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The lump that Mrs Ginger has been getting very concerned about is benign.

Going to be a grandad again... Anything else today is relatively meaningless????

I misread that and thought Jacob Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson.

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My copy of The Big Lebowski has arrived :D

I am going to watch it later and join in with all the expletives until I have vented all the frustrations of the week :angry2:

Shouldn't take too long as its full of them, and I can't stay mad for long :happy:

Whilst I do not suffer fools gladly, I will always gladly make fools suffer

A man is getting along on the road of wisdom when he realises that his opinion is just an opinion

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I might not sleep tonight :ph34r:

Neither will I. I'm in for a good night if Gurner's testimony is anything to go by... ;)

A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal. ~ Oscar Wilde

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