doesn't understand a word of English and is getting drunker by the minute as he swigs from a bottle of wine.
Tony continues, " you think I got it made don't you, a beautiful wife, a fancy apartment, but you know what, I'm no better off than you. In fact, you're better off than me, you've got no one chasing you for money, so that's why I'm going to kill you."
The tramp smiles and says," ah grazie ", he hasn't a clue what's being said.
Tony, " yeah, I'm going to kill you, then dress you in my clothes then throw you over the cliff. By the time your body is washed up no one will doubt it's me. I think you've drunk enough, come here."
The tramp staggers to his feet and Tony leads him onto the balcony overlooking the clifftop and crashing waves below. Tony has grabbed a heavy ornament , he holds it behind his back as the tramp stares out to sea. Suddenly Tony smashes the ornament down on the tramp's skull......

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Anna Cartell , opera singer extraordinaire is performing at London's Albert Hall before a packed audience. At the end of her performance the audience cheer, flowers thrown onto the stage. In her dressing room awaiting her return is Sam Meadows her agent and Giles Turner the tour manager. Both are ecstatic, Anna has hit the very top, all is set for next month's sell out tour of Russia.
Giles, " it is going to be fantastic, I knew it would work, Russia will love her. And it's my planning that got us here."
Sam laughs, " your planning? Who said she was ready, me! "
They both laugh, Giles says, " look we both did it," But also in the room is Maria, Anna's personal assistant, " no gentlemen, Anna did it."
Giles holds up a glass of champagne, " you know Sam, she's right, Anna did it, a toast to Anna."
Anna enters the room, with her is an American from the London embassy, Hal Bridie. Giles and Sam offers their congratulations and Sam wants to discuss the Russian tour but Anna says, " can we do it tomorrow Sam, I'm tired, and anyway I've something to discuss with you too."
Sam, " is it important Anna?"
Anna," yeah it is, but tomorrow okay Sam?"
Anna and Hal leave, Sam turns to Giles puzzled, " she has something to tell us?"

That evening Anna and Hal arrive back at her apartment after an evening out for a meal, Anna turns the light on and jumps in surprise, Sam is sitting there in an armchair waiting for them.
Anna, " Sam, what are you doing here?"
Sam is apologetic, " It was a silly idea, I had no right to but...."
Anna, " come on Sam, what's wrong."
Sam, " you said you had something to tell us, I had the thought that perhaps I better hear it before Giles in case it's bad news."
Anna, " it's not bad news Sam, not for me anyway. Hal has been made ambassador , he's staying in London, it's the first step to the Presidency, he's aiming for the White House Sam."
Sam, " well congratulations Hal."
Anna looks concerned, " thing is Sam ,we're going to get married, soon as possible."
Sam looks shocked, but then smiles, " a love story yeah, the public love that, the story released by me at the right time, we can ride into Russia on a wave of public excitement."
Anna, " Sam, there's not going to be a Russian tour, I'm retiring, I just want to be Mrs Bridie, when we finish in London that's it Sam."
Sam can't believe what he's hearing , " this is the most ridiculous thing I've heard. You are at the very top Anna."

Anna, " isn't that the best time to go."

Sam angrily, " Bridie she is a superstar,  the world is at her feet."
Hal, " so am I Sam."
Anna, " when London is over , it's over for both of us Sam, I'm sorry, you can't change my mind."
Sam looks devastated, he gets up, gives Anna a peck on the cheek and leaves.

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Anna is visiting a house that she and Hal are thinking of buying. The house out in the countryside, and empty , she enters the hallway and hears something odd, a man singing, an opera aria being sung. The singing is coming from the cellar, nervously Anna descends the dusty stairs down into the darkness of the cellar holding a candle, the electric turned off. In the middle of the cellar is a record turntable, Anna listens , she recognises the voice, and then turns off the player.
image-w1280 (1).jpg
A man emerges from the shadows, grey hair, eleven years older, wearing his trademark white suit, but unmistakably Tony.
Anna shocked, " Tony..you're dead!"
Tony, " no Anna, alive and well....sort of"
Tony swigs from a hip flask of whisky.
Anna, " I don't understand, why didn't you tell me, it's been 11 years!"
Tony, " I was ill for a long time..er ..amnesia that's right." Tony hands her a red carnation, " for you Anna, remember how I always gave you carnations."
Anna, " but there was a body, I identified you."
Tony, " probably someone broke into my place, yeah I suppose so, stole my clothes and that ring you bought me."
Anna realises the truth, " oh my God! Did you kill someone Tony?"
Tony, " that would be very hard to prove without a body. I was up to my neck in debt, and those guys play rough, and you would have been got to, I protected you Anna, now it's my turn."
Anna, " what an earth are you talking about?"
Tony, " Hal Bridie, you're about to become an heiress to millions. That's the kind of action I understand, that I want a piece of. One word from me and you're still married to me, and Bridie is playing around with a married woman. One whisper and Bridie's career is over. But I'm not a whisperer Anna, I'm a yeller, a New York Yankee stadium bottom of the 9th yeller. I'm not wrapping it up Anna, it's blackmail."
Anna, " you wouldn't Tony."
Tony, " not only I would but I have to, I haven't changed Anna, I'm still drowning and Bridie's money looks like a liferaft. 40,000 then I'm gone, dead as I have been these last 11 years, 40,000 that's all , he probably spends more than that on feed for his race horses."
Anna shouts out, " no Tony, I know you, you'll keep coming back for more."
Tony, " I promise, a deal, 40,000 then I'm gone."
Anna, " you've never kept to a deal in your life."
Tony grabs her, " this time I swear."


Anna moves up the stairs turns and pushes him forcibly away," NO!"
Tony stumbles backwards down the stairs and lies motionless at the foot, Anna looks down in disgust, " alright Tony you win, I'll get the money somehow."
Tony doesn't stir, Anna comes back down the stairs, " stop messing about Tony."
Anna bends down, she sees blood pouring out of the side of Tony's head, " oh god!"
Suddenly a voice is heard, the realtor has entered the house, " Mrs Bridie are you here?"
Anna quickly opens a broom cupboard and drags Tony's body inside, closes it and pushes a crate across the floor to cover the blood stain. The realtor gentleman enters and sees Anna sitting on the crate.
Realtor, " I hope it's not bad luck or anything to call you Mrs Bridie before the wedding, I've spoken to Mr Bridie he says you're interested in the house."
Anna tries to stay composed " yes erm...can you keep people away from the property...erm...while I make up my mind about buying it.?"
Realtor, " ah that sounds possessive excellent. I can give you the time you want to consider it Mrs Bridie. "
Anna looks relieved, she leaves, with a quick backward glance at the cupboard, and sees a tiny trickle of blood running out of the cupboard, what is she going to do?!


That evening Anna is performing at the Royal Albert Hall again, Giles and Sam watch from the side.
Giles, " thank god she didn't sing like this yesterday when the critics were in. She's off, edgy, something is wrong. "
Anna is singing, Hal in the front row, when Anna is distracted by someone taking their seat in the upper gallery, in one of the private boxes. A man, in a white suit, holding a single red carnation. His face obscured by shadow. Anna pauses stumbles on a note or two, the audience restless.
images (5).jpeg

The man leans forward in the box, Anna stops singing, peers up to get a look at the face then collapses on stage. Anna comes to instantly and looks up at the box, the man has gone.
Back in the dressing room, Giles is panicking, what about the rest of the London season? What shall we tell the media? Sam reassures him, " Anna is just tired, no need to panic."
When Giles leaves Sam wants to know the truth, what happened? Anna insists it was nothing, just nerves. Hal comes in and when alone with Anna tells her, " I was watching Anna, you looked terrified, someone in that box scared you. Tell me Anna, I love you I can help."
Anna again insists it's nothing. Hal leaves and Maria enters, Anna notices the flowers sent here by the public, particularly the carnations.
Anna, " get rid of them Maria, they remind me of...someone, give them to charity."

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Later that evening Anna drives out to the house that contains her deadly secret, the body of Tony. She has the keys from the realtor and nervously enters the cellar. The blood stain on the floor at the broom cupboard is dried, and steeling herself she opens the cupboard door....AND NOTHING! NO BODY.
She hears singing, Tony's voice, a record player is playing Anna walks up to it, " Tony are you here?" There's no one here, panicking she runs out , back into her car and speeds off . Hal appears from behind a tree, staring after her departing vehicle, a cold look on his face.
The next evening in her dressing room after giving a better performance than the previous night, Anna is with Sam when Maria walks in carrying a huge bouquet of carnations, " look at these lovely flowers."
Anna goes ballistic screaming, " NO NO IT CAN'T BE HE'S DEAD!"
Sam motions Maria to leave, " Anna , that's it, no more humouring you, I want the truth, what is wrong."
Anna, " it's Tony, remember him, big bad drunk Tony."
Sam, " Tony!? What about him?"

Sam is driving to the house, Anna next to him.
Sam, " it was an accident, at worst it's manslaughter. You've told me what happened and I believe you. You went back and the cupboard was bare."
Anna, " that's right Sam, am I losing my mind ?"
Sam, " I tell you what I think, you killed him and your mind couldn't accept it, so when you opened the cupboard you saw what you wanted to see, no Tony."
Anna , " you think so Sam?"
Sam, " I'm sure, we'll we're here, we'll find out...come on".

In the cellar Sam goes towards the cupboard, Anna holds back , not daring to look. Sam opens the door, Tony's dead body falls out. Anna goes to leave, Sam calls out. " You can't run Anna, you have to face it, listen I believe you, it was an accident, but accidents can happen anywhere. Why don't I arrange for this accident to happen elsewhere, they'll never trace it back to you."
Anna, " oh Sam you are amazing thank you."
Sam , " listen baby, I look after your interests don't I, I'll take him somewhere far from here."

Anna in her dressing room downing whisky, pacing nervously as Sam comes in.
Sam, " your troubles are over, I took him to Kent, near Faversham there's a deserted mineshaft, Tony is at the bottom of it. It'll be months before he's found , perhaps years. Now Anna you owe me, you owe me a performance of a lifetime. They're waiting for you kid, the audience, give it all you've got..for me "
Anna performs brilliantly and hurries back to the dressing room where Hal is waiting.
Anna, " Hal darling I want you to know whatever happens I would never do anything to hurt your career."
Hal, " my career? What is wrong, and don't tell me nothing, I know you too well. You might as well know, the other night I followed you to the house, you were only in there 5 minutes but you ran out like the devil was chasing you."
Anna, " oh Hal I've done something dreadful, Sam is covering it up, but I know it's wrong, my husband Tony, I killed him!"
Hal is flabbergasted, " YOU DID WHAT!!"

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