Hardaker shocked by Great Britain call-up

Zak Hardaker has expressed his shock at being selected for Great Britain.

The Wigan fullback received the call on Monday, which further marked a superb comeback year for the former Man Of Steel after a drugs ban.

Hardaker, who swept the board at Wigan’s end of season awards night, had not been named in any of Great Britain’s provisional squads.

However, he will travel to Sydney for the tour on Wednesday, much to his delight, and surprise.

“I never got a call up to be in the squad, at the time I didn’t think I deserved it, which was fair enough.

“Later on in the year more got picked and I was completely fine with it, if I’d been playing amazingly well and not got the call I’d have been a gutted, but it was my first year back, I’d had a good year personally and I was ok with it. The season came to a finish and I’d had no contact, so I was under the illusion I was going on holiday with my girlfriend and I’d started planning that. It was only because we had Wigan’s presentation night or I’d have gone away.

“But I got a message from Jamie Peacock that there was a chance after the regular season finished, then I got the call yesterday saying I was in. I totally didn’t expect it, to be not included and then phoned up, I’m really honoured.”

His callup and trophy haul with the Warriors has left Hardaker reconsidering the level of his performances this season.

“There have been years before now where I’ve had a good year and I know I’ve had a good year,” he said.

“This year, I knew I’d had a decent year, but not at that level.

“I was pretty overwhelmed and shocked. I knew I’d had a pretty good year, but I spoke to my stepdad and he said he didn’t think I’d realised how well I’d played. I just think I expect to play 10 out of 10 every week like in the past, that’s not been the case, I’ve probably been an eight out of ten, but I’ve been consistent.”