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Brian Clemens Thriller (1973-76).

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It's late, gone midnight, Anna still in her dressing room when the phone rings, it's Hal.
Hal, " darling I'm with the police now, we've found Tony , exactly where Sam said, but darling you said he fell and hit his head, but he died of a stab wound. He was stabbed to death....darling...darling..are you there?"
Anna isn't listening to the call, she has placed the receiver down and walked out down a corridor to the prop room. She has heard Tony's singing voice again. On a table is a record player, a record playing on it. Next to the player is a figure, a man in a white suit, Tony, Anna runs up to the figure, but it's only a mannequin dressed to resemble Tony. Anna grabs the record and smashes it shouting, "YOU'RE DEAD..DEAD.."

Sam appears, " yes he's dead Anna, died 11 years ago, he'll not bother you again, I saw to that. I look after you Anna, always have done."
Anna is confused, " but who's been doing this, the carnations, the record at the house, this foolishness here, all of it."
Sam, " it's like good poker play, you have to build an ascendancy, stay in control.Tony was a shark got what he deserved, I saved you from a prison sentence, now I own you body and voice, particularly the voice, retiring? After I heaved you to the top on my shoulders, MY SHOULDERS Anna, years of sacrifice, sweat and investment, no more thoughts of retiring. "
Anna gasps, " no Sam, no."
Sam, " you mean yes Sam. You hit me with that marriage news, the bottom of my world dropped out, if it hadn't been for Tony...."
Anna picks up on this, " if it hadn't been for Tony what? Did you see Tony, you couldn't have done....unless...( realisation)..I didn't kill him! ...I didn't kill him did I Sam?"
Hal Bridie appears from the stairs and walks over, " no honey you didn't kill him, just stunned him, but Tony decided to capitalise on this, and he went to the person who had most to lose by your retirement, Sam. Between them they cooked up a scheme to push you to despair, and Sam, you were a willing participant, until you didn't need Tony any more then you stuck a knife in him."
Police sirens are heard getting closer, Sam looks dejected , he could just have trained and built another singing career, found another promising talent, but instead , what the hell has he done?
Hal, " don't run Sam, I'd hate to have to hit you."

Anna.....Susan Flannery
Tony...Keith Baxter
Sam....Sydney Tafler
Giles....Ronald Leigh- Hunt
Hal.....Stuart Damon
Marie....Gita Denise

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American lady, Nicky Stevens is on a late night train heading into the English countryside, she's been invited by English friends Jeff and Virna Holt to stay a few days. In the carriage with her is an old lady reading a newspaper. The old lady puts the paper down and remarks about the rapist who has attacked several women on this very train line.


Nicky is appalled and shocked, the old lady tells her according to the newspaper the only clue the police have is the man is blonde haired in his thirties. The old lady is getting off next stop and asks about Nicky's travel arrangements at her destination. Nicky says she's being picked up by the Holts, so all is okay.
The old lady leaves and the train departs, a couple of minutes later the carriage door opens and in walks a blonde haired man wearing a brown check jacket. Nicky is decidedly uncomfortable as the man picks up the newspaper and reads, but keeps peering over the top of it, staring at her.
He then takes out a pipe and starts smoking despite a no smoking sign in plain view.


Nicky is really anxious and as the train comes into her station quickly walks out of the carriage and hurries to the ticket barrier. The train employee at the barrier approaches her with a message, " Miss Stevens, your friends have called to say their car has broken down and it will be sometime before they get home, but you can let yourself into the house, the key is under the front door mat."


Nicky gets directions to the house and sets off out of the station forecourt to the road. She glances back, and sees the blonde haired man walking to the ticket barrier, she hurries on up the road anxiously, terror on her face.
The blonde man tries at first to get passed the barrier without showing his ticket until the guard stops him.

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Nicky arrives at the Holt's home and lets herself in, relieved, looking around, noticing the tasteful decor of the hall, and noticing a pair of ornamental small axes, tomahawks, on the wall over the stairs, antiques possibly. Suddenly she panics , the key, she left it in the front door lock, she runs down, opens the door, the blonde haired man is standing there smiling, Nicky screams !


Virna and Jeff are driving towards home, Virna worried about Nicky, Jeff tells her to relax, Nicky certainly let herself in and went to bed, and will probably be sound asleep when they get home. As the car pulls into the driveway Virna sees the front door open, she gets out and runs in and yells out, " OH MY GOD JEFF QUICK!!"
The hall is a mess, blood on the walls, one of the tomahawks is missing, they both shout out, "Nicky, Nicky."




Nicky appears at the top of the stairs, clothes torn, a black eye, bleeding, she collapses. The ambulance is soon here, Nicky taken to hospital. Later Inspector Charles is looking at her unconscious in bed, a doctor with him, he asks when will it be possible to speak to her, the answer is not a while yet. Insp Charles knows she can identify the man, give a description, he admits though being a bit puzzled. Most of the blood analysis from the wall was not Miss Stevens's, but the assailant's, presumably she understandably defended herself with the missing axe, so he must be injured, but no trace of him so far at any hospitals. Charles realises he isn't going to get anything out of her for some time, but promises the doctor, " I'll get him."

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Jeff and Virna visit the hospital, they feel guilty, not being at the station to pick her up. Nicky wakes up and sees Jeff and Virna, looking down at her smiling, Nicky screams, " take him away, take the bad man away."


The Doctor explains privately, Nicky is traumatised, physically she's recovering but mentally not so, even when the doctor walks into the private room in the hospital Nicky screams out, " take him away, the bad man."
Next day Insp Charles is back sitting at her bedside, she seems calmer today, Charles says," I'm a police officer Miss Stevens, no need to be frightened of me, I want to catch the bad man who did this to you and you're going to help me yes?"
Nicky looks at Insp Charles, and then, "aaaarrrgggghh, aaaarrrgggghh!!!."


The doctor sadly looks on, " we'll have to put her in Corby Hall", a mental institution.
Jeff and Virna are of course distraught that Nicky has ended up there, a phone call from Dr Ward of the institute reassures them given time Nicky will recover.

Insp Charles in his office is addressing policewoman Wallace, a tall blonde, Charles has a task for her, to be bait, to travel up and down that railway line until the rapist is lured.

Many months pass , Nicky makes great progress, as Jeff and Virna discover when they visit. Nicky is in the grounds of the institute playing hitting a ball on a rope tied to a pole with one of the nurses, Virna is allowed to go outside to see her, but not Jeff. Ward explains it's still too soon for her to have male contact. Jeff is puzzled but Ward says, " during the day she's okay, but you don't see her at night Mr Holt, the persistent nightmares, we must gradually get her well, her mind is very fragile."
One evening on the railway line nearby, policewoman Wallace is sitting in a carriage alone, a man gets in and slowly makes his way towards her, blonde haired, brown check jacket. He makes his move, Wallace is no ordinary policewoman, she springs up, wrestles the assailant, and cuffs him.
Insp Charles glares at the man in his office, "tangled with our Miss Wallace did you, now we're going to have a long chat about those women you raped." The man is led away, Charles happy, but, this isn't the same blonde haired man who attacked Nicky.
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Insp Charles is in earnest conversation with Dr Ward at the institute, they are watching Nicky through a window she's out in the gardens walking with a nurse. Charles wants to get Nicky to testify on court against the man they've caught. Ward says, "Inspector we have spent the last 6 months rebuilding her confidence making her forget that the most traumatic attack that can happen to a woman happened to her, and you want her to relive it, remember it. I can't forbid you to see her but the responsibility must be yours."
Insp Charles realises that he cannot use her, but he reckons he'll get a conviction without her anyway.


The day finally comes, Nicky is released from Corby Hall institute, Virna picks her up, they take a train from the institute to home, and Nicky hears the news that the rapist has been caught. Nicky recovered, smiling and happy as she and Virna alight onto the platform, Jeff is waiting to greet them, he picks up her luggage and they leave. As they do Nicky glances as the train goes on its way, out of a window on the train is ' blonde haired man ' looking at her. Nicky stares transfixed, Virna asks if she's alright, Nicky replies, " I thought I saw ....no it's okay, my imagination I guess."
When they get home, Nicky tells Jeff and Virna what she saw, the blonde haired man on the train.


Insp Charles comes over straight away and listens to Nicky but says the man is under lock and key. Privately Charles tells Jeff that Dr Ward told him that Nicky is not completely cured mentally, a lot better but not 100%. The man they caught has confessed to the rapes, but Charles confides that strangely not to Nicky's rape, the others but not hers.

Nicky settles in with Jeff and Virna and Jeff suggests a day out will do them good, a trip to the nearby horse racing meeting.
On the way home all three of them in the car are belting out the song The Camptown Races, the car passes a white van parked at the roadside, a man is unloading eggs to take into a store, the van has,' Taylor's Farm Stirbridge ' on the side of it. The man is the blonde haired man .
Nicky , " aaaarrrgggghh aaaarrrgggghh!!"
Back home Jeff is on the phone to Dr Ward who says, "I know she has nightmares, but this was during the day, you don't know what set her off?"
Jeff says, " no idea."
" alright Mr Holt, just treat her gently and if it happens again call me."

Nicky is so apologetic, " you two have been so kind to me and I've just given you nothing but trouble."

The next day Nicky says she wants to start being independent again, and wonders where Stirbridge is. Jeff says it's not far, and Nicky asks if she can borrow the car, so she can retreat into it if an anxiety attack occurs. Jeff hands her the keys, no problem, Nicky sets off for Stirbridge.

At Taylor's Farm outside Stirbridge village, Nicky drives up to the farm gates, she looks into the farm, there he is, the blonde haired man, calmly standing in the roadway by a table, on it are eggs, dozens of them, he is putting them into punnets ready to be loaded onto his van. Nicky glares at him, determined for revenge.


She drives into the farm, the blonde man looks up, Nicky pushes hard on the accelerator, 60, 70, 80 mph, and smacks straight into him, flinging him into the air, eggs go everywhere, splattering the car windscreen. Nicky calmly switches on the wipers to get the yolk and the guy's blood off of the car, then reverses out.....mission accomplished.

Back home Nicky apologises for the little "accident" she had in the car, Jeff says it's just a minor bump, don't worry about it.
Later that evening the three of them are having dinner when the doorbell rings. Nicky answers it, and is stunned, transfixed in fear, it's the blonde haired man standing there with a walking stick. Nicky can't utter a word , Jeff comes to the door, the guy wonders if he can borrow their phone, his car has broken down.


The blonde haired man is invited in, Nicky's worst nightmare as Jeff and Virna offer him a drink and the guy calls the garage up. Everyone goes on eating, Nicky saying nothing and eating nothing either, just sitting petrified.


After 30 minutes the phone rings, the garage man is outside, the blonde haired man says his goodbyes and leaves. Nicky runs upstairs to her room, Virna couldn't help but notice that Nicky looked absolutely petrified of the guy. Understandable says Jeff given what's happened to her, a stranger in the house.

Meanwhile in Insp Charles office, a German private eye , Herr Balsam is telling the Inspector why he's here in this English town.


He is trying to trace a German citizen who has gone missing for 6 months now, and investigations have led him to this town. Friends of the missing man have told Balsam he met previously a girl who was holidaying in Germany, and even though he never knew the girl's full name he did knew she lived somewhere in this town. The man was in London on business, and that is where Herr Balsam's investigations are concentrated on, but it is possible that while having a bit of spare time he travelled to this town to see if he could find the girl again. Insp Charles gives Balsam permission to sniff around, do some investigating around town and see what crops up. Balsam produces a photo of the missing German, it's the blonde haired man .

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Jeff and Virna are worried because they've been invited for an evening out with friends, Nicky is staying in the house alone, but assures them she'll be fine.
That evening Nicky is dozing on the settee when she wakes with a startled look and sees the blonde haired man standing over her. His walking stick is gone and he's holding a box of chocolates. He says he wants to pay back the kindness Mr and Mrs Holt showed him the other night. Nicky remaining calm says they are in the back garden, the blonde haired man goes out to look for them. Nicky runs to the hallway picks up the ornamental tomahawk from display on the wall. The blonde haired man returns to the living room through the French windows, Nicky is standing to one side as he comes in saying he can't see them in the garden.


She attacks, the axe hits the man several times, blood pouring out, she then runs.
Herr Balsam is at the railway station speaking to the ticket guard on duty at the barrier, the same guy as 6 months previous, showing him a photo of the blonde haired man. The guard remembers him," yes at first I thought he was trying to get passed me without paying."
Balsam says, " then you realised he just didn't speak English."
" how did you know that?"
" my friend, when you add 2 and 2 it invariably makes four."

Jeff and Virna have returned, quietly entering the house not wanting to wake Nicky. Jeff creeps upstairs, suddenly a tomahawk axe swings at him, his shoulder is hit. Virna screams," NICKY IT'S JEFF IT'S JEFF!!"


Nicky drops the axe, a strange look far-away look on her face. The front door is open, Balsam walks in, Virna thinking he is police tries to explain that Nicky is still disturbed from her ordeal. Before explanations get very far, the living room door opens, out staggers blonde haired man, blood covered and collapses dead on the carpet.
Nicky is delighted, " good he's dead at last."
Balsam and Jeff look down at the man, NOT BLONDE but grey haired in his fifties, Jeff says he's the guy whose car broke down the other night who they invited in.
Balsam looks beyond the living room door into the garden and sees a smoker's pipe on the grass. He walks into garden, the earth around the pipe has recently been dug up, and looks hurriedly replaced.


Balsam with his hands digs into the earth, to reveal a hand, then a sleeve, in a brown check jacket. The body of the blonde haired man is here, where it has been all along.

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Insp Charles and Herr Balsam discuss the case in the police office.
Charles says, " two men attacked two dead, and just because she read in a newspaper about a man with blonde hair."
" And then my man came along."
"Your citizen Herr Balsam just happened to fit her fantasies."

Nicky is back at Corby Hall mental institution, sitting in a chair , two male nurses standing on either side of her, a far-away expression on her face. Dr Ward turns to Jeff and Virna, Jeff with his arm in a sling.
" you see after the imagined assault she began seeing this man everywhere, why? Fear, terror of something half forgotten. Something from her childhood perhaps, a traumatic experience buried deep. The human mind can torture itself to destruction, probably we'll never know why"
Virna bends down to face Nicky, " Nicky can you hear me?"
Nicky smiles, then looks at Jeff, she sees blonde haired man. Nicky looks at the nurse to her left....blonde haired man, then to the nurse on her right......blonde haired man. Then at Dr Ward....blonde haired man.

Nicky, " aaaarrrgggghh aaaarrrgggghh ", the nurses restrain her as she tries to grab the doctor ,and she is dragged out screaming.

Nicky....Pamela Franklin
Virna....Frances White
Jeff.....Donal McCann
The blonde haired man.....Jim Norton
Insp Charles....Derek Smith
Dr Ward......Peter Howell
Balsam.....Wolfe Morris
Wallace.....Carinthia West

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Three men, Anderson, Moore and Jeffries arrive by car at a large house perched on top of a hill, a few miles outside a nearby town. Anderson the leader of this trio gets out of the car and walks into the building, the door open welcoming visitors.


Inside George Mullard is in an examination room, like a hospital room, on the table in front of him is a mannequin, acting as a patient. Students in white coats gather round as George is explaining techniques in physiotherapy, using the mannequin to demonstrate how to massage, particularly patients who may be in a coma. This is a medical school, the students eagerly listen and then George checking his watch announces class is over for today. The students leave the room, they live in the house as well as study here, full time students at this small campus. Students Frank and Mike return to the recreation room and pick up a pack of playing cards and start their poker game. Other students sit and read, one student Sally who wasn't at the lesson has just finished writing a letter, after sticking a stamp on it and an airmail sticker gets up and leaves the room.
George Mullard is alone in the examination room when Anderson walks in, asks where the staff are, George replies, " I'm the only one here at present, the others have gone to the big parade in town.....er can I help you..Mr..er.."
Sally enters, Anderson says, " it's a confidential matter."


Sally apologises not realising George had company, she waits outside. After she's gone , George is puzzled, " confidential?"
Anderson produces a gun, " very confidential."
Anderson shoots him in cold blood, George staggers, dying, he looks out of the examination room inner window out to the corridor, Sally is staring in, oblivious to what's happening. Anderson sees Sally staring in, he smiles, no problem, this establishment is The Clinical Training Centre For The Blind.

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Anderson picks up George's body putting it on the table, the mannequin he shoves in a cupboard. Sally walks in again wanting to see Mr Mullard, Anderson says he's gone to see a mate of his and can he help. Sally wants her letter posted, Anderson volunteers to post it himself. Sally passes him letter, feeling Anderson's hand with its big ring on it. Sally goes and Anderson puts the letter down on a surface and walks to front door.
He signals and Moore and Jeffries get out the car and enter the hallway of the school. The phone rings, the three of them freeze as Sally comes into hall to answer it, someone wants to speak to George, Jeffries is halfway up the stairs when he had to freeze still, the stair under him creaks. Sally hears," is that you Mr Mullard?"
Anderson signals to Jeffries to answer,
" No Miss we're the plumbers, you've got a bit of bother upstairs in the header tank."
Jeffries and Moore go upstairs carrying gear in heavy looking bags. Sally puts the receiver of the phone on the table and goes off looking for George. Anderson waits till she's gone then pulls telephone cable out of wall and joins others upstairs.


Upstairs in the staff quarters Jeffries and Moore unload their gear. Weapons, and mobile rocket launcher, the assassins looking out of the window down into town have a clear path to assassinate the soon to be here heads of States.


Sally returns to the recreation room, telling the others someone wanted George on the telephone but they've hung up and the plumbers are here. Frank is surprised, Sally says, " yes apparently we've trouble upstairs, funny they didn't smell like plumbers, work and sweat, more soapy and after shave, like gentlemen."
Mike chips in with, " ah....gentlemen plumbers."

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Frank turns the radio on and they all hear the commentator at the big parade.
" What a day this promises to be , heads of States coming to our sleepy town, and everyone is waiting to get a glimpse of the man who made it possible, a great man of peace, some say men of violence will try to stop it, the police are out in force, hopefully nothing will go wrong."
Meantime Sally irritated that she couldn't find George goes looking for him first in the examination room and touches her hand on the surface where her letter is feeling it and feeling the airmail sticker. She then goes upstairs. She knocks on the staffroom door and enters. Anderson, Moore and Jeffries freeze. Jeffries says, " can I help you Miss."
" I'm looking for Mr Mullard."
" Oh he's on the roof with my mate at the tank."
Sally stumbles slightly Anderson steadies her, she feels his ringed hand, then leaves but momentarily pauses, she can smell something. A can of oil is open next to the launcher.


After she's gone, Moore not happy, " she is trouble!"
Anderson says, " in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king, don't worry they're helpless down there, as if we've chained them up."
Jeffries making sure his rocket launcher is ready says, " you'll get what you've paid for Mr Moore, one barbecued statesman."

Sally back in the day room is puzzled, "Frank why would plumbers use gun oil, I smelt it, like the stuff my father uses on his guns."
" They don't use it."
" And another thing, I stumbled and the man who was here earlier he is still here, I felt his hand, why is he here?"
Mike says, " what's got into you Sally."
" Something is wrong, I can feel it."

Later trouble as the front doorbell rings, it's the police, Anderson has sent Jeffries to answer it, and tells Moore to pack the launcher and himself in the broom cupboard here in the staff room.
Frank opens the door, it is Sgt Martin flashing his ID , until realising Frank is blind. He wants to see the school principal, Jeffries comes down the stairs, " Mr Mullard is up here."
Martin goes upstairs into the staff room and there in a white coat is Anderson, "hello Sergeant I'm George Mullard."
Frank tells everyone it's the police, this sets Sally even more on edge.
" I'm going to say something, about the gun oil, George not being around, I tell you something is wrong. And look, my letter it's still here, he said he would post it for me."
Mike says " but he's still here , you said so yourself , so he hasn't left to post it yet."
Sally, " I'm still going to say something."
Mike says, " if you do Sally you'll only be making a fool of yourself."
Martin is chatting to Anderson., " just checking Mr Mullard, I feel a bit silly really but one has to be sure, not expecting trouble, but then again we're always expecting it, this window for example , would give a perfect view to the parade."


Anderson replies, " ah you mean snipers that sort of thing, as you can see Sergeant, not a telescopic rifle in sight."
Satisfied, Martin leaves , Anderson escorts him to the front door. Martin saying, " thank you Mr Mullard sorry to have troubled you."
Sally comes into the hall just as the door closes, " Mr Mullard is that you?"
Anderson says nothing, but slowly climbs the stairs. In the staff room he orders Moore and Jeffries to get the launcher set up again. Moore isn't happy, Anderson says " don't worry, no more hitches I promise."

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Sally is fevered she says to the others in the recreation room, " it couldn't have been George, would he just ignore me, well would he."
" You are overwrought today Sally," says Frank, " how do you know it wasn't George."
" It wasn't his walk, you know how we can tell it's George or the others by the sound of their walk."
Mike, " yes because we've been with them a long time, some of us years but you seem to think you can pick out a stranger."
Sally annoyed she isn't being taken seriously and storms out. Frank follows her into the hall, " don't get upset Sal, where are you going?"
" To the examination room to work off some steam on that plastic dummy of ours, going to break every bone in its stupid plastic body."
Anderson is out in the grounds patrolling, Sally enters the examination room, George's dead body on the table, she first of all switches on a tape recorder, George's voice is heard instructing students that before physiotherapy begins students should remember their hand exercises to supple their hands before grasping a patient. Sally flexes her fingers, then grabs the wrist of the, she expects, dummy, SHE SCREAMS.


Frank and the others hear her and run out, Jeffries runs downstairs into examination room and grabs the screaming Sally pushing his gun into her hand saying, " feel this, that's right it's a gun, now tell your friends."


" Frank, he has a gun."
" That's right, now all of you back out, or I use it on her." The students back out, confused stumbling into each other, Jeffries pushing them into the recreation room, Moore comes down the stairs, " what's going on?"
" Nothing I can't handle, get back to the launcher."
The students are back in the recreation room Sally in tears, Frank holding her.


Jeffries sees keys on a hook he uses them to lock all the shutters on the windows then says, " I'm going to lock you in ,now stay quiet and you won't get hurt."
After he goes Sally cries out, " why kill George he was such a sweet innocent man."
Frank says, " they need this house."
Mike asks," what did he mean get back to the launcher?"
Frank replies, " rocket launcher, like the army use."
" but why?"
The radio is turned up, the commentator saying, " he'll soon be here this great man this man of peace, police have provided a bullet proof car for the occasion."
Frank slams his fist into a chair angry, " that's why, in his bullet proof car. And there's nothing we can do except watch it happen, except we can't watch anything. If only.....if only we could get a glimpse of the world....some light amid the dark."

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Sally suddenly feels a draught, cold air on her cheek, Mike says " so what it's probably coming from under the door."
Sally, " no, cold air , it's coming from outside." Frank can feel it too, " Sally is right, come over here."
The others can feel it to, it's coming from the noticeboard on the wall.
Mike and Frank heave it off the wall.
They feel out and touch wooden doors in the wall. Frank says " this room I remember George saying this was once a dining room, this must be a dumb waiter, it must lead down to a cellar a wine cellar perhaps and a way out."
After Mike and Frank try and fail to squeeze in Sally volunteers " you men are too big, let me have a go."
Sally climbs in , Frank reaches out to her, " tuck your arms in Sally, when you get to the bottom find a door."
" Yes yes Frank I know what to do run and get help....now hurry."

hqdefault (1).jpg

Frank and Mike grip the ropes on top of the dumb waiter and gently lower her down.

At the bottom Sally climbs off and slowly walks, clicking her fingers, "it's very low with pillars and arches."
She follows the air draft and comes to a door she opens it and is on a footpath.
" I'm clear Frank."
The path is lower than grass level, sort of in a ditch, she pulls herself up the banking and hears movement, " is anyone there , please, we need help." A hand reaches towards her she grasps it, feels the ring, and screams, it's Anderson.
Frank hears the scream, " someone's grabbed her, they'll bring her back here, quick we haven't got long."
Anderson is dragging Sally back to the house, " lucky I was patrolling, lucky for me, not you. "


Anderson unlocks the recreation room door and pushes Sally back in, but he can't see Mike hiding behind the door with his white stick in hand. As Anderson closes the door, Mike jams his stick in the jamb. Anderson puzzled, he can't shut the door, the students all push now against the door, Anderson further puzzled , he can't open it now. He pushes and pushes against it, the students all pull away from the door, Anderson tumbles into the room, Frank and Mike grab him and hold him down, Frank feels for the pressure points on the neck and apply pressure Anderson out cold.

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Jeffries has the launcher all ready in the staff room, turns to Moore, " told you they'd be no problems, nothing we couldn't handle, didn't need you here at all."
Moore calmly replies, " our organisation is paying a lot of money to you and Anderson, I'm here to see we get what we paid for, look on me as an official observer. If anything does go wrong I'm here to make sure there's no comebacks, nothing to point back to our organisation."
" Ah I see, no comebacks, you're a hatchet man, if something goes wrong you get rid of the evidence, me and Anderson."
" Yeah, but you've assured me nothing will go wrong so you needn't worry, now I'm going to see if I can get us some coffee."
Jeffries calls out as the door closes, " and don't come back until it's over, you'll hear the bang." Jeffries gets his gun out, " Oh you'll hear the bang alright Mr Moore, the second bang though you won't hear at all."

Moore comes down the stairs , the students hear him and in the hall , Frank says "quickly hide." The students scatter, as Moore walks across hall they emerge from doorways and before Moore can react they overwhelm him and put him out with a squeeze on the pressure points.
Frank says " the gun, find it." The students feel on the floor, Sally finds Moore's gun, "here Frank, but what good is a gun to us."

Frank takes it and asks who knows the layout of the staff room. Sally does because she goes there regularly to play chess with George. Sally, Mike and Frank climb the stairs . Jeffries is in the room at the launcher overlooking the window, he loads a missile into position, turns a key on the side of it to arm it , and waits. The television is on, the parade is in full swing, the motorcade is nearing the town.
Frank, Sally and Mike are outside the door whispering.
Frank, " Mike I want you to lie down in front of the door, and rest your hand on the door handle and when I say now push it open."
Mike does this lying flat on his stomach arm upwards touching the door handle.
Frank reaches out to the door feeling the width of it, he positions himself dead center of door.
" Now Sally, take my arm, I'm pointing it at the centre of door, now position it towards the window."
Sally alarmed " I can't Frank, I can't remember."
Frank reassures her, " of course you can, walk through the room in your mind."
Sally concentrates, " okay, two steps into the room is the desk, two to the right is the settee, the window is three steps to the right of the desk."
Frank, " good girl, now move my arm so it points to the window."
Sally moves Frank's arm to position of where the window should be.
Frank, " okay Sally move away, right away from the door. Now we'll assume he is average height sitting at the launcher. Okay Mike....NOW!"
Mike pushes door open, Jeffries turns, Frank unloads gun, hitting Jeffries who slumps over launcher and presses button and fires missile then collapses dead. The missile streaks across sky, and harmlessly explodes.

The TV commentator sounds jubilant.
" Everything has gone to perfection, not a hitch, what a wonderful sight to see, what an absolutely wonderful sight to see."
Sally ,Mike and Frank, relieved but sad in a way , they're seeing nothing.


Anderson....Peter Vaughan
Frank.....Dennis Waterman
Jeffries.....William Marlowe
Sally......Sinead Cusack
Moore....Leslie Schofield
Mike....Alun Armstrong
George Mullard.....Michael Lees
Sgt Martin.....David Jackson
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Suzy Martin is an American model , flavour of the month, big contract secured by her agent/ advertising man/ boyfriend Greg Miles. Suzy waiting in her apartment for Greg receives a phone call from a heavy breather, nothing is said, just the sound of breathing.


Next evening Terry Cleeves her ex turns up with an Italian called Bruno Varella, they are let in by the janitor as Suzy is out and Terry is an old friend.


Suzy and Greg arrive and Terry explains that he's here because Bruno wanted to meet her.
There is real tension in the air because Suzy is now working for Greg's ad agency rather than Terry's and he's been eased out of her private life too.
After everyone leaves Suzy on her own receives another phone call from the heavy breather, this time the caller speaks, saying, " Suzy....Suzy...I want you."
She is naturally disturbed by this.

Meanwhile outside in the street Greg leaving Suzy's flat is attacked by Terry and beaten to the ground.

Suzy calls the police and Constables Henry Venner and Dicky Lovell arrive at her flat. They give her the usual advice and she promises to contact them if he calls again.
They leave and then Suzy hears someone in her kitchen , entering through the door leading to the fire escape stairs on the side of the building. It's Greg, bruised and bloodied. Suzy administers first aid and suggests he calls the police, but Greg declines, he's a married man and doesn't want it known he's been here.
Back at his flat Terry comes clean and admits to Bruno Varella that he attacked Greg , jealousy got the better of him.
Bruno seeing blood on Terry's hands says he guessed that's what happened and advices him to give Suzy up, reminding him of the English expression of girls being called birds, well Suzy has flown his nest.

At the police station Henry Venner and Dicky Lovell are at their lockers at the end of their shift.
Dicky, " you think Suzy Martin is interested in you Henry."
Henry, " leave it out Dicky."
Dicky, " she's out of your league pal."

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Suzy arrives at Greg's advertising studio for a film and photo shoot.


The phone rings and Greg's assistant Betty answers it, and tells Suzy it's for her. Suzy is shocked, it's the breather! How did he know she was here?
Back at home Suzy has just fed her poodle dog Toby in the kitchen when the phone rings. Yes it's the phantom caller with a message, he speaks through a small metal cylinder making his voice echoing " you lead me a dog's life Suzy, a dog's life."

Suzy runs into kitchen, Toby has gone, the door to the fire escape open.
Another phone call, the phantom- caller says she can have Toby back if she tears her dress off. The caller is close by, holding binoculars, saying, " I don't like that dress , tear it off, I want to hear it tear. He's such a little dog Suzy...TEAR IT!"
Suzy crying, tears her dress, the phantom caller is satisfied, " there's a good girl, and good girls should get their reward."


Murchison the janitor arrives at her front door holding Toby, saying he found it outside her door. Suzy gratefully takes Toby, not really wondering if Murchison could be the caller.
Later another phone call, nervously Suzy answers it, the phantom caller with another message, " no more evenings out with other men Suzy, I don't like it. I'm close by Suzy watching you."
The doorbell rings and Constables Henry Venner and Dicky are there checking she's alright. They see her torn dress and promise to report this immediately and get advice.
Suzy calmer now says she believes the caller having satisfied his desire to scare her won't bother her again., not a sentiment shared by Henry Venner.

Next evening Greg arrives carrying flowers for Suzy ready for an evening out on the town but Suzy doesn't let him in and says any personal relationship is over and it'll just be work from now on. Greg sees another man behind her in her flat, Suzy shuts the door and Greg throws his bunch of roses on the floor and storms out of her building. Is he the caller?
The Man in Suzy's flat is actually her brother Peter come scrounging a place to sleep for the night, he's got his own place but he is a bit drunk after a night out, so Suzy let's him sleep on the sofa.
Another visit from the ever attentive Henry, dragging his pal Dicky along, and Henry is a bit miffed to see Peter who he thinks is a boyfriend, he says nothing of course, but Dicky sees the funny side and as they leave Dicky says, " you don't own her Henry, and never will."


Early next morning while Suzy still sleeps Peter lets himself out, he crosses the road but someone is waiting in a car and runs him down.
Henry and Dicky the cops come round with the bad news. Suzy distraught and obviously connects Peter's death with the phantom caller. Henry Venner asks Dicky to wait in the patrol car while he talks more with Suzy.
Henry has an idea, he has a country cottage and asks Suzy if she'd like to spend a weekend with him, get away from the phantom caller. Suzy agrees, and Henry says as they don't know who the caller is she must tell no one where she's going.

Meanwhile Terry Cleeves through being interviewed by the police knows about the calls Suzy has been getting, as does Greg, and Terry receives a call himself, the caller a man, tells him to meet him for information that will help Suzy, as Terry is keen to outdo Greg as far as helping Suzy, he agrees to a late night rendezvous out in the country.

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Weekend- Suzy is packing clothes for her weekend away when the doorbell rings, it's Bruno Varella.
Suzy, " Oh it's Bruno...something."
Bruno, " Varella."
Bruno says he can't get hold of Terry who he hasn't seen for 2 days now and wonders if that's usual of Terry to just run off without a word. Suzy says , yep, Terry is Terry, a man of impulses. Bruno notices Suzy is packing, Suzy explains that she and Henry going away and then realises that was not a clever thing to reveal. Suzy is definitely alarmed when Bruno says, " why is this Constable Venner getting involved, what's in it for him....promotion?"
Suzy, " Henry's not like that."
Bruno, " ahhh, Henry now, not Constable Venner, you know in my country a single girl away with this policeman would not be allowed."
Suzy, " it could be you!! "


Suzy runs into her bedroom and locks herself in, Bruno bangs on the door pleads with Suzy to be sensible, but on getting no answer says he's leaving.
He goes to front door opens it, closes it, but hasn't gone anywhere! Bruno paces room when doorbell rings, he quickly goes into kitchen as Suzy comes out of bedroom and opens door to see Henry Venner.
She is relieved to see him and Henry asks if she's all packed ready for the weekend away.
Unbeknown to them Bruno is in kitchen listening at door, holding dog Toby , stroking it keeping it quiet as he listens.
He hears Suzy say one last thing to do before they go is to get Toby to give to a friend who is looking after him while she's away.
Bruno quickly removes himself from kitchen via fire escape stairs.

Henry and Suzy in a red sports car arrive at his cottage in the country. It's a small cozy place, a bit cold as no one been here for sometime says Henry who lights a log fire.
Suzy sees a recent newspaper on the table so obviously someone has been here. Henry says it's probably just a tramp, got in through the upstairs window which isn't very secure


Henry pops back to his car to fetch wine.and some provisions they've bought on the way down.
Suzy alone when the phone rings, she picks it up and is terrified....IT'S THE PHANTOM CALLER but how?


Henry comes back in, sees Suzy in a state of shock.
Henry, " what's the matter Suzy?"
Suzy, " it's him! He called, how did he know I was here?"
Henry, " did he say anything?"
Suzy, " yes he wants to meet you! In the local pub...now."
Henry, " okay Suzy, this is what I hoped inviting you here. He's coming out into the open, stay here I'll be back."
Henry leaves for a rendezvous with the psycho...or is he?

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Suzy nervously alone in cottage when she hears a deep echoing voice, " SUZY...SUZY"
Suzy runs to front door checking it is locked, the voice continues, " YOU'VE ALREADY LOCKED THE DOOR SUZY."
Coming down the stairs is Bruno holding the metal cylinder, he speaks through it again, " SUZY....( now not through cylinder) I'm very sorry to scare you but I couldn't resist it. Your precious Constable Venner is gone eh? I thought he would."
Suzy, " YOU! YOU RANG"
Bruno, " yes from the call box nearby."
Suzy breathing hard, tries to keep calm, "get it over with, you've tortured me long enough."
Bruno, " torture? Why should I want to torture you? You think it's me NO! Where do you think I got this cylinder.....upstairs in his bedroom!"
Suzy tries to run Bruno grabs her shouting.
Suzy still struggling to break free.
Bruno grabs Suzy by the arm and drags her over to a writing desk, he opens desk and pulls out a scrapbook that has been put together, every page a newspaper or magazine cutting of Suzy, pictures of her glued to the pages."
Bruno, " every page is you.....this is not a collection but an obsession by someone who is sick in the head, your Constable Venner."
Suzy shakes her head, " no.... Henry wouldn't do that."
Bruno, " okay okay calm down, let Terry convince you?"
Suzy, " Terry's here?"
Bruno, " yes of course, in the back room, let him convince you."
Suzy enters the room Bruno pointed to, she enters the darkened room and sees Terry sitting on an armchair. She touches his shoulder and he tips forward onto the floor dead.
Suzy runs out screaming into Bruno who smugly says, " okay now you're convinced."
Bruno suddenly collapses, Henry has whacked him from behind.
Henry smiles " I knew that phone call was just a trick to get me out, I sneaked back by the back door. It's okay Suzy...its over."
Suzy starts coughing and spluttering, Henry attentive, " I'll get you some water."
Henry runs into kitchen , Suzy runs over to wall and pulls down a hunting rifle that is hanging on the wall. Some cartridges are on the top of a sideboard, Suzy loads them into the gun. She unlocks front door but before she can leave Henry returns with glass of water he is confronted by Suzy holding and aiming rifle at him.
Henry, " Suzy what's wrong ?"
Suzy, " I know all about you."
Henry, " Suzy you've flipped, it's over, you don't have to be afraid of me."
Suzy, " I've seen Terry."
Henry seems genuinely shocked, " Terry's here!?"


Suzy, " stay where you are, don't move."
Henry slowly approaches saying, " just give me the gun Suzy...please...that's my girl..just...."

Total surprise on Henry's face as Suzy fires, the blast throws Henry across room and up against front door that now slowly opens pushing Henry's body away.
Dicky Lovell Henry's patrol car partner enters and kneels down and examines Henry's dead body.

Suzy cries, " I didn't want to kill him....I had to."
Dicky, " I know..I knew he was up to something when he didn't turn up for our usual Friday night drink. I went round to your place, then thought of this place. Poor Henry, he was sweet on you, couldn't believe you'd even consider him. Wanted to impress you, bringing you to his country cottage, I suppose he did say it was his...yes he would."
Dicky locks the door , " IT'S MINE, so is the car, I just let him borrow it from time to time. So now it's perfect, just me and you, in my place ....all weekend."

Suzy paralyzed with fear slumps onto rocking chair as Dicky stands crouches next to her, then stands directly behind her, hands on her shoulders, then they move lower to her breasts.
Dicky is breathing heavy, his voice full of frustration and lust, " I've always wanted you, there's no one to bother us I've got rid of them all. Just you and me....tear that dress off Suzy I WANT TO HEAR IT TEAR."
Suzy crying, " please no.."
"TEAR IT ...TEAR IT..!!"

Suddenly blood splatters over a carriage clock on the mantelpiece, Dicky reaches to his head, blood spurts out, Dicky falls dead.
Bruno holding a bloodied penknife gasps with relief, " it's over Suzy."
Suzy sinks into a chair head in hands " oh Bruno...something."
Bruno laughs, " my name is Varella...Va..Re..La."

Suzy.....Carol Lynley
Bruno....Tom Conti
Greg.....Gerald Harper
Henry....David Gwillim
Dicky....Michael Byrne
Terry....Peter Angelis

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S1 E4 - AN ECHO OF THERESA (in depth)

In a plush London hotel overlooking the river Thames is American Bradley Hunter and his wife. He is dressed , she still in nightgown as they look out of the window.
B " look at that darling, Big Ben, the houses of Parliament, and driving on the left"
Wife " this is going to be a great vacation darling"
B " get yourself dressed, I can't wait to get out there and sample the big city"
She goes into the bedroom, Brad sits at a table , takes a sip of coffee, and picks up the Times newspaper. He starts reading, and feels uncomfortable, sweat appearing on his brow. He folds the paper up, and starts tearing at it. Suddenly a knock on the door clears his mind, he puts the paper down and answers the door. A gentleman is there in a formal business suit.
T " Mr Hunter, I'm Martin Trasker, you got my cable?"
B " of course come in Mr Trasker, I say you're early"
T " I'm an eager beaver Mr Hunter. Your company makes something that my company would very much like to acquire, under license, I'm determined to get a deal with you Mr Hunter, and beware I'll try every trick in the book to get that deal"
B " l like that Trasker, honesty, and I was going to contact you, sooner you're off my back, the sooner I can enjoy my vacation.
( into bedroom) darling we've got company"
Brad's wife comes out dressed,
B " darling this is Martin Trasker, I was telling you about him, Mr Trasker this is my wife, Theresa"
Brad's wife looks horrified,
" Brad! My name isn't Theresa!"


Brad and Suzy, his wife are in the bedroom.
S " how could you make a mistake like that Brad, in front of a stranger too"
B " I'm sorry darling.."
S " who is she Brad, who is Theresa?"
B " I don't know any Theresa"
S " please Brad"
B " honestly I don't know. Perhaps I saw the name somewhere, of course in the paper, I saw it there, I swear darling"
Brad goes back to Trasker.
B " phew, women eh?"
T " well that was some mistake to make"
B " yes, okay Trasker where were we?"
T " well your company and mine, both manufacture in the steel business, we buy and sell components to each other, what we'd like is to operate your new device here in the UK under license"
B " why shouldn't I open a plant here myself and cut you guys out?"
T " if that was feasible you'd have done it before Mr Hunter. But what we want to know first is how effective this new machine is, does it cut all types of steel, what about soft steel?"
B " no more questions Trasker"
T " sorry I must..."
Brad suddenly loses his rag and shouts,
Brad storms out, Suzy runs out of the bedroom catching the end of Brad's tirade.
S " sorry Mr Trasker"
She runs out after Brad, Trasker notices the Times newspaper discarded on the floor, he picks it up, a heart shaped piece torn out of the centre of the paper, done by Brad earlier.
images (4).jpeg

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Suzy catches up with Brad in the back of a parked taxi.
S " Brad what's wrong?"
B " I don't know what's the matter with me Suzy, I feel so tired, jet lag perhaps, catching up with me"
Cab driver " where to guv?"
S " we're strangers here, just drive round"
Brad seems to be remembering something from long ago as he says,
B " no, go to Oxford Street, there's a Square just off of it"
Driver " Grosvenor Square guv, American embassy"
B " no the other side of Oxford Street, travelling westward you make a right turn, into a small square"
Dr " Manchester Square?"
B " yes, take me to Manchester Square"
On arriving at Manchester Square the driver parks the taxi.
Dr " we're here sir"
B " go to the west side"
Dr " yep, this is the west side"
B " then where is it, the apartment block, a big red brick block"
Dr " I thought you were strangers, there was an apartment block, red brick too, it was demolished years ago"

Back in the hotel suite,
S " I really rather know the truth Brad. It was '67, just after I had Tommy, you went to the East Coast for that business convention, but you didn't stop there, you flew to London, met this Theresa....."
B " darling, I don't know any Theresa"
S " how do you explain knowing about the apartment block Brad"
B " I don't know sweetheart, maybe...so many people come into my office back home who've been to London, perhaps one of them mentioned it and it just stuck in my mind. Look I've got to straighten things out with Trasker ...."
S " I've written the postcards to Tommy and Julie, do you want to add a p.s.?"
B " yeah sure"
Brad writes on the postcard and hands it back to Suzy.
S " send Trasker my apologies"
B " you've got nothing to apologize for, but I certainly have"
Brad leaves, Suzy looks at the postcard and gasps in horror. Brad has written ' I love Theresa ' on the card.
In the lounge sitting at a table,
B " I can only apologise Mr Trasker, I guess I needed this vacation more than I realised"
T " that's okay Mr Hunter, it sort of gives me an advantage in our negotiations. I'm a good company man, if I have to take insults to get a deal I will"
The waiter comes up to the table.
B " scotch on the rocks please, Trasker?"
T " same for me"
Trasker pulls out a hefty looking file from his briefcase.
T " this is our prospectus, look at it, give me your opinions, my proposal is you will get 10% of any profit we make"
The waiter returns with the drinks.
B " what's this waiter?"
W " scotch with ice sir"
B " I didn't order this"
T " you did Mr Hunter"
Brad stands up and shouts,
B " never corrupt whiskey with ice. WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM A FOREIGNER. I'M AN ENGLISH GENTLEMAN!"
Brad hurls the glass onto the floor and leaves Trasker aghast....again.

Brad is back in Manchester Square staring up an office block, where once stood a red brick apartment building.
That evening Brad enters the hotel suite looking tired, he sits on the settee, reaches for the phone , Suzy comes out of the bedroom.
B" darling"
S " where have you been Brad, eight hours you've been gone, I was worried sick"
B " just wondering around"
S " you were going to make a call...to Theresa?"
B " I don't know any Theresa"
S " it's overwork, and stress it must be...come to bed"
B " yes okay"
In the bedroom Suzy is on the bed sitting,
S " Brad I wasn't going to bring it up again, but I have to, I saw what you wrote on the postcards to our children, you wrote her name, Theresa, to Tommy and Julie, that's why I cant let it rest, I must know who she is Brad"
Suddenly Brad's hands are around her neck squeezing,
B " you're too curious, curious people must be eliminated"
S ( choking)" Brad .....please"
Brad suddenly releases her shocked at what's happened.
B " I'm sorry I love you Theresa, I love you Theresa"
Suzy runs crying out of the bedroom.
The next morning downstairs in the hotel lounge.
B " I love you Suzy, yet I almost killed you, oh god, what's happening to me. "
S " let's just pack up and go home Brad"
B " I need a doctor Suzy"
The Hunters , rich enough to stay in this plush hotel, easily afford to bring a doctor to their suite.
Dr. Korner , Suzy and Brad are in the main room of their suite. Brad sitting , Suzy standing listening intently.
K." now Mr Hunter you will answer my questions truthfully. They'll be no hostility to your wife, or anyone else, understand?"
B " yes"
K " Mr Hunter, who is Theresa?"
B " don't know any Theresa"
K " is she a figment of your imagination or does she exist"
B " exists....yes I met her"
K " where?"
B " in Vienna, we met in Vienna"
K " when ?,when were you in Vienna"
B " I've never been to Vienna"
K " but you met Theresa there"
B " yes."
K "so you were there Mr Hunter. Don't fight me Mr Hunter. I say you know Theresa, don't you?"
B " NO!"
K " Look at this Mr Hunter, a postcard that you wrote Theresa on it, why? Why write a name of a person you don't know?"
B "Because I do know her of course. Theresa is my wife"
Downstairs in the lounge Suzy and Dr Korner.
K " my diagnosis is your husband is deeply disturbed, mentally unstable. Not certifiable....not yet unless you want to push for that. I can see he attacked you, the marks on your neck"
S " he didn't know what he was doing"
K " the mentally unstable rarely do. Your instincts were correct, go home, get him back in an environment he's comfortable with. The sedation I've given him will ensure a good night's sleep.
I'll be in touch"
Roger Hume [2].png

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The next morning Brad is up early, dressed and at breakfast in their suite. Suzy still in nightgown comes out of the bedroom.
S " you're up early"
B " I feel great darling. Whatever that doc gave me sure did the trick. It's such a beautiful day Suzy, we'll see the sights, and I'll buy us some tickets for a show"
S " a British show"
B " sure thing, the accents will be so British we won't understand a word!"
Suzy goes back into the bedroom to dress. Brad picks up the Times newspaper, suddenly a strange look comes upon his face.
B " saint pellier towers. Theresa"
Brad leaves, Suzy comes out and sees him gone,
S ( to herself) " oh ...Brad"
She picks up the phone,
S " operator..get me the American embassy...Colonel Gerry Filston"
Brad is in a taxi, he gets off in a London backstreet, pays the driver and looks up at an apartment block- St Pellier Towers
Suzy on phone;
S " listen Gerry I don't know who else to turn to"
G " what about this doctor Korner"
S " he can't help Brad, and we need help Gerry"
G " tell you what, I'll send you a good man, a Brit, Earp"
S " Earp?"
G " yeah, as in Wyatt, this though is Matthew Earp, a top man, I'll ask him to drop by"
Meanwhile Brad is in St Pellier Tower, he seems to be wondering aimlessly, then,
B " number 42! Yes that's it"
He goes up to the door of flat 42 and rings the bell. An oldish gentleman answers, he has a slight European accent.
Man " yes, can I help you?"
B " I want to see Theresa"
M " there's no one of that name here"
B " Theresa, we met in Vienna"
M " I'm sorry you have the wrong address"
B " Merrow....Charles Merrow"
M " I'm sorry, goodbye".
Brad flings his Times newspaper on the floor and leaves. The man picks it up and notices a heart shaped hole torn in the centre. Looking worried he closes the door.


A knock on the door, Suzy opens it , in the hotel suite. A gentleman stands there, resplendent in a sheepskin overcoat looking very dapper.
E " Mrs Hunter, Matthew Earp I was asked by Gerry Filston to call on you."
Suzy, a bit hesitantly lets him in.
E " I know, it's the name, Earp , it conjures one thing, then I turn up , the other thing"
S " do you know why you're here Mr Earp?"
E " not exactly, except Gerry said your husband is in a spot of trouble. Gerry and I worked together, very dangerous work it was too, I hope that gives you more to lean on"
S " forgive me Mr Earp, I'm sure you're very good at your job"
E " no Mrs Hunter, I'm not very good, I'm superb. I can honestly say that at my chosen profession of detection I am the best. Now we need to discuss your husband, Brad isn't it"
Some time later Brad returns.
B " who's this Suzy?"
S " this is Matthew Earp darling, Gerry sent him"
B " Gerry Filston?, you got the embassy involved, why?"
E " I'm sure your wife acted out of concern and love Mr Hunter"
B " yes, I'm sure."
E " she has told me everything"
B " and what do you think ? "
E " interesting"
B " interesting, I know you Brits have a genius for understatement. Do you think it's the ramblings of a demented mind?"
E " do you think it is?"
B " no I do not"
E " well then, lets assume three things. First you are sane, second I know my job, and thirdly that between us we can come up with a logical reason for your behaviour"
B " okay Mr Earp"
E " of course I could be wrong. You may be as nutty as a fruitcake"
B ( laughs) " you must be related to Wyatt"
E " well I'd keep it quiet if I am, Wyatt was a terrible bungler, all that face to face shooting at the OK corral when a good scatter gun in ambush would have done the job . Now where have you just been Mr Hunter, you left here in quite a hurry apparently"
B " I went to 42 St. Pellier Towers"
E " to look for Theresa. She wasn't there I hope"
S " why?"
E " well if she was the case would be closed, and I couldn't charge you my excessive fee, and I warn you it will be excessive"
B " no she wasn't there, no Theresa, no Merrow"
E " did you say Merrow?"
B " yes, I asked for Charles Merrow. But that's crazy, why would I ask for myself!?"
E " what?"
B " I'm Charles Merrow, an English gentleman, I was educated at Ferndale college, the headmaster was Leslie Cromer.....what am I saying"
Earp and Suzy stare dumbfounded.

The man in flat 42 st.Pellier towers, is named Bannerheim, and is on the telephone.
Bh " he's still not back?", yes get him to call me, as soon as possible, yes it's very urgent"
He puts the phone down.
Bh ( to himself) " I'm too old for this ...too old"

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In the hotel lounge Brad and Suzy are talking,
B " I can't go home yet Suzy, I must see this through, see if I'm crazy or not"
S " I'm sure Earp will help us Brad"
B" let's get some fresh air"
The two of them leave the hotel arm in arm and walk along the street. A white car is parked opposite, it slowly starts moving, one man in the car. As Brad and Suzy cross the street the car revs up and heads straight for them. Brad and Suzy dive out the way, the car speeds off.
Earp enters the suite a little while later.
E " Mrs Hunter I hear you had a run in with our traffic. No injuries I trust?"
B " no we're okay. Just some bruises"
E " I've got news for you both"
Suzy shows Earp into the bedroom, Brad is in bed, a bit shaken from his ordeal.
E " I'm sorry to hear of your ordeal "
B " bad drivers occur everywhere Mr Earp"
E " mmm yes, if it was an accident"
S " you don't think it could have been deliberate?"
E " Mrs Hunter , in my profession I exist on suspicion, mostly unfounded. However I've been doing some checking, the occupant of 42 st Pellier Towers is one J Bannerheim, an Austrian national, been resident for twenty years, born in Vienna"
B " Vienna?"
E " yes, exactly, where you supposedly met Theresa. A little link, that's all. More interesting is Ferndale college, yes the place did exist, it got burnt down, so all the records were lost, so no way of knowing if Charles Merrow was there, but , fasten your seat belts, the headmaster was Leslie Cromer"

In Bannerheim's flat at st. Pellier towers, two men are with him. One is the driver of the white car, Sagar, and a tall man, imposing, this is Charles Merrow.
M " you should have called me Bannerheim"
Bh " I tried, but you were out riding, always riding"
M " it's what an English gentleman does Bannerheim. So who is this American"
Bh " Bradley Hunter, unknown to us. I've checked with home, they don't know him either"
M " so instead of asking him in, and find out what he knows,why he asked for Theresa, you get Sagar here to run him down,in a clumsy fashion, you're dangerous Bannerheim and a fool"
Bh " I'm sorry I panicked, I'm rusty, we all of us are"
M " not all Bannerheim, get me a drink "
Bannerheim gives Merrow a scotch with ice.
M " still you haven't learned, after twenty years, never corrupt whiskey with ice , betrays your breeding, yes Bannerheim you panicked"
Bh " no one has asked for Theresa for twenty years, not since you in fact"
M " yes, I was the last. Okay we must bring this Bradley Hunter in, see what he knows. The day after tomorrow, should give you and Sagar enough time to arrange everything"
Sg " do you want it rough or smooth?"
M " what's the difference?"
Sg " smooth if you want us to take him back in one piece"
M " smooth then, though you won't be taking him back"


Brad, Suzy and Earp are discussing the situation in the hotel suite.
B " that's it Mr Earp, every crackpot remark I've made since being here"
E " hmm, and you've never been to Vienna, but you have been abroad before?"
S " yes Brad saw service in the army in Korea"
B ( standing) " okay I'm going out for some air, perhaps something will occur to me"
S " be careful darling"
B " if I'm in trouble I'll call Theresa......hey that rings a bell, if in trouble of any kind call Theresa"
Brad leaves, Earp follows a few minutes later, gets to the hotel lobby, and runs back to the suite.
Suzy lets him in,
E " Mrs Hunter, I think I've found Theresa!"
Earp walks to the phone and sits down on the armchair next to it.
E " something your husband said, if in trouble call Theresa, I'll explain. The telephone system here in the UK used to be very different. Instead of dialling numbers, you dialled letters and numbers, so for example if you wanted Grosvenor you dialled GRO then the number, or Waterloo, WAT, the letters were paired with numbers on the dial. ABC was 1, DEF was 2 and so on. You see? Spell Theresa"
S " t..h..e..r..e..s..a.."
E " exactly dial the numbers representing Theresa. Due to my flawless memory I know which numbers were paired with those letters. Let's try it"
Earp dials the seven numbers, a man's voice answers.
E " er hello, I'd like to speak to Theresa please"
Man " I'm afraid Mrs Merrow is out at the moment"
E " did you say Merrow,....what about Charles"
Man " no he's out too, who is calling please"
Earp hangs up. Brad returns carrying a box tied with string.
S " what have you got there Brad?"
Brad looks at the box in his hand , unbelieving, he had know idea he had it.
B " my god I don't know. I can't remember"
He opens it, inside are riding boots and a whip.
E " do you ride Mr Hunter?"
B " yes, but not in clothes like this"
E ( reading the invoice) " paid for with your credit card. Plumwoods , that's one of the most exclusive sporting tailors in the city. What made you go there?"
B " I really don't know"
E " well good news regarding your sanity. We've located Theresa"

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The next morning Earp and Brad are in the back of a parked taxi in a side street.
E " that house over there, with the yellow door, recognize it?"
B " no"
E " that's the town house of Charles and Theresa Merrow, an elegant lady apparently, and at about this time every morning takes her dog for a walk. So please Mr Hunter get out and stand on the corner opposite"
B " what!"
E " so she can't fail to see you"
Brad gets out, the cabbie looks puzzled.
E " it's a private joke, I'll tell you when to laugh"
The door of the house opens and a lady steps out with a dog on a lead. Behind her is Charles Merrow waving goodbye. Theresa Merrow passes Brad, who then rejoins Earp in the cab.
E " well?"
B " I didn't recognise her, but the man with her I recognise. Something to do with my service in Korea"
E " that man is Charles Merrow"
B ( agitated) " that man is me! "

Brad goes back to the hotel whilst Earp is off investigating further.
Earp arrives at 42 st pellier towers. He quickly has to hide round a corner as the door to 42 opens, out comes Bannerheim and Sagar, Bannerheim carrying a doctors medical bag. After they've gone Earp goes up to the door, before he can break in, a cleaning lady turns up.
Lady " he's gone you know, Doctor Bannerheim"
E" I didn't know he was a doctor"
Lady " he must be, the things he keeps in that bag of his"
Back at the hotel Suzy answers a knock on the door, it's Bannerheim.
Bh " excuse me, is Mr Mazgard here?"
S " sorry no"
Bh " oh dear I've got the wrong room. Can I please use your phone, save me going to reception"
S " yes come in"
Bannerheim enters followed by Sagar. Suzy is grabbed, held by Sagar, Bannerheim has a syringe in his hand, he injects her on the wrist. Brad comes out of bathroom, Sagar covers him with a gun.
S " easy Mr Hunter, come with us and no harm will come to you or your wife."
Sagar holds him., Bannerheim administers another injection, this time to Brad . Both are still on their feet but leg weary, compliant, as they are led out.

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Earp is in the apartment of Bannerheim, the cleaning lady let him in.
Lady " are you sure you're police?"
E " the world weariness in my eyes and the ten pound note clutched in your hand tells you all you need to know"
Earp looks around the apartment, then notices the large wall mirror over the mantelpiece. A closer examination reveals hinges on the side of the mirror, he turns to the puzzled cleaner.
E " I suppose this will cost me another ten pounds"
Lady " eh?"
E " alright twenty"
Earp hands the lady twenty pounds. He then picks up an ornament from the mantelpiece and hurls it at the mirror. The mirror fragments, the ornament goes through it.
Lady. " you shouldn't have done that"
E " oh yes I should, look"
Behind the mirror is a hidden little room containing radio equipment, Morse code transmitter.
E " bet you didn't know that was there"
Lady. " no sir"
images (5).jpeg

Earp returns to the hotel, and enters the suite, the door suspiciously open.
E " Mr Hunter?, Mrs Hunter?.."
He opens the bedroom door, and sees a mess, furniture scattered, signs of a struggle.
He stops for a minute, thinks , then picks up the phone and dials.
E " hello, Plumwoods, this is Matthew Earp, I wonder if you can help me, is a Mr Edwards still with you.....yes please.....hello Mr Edwards, Matthew Earp here.....fine thank you and you....lovely..look I've a teeny tiny problem..I believe a Charles Merrow is one of your customers...oh yes indeed a fine chap...I'm having dinner with him tonight but have mislaid his address....no not his town house...the country one yes....I know I shouldn't really ask....thank you ....it would be most helpful.....the Gables...Minsterly ...that's it thanks....yes indeed I will settle my account...next time Mr Edwards..bye."
Earp hurriedly leaves.

At the Merrows country house Brad and Suzy are brought in to a sort of outhouse in the grounds. Gardening equipment is about the place, an old table and a couple of chairs. Brad and Suzy sit. Charles and Theresa Merrow are there along with Bannerheim and Sagar.
M " Mr and Mrs Hunter you are still feeling the effects of sedation. If you answer my questions, hopefully we can conclude our business quickly. Indeed Bannerheim we must be quick, get on with it"
Bannerheim opens his doctors bag and gets out a hypodermic syringe. Suzy tries to interfere, Sagar holds her back.
S " why , what's Brad to you?"
M " that's what we want to find out"
Bannerheim injects Brad, whose eyes roll upward briefly and then he slumps forward, drugged deeply with a powerful anti resistance drug.
Bh " he is now yours"
M " Brad, I'm a good friend , tell me about yourself"
B " my name is Bradley Hunter American citizen"
M " tell me about your involvement in the CIA"
B " no"
M " FBI then"
Brad slumps forward again.
M " he's resisting Bannerheim"
Bannerheim examines him,
Bh " no I don't think so. Listen Brad you visited me in St Pellier Towers. Do you remember, why did you come?"
B " to see my wife Theresa"
Theresa Merrow steps forward,
image-w1280 (1).jpg
Th " Brad this is Theresa you have something to tell me?"
B " sent from home....new orders.."
Th " how do I know that you are genuine?"
B "....I must bring a copy of the London Times torn in a certain way...that is the first sign....then I have to go to Manchester Square or St Pellier towers and ask for Theresa. If there is trouble I will be turned away. I must then dial Theresa"
Merrow whispers to his wife,
M " what are your orders"
Th " what are your orders?"
B " we are to marry, that is the best cover. I shall then take control of the whole spy cell"
Merrow is shocked,
M " it's incredible, those were my orders when I came to this country twenty years ago"
Bh " how could he possibly know?"
M " and why wait so long to use the information. We must know Bannerheim"
Bh " no! another dose could kill him, and we'll learn nothing"
M " we're learning nothing now, do it ,I'm giving you an order Bannerheim"


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Suzy desperately tries to intervene.
S " for God's sake, he knows your face, that is all, something to do with his time in Korea"
M " Korea eh? Brad tell me about Korea"
B " I was there..infantry...officer..decorated...captured , important they break me but I held out....they flew me out of Korea"
M " where to Brad?"
B " long way....to Europe...."
M " where in Europe Brad?"
B " centre.....interrogation centre.....psychological interrogation centre.."
M " which centre Brad?"
B " centre 79"
Theresa is shocked,
Th " centre 79 is where we were trained"
Brad trance like repeats his previous ramblings.
B " I am Charles Merrow, I am an English gentleman, I have been taught what to drink, what to say, where to buy my clothes, I was educated at Ferndale college, the headmaster was Leslie Cromer..."
Merrow roars with laughter, he suddenly knows what's happened.
M " panic over it's a mistake, an error"
Bh " what possible connection could exist between you and an American soldier brainwashed in Korea"
M " but he wasn't brainwashed in Korea, you heard him. He was flown to centre 79. Over and over again they burned those words into my mind. You are Charles Merrow an English gentleman.....and in the next room was an American soldier they couldn't brainwash.....but they did ....subconsciously he stored my briefing away, his addled mind stored it away for twenty years...until he came to London and probably for the first time held a copy of the London Times in his hands, that was the trigger. We're in the clear Bannerheim"
Bh " then we can let them go?"
M " unfortunately no...Theresa and I will return to London"
Bh " always you leave the dirt to me"
M " and Sagar, he enjoys it"
Charles and Theresa Merrow leave.

Bannerheim prepares another injection.
Bh " I can assure you it will be quick and painless"
S " for pity's sake. Please we've done nothing wrong"
Bannerheim looks up, the Merrows are standing in the doorway.
Bh " what are you standing there for"
Earp appears behind them , gun in hand.
E " he's standing there because I've got a point 38 revolver pointing at his kidney. And although not necessarily fatal a point 38 through the kidney is invariably excruciatingly agonizing"
Sagar goes for his gun. Earp covers him.
E " I can't promise to hit a kidney at this range, but I will hit part of your anatomy. Put the gun on the table slowly."
Sagar does so,
E " now everyone with the exception of Mr and Mrs Hunter against that wall"
Bannerheim,Sagar Charles and Theresa Merrow line up facing Earp.
E " so we face one another. Now I'm not a stupid heroic fool, I telephoned Scotland Yard and Special Branch before bursting in here, so no doubt car loads of them are on their way. Meantime we wait, but I warn you don't be deceived by my quiet nature. I did win a military cross for disposing of 23 of the enemy single handed, an inferior enemy no doubt, but 23 of them nevertheless."
Earp suddenly turns to a shelf across the wall and with a karate chop cracks it in two,
E " it's experience that counts, also a certain light footedness "
Nobody moves, police sirens are heard getting nearer.
E " ah, the cavalry, late as usual"
Suzy gives Earp a kiss,
S " thank you "
E " one favour from you Mrs Hunter. When the police arrive don't say anything about my gun, it's an old war souvenir and I don't have a licence for it.....or actually any bullets!"



Brad Hunter....Paul Burke

Suzy Hunter....Polly Bergen 

Earp.....Dinsdale Landen 

Merrow....Basil Henson

Bannerheim....Vernon Dobtcheff 

Theresa......Meriel Brooke

Trasker....William Job

Dr Korner....Roger Hume

Sager.....Larry Taylor 

Cleaner.....Betty Wolfe

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In the northern town of Saltburn a family sit for evening meal. Someone though is hiding behind the curtains and without warning attacks the family with a pair of sewing scissors, slashing, blood everywhere.
This psycho is a woman who then calmly tidies up all the dinner plates, and vacuum cleans the room and then leaves.
The housekeeper Mrs Finkle finds the bodies the next day and the police are called.
Chief Inspector Barnes is puzzled, there is seemingly no motive. The only clue is a magazine, Romantic Heart, left at the scene, possibly accidentally left by the killer.


Mrs Finkle is shaking with rage as the police gently escort her out of the dining room.
Barnes to himself, " Him or her."

In the hustle and bustle of London walks Tracy Conway, daydreaming, hoping to find her Mr Right, when she accidentally bumps into a city gent, a businessman in black suit and bowler hat, he doffs his hat and apologises as Tracy picks up her handbag from the pavement contents including Romantic Heart magazine.

The businessman is Richard Main of Main Enterprises, the top man, he enters the vast open plan office to see his secretary Prudence chatting with his wife Janice.
Main, " well this is a fine situation, my secretary idling her time and my wife helping her do it."
Janice has arrived for a special occasion and says," our anniversary, you were taking me to lunch ,you've forgotten haven't you?"
Richard confesses he has but promises the following Friday is a day he'll devote to her, meal, theatre everything.
Janice can't help but forgive him, " that easy winning smile of yours will get you into trouble one of these days."
Main, " yes, preferably next Friday"
They kiss, but unbeknown to them Tracy Conway is watching them from the far end of the office, about 30 feet away. She snuck in undetected and at last has found her Mr Right.....Richard Main!
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