Should Golden Point be used in Super League games?

GOLDEN POINT; it’s often been a point of contention since it was introduced for regular Super League games for the 2019 season.

It is exactly what it says on the tin with teams that are level after 80 minutes being given the opportunity to secure the two points in a ten-minute extra-time period where the next point/s wins.

Since it was introduced there have been some dramatic extra-time games, but there’s also been some games that may well have been better suited to a draw with both teams deserving of a point.

In that respect, giving one point to each team after 80 minutes and then another to the actual winner is the fairest way the rule could work and that would surely be supported by the majority of fans, pundits and officials.

Of course, there is the argument that having Golden Point adds to the excitement of a fixture, but too many times the extra-time period has descended into a drop-goal-a-thon without much focus on scoring a try.

With that, it can be quite frustrating to see a brilliant game lose its edge in the extra-time period as teams purely aim to gain as much ground as possible to get within range of a drop goal.

In a rugby league world where there is an increasing focus on the welfare of players, it is rather surprising that an extra ten-minute period is allowed to go ahead when considering the debate surrounding the hectic Easter schedule and the argument that there are too many games at present.

Don’t get me wrong, Golden Point is a fantastic way of settling knockout games and ensuring that replays do not have to occur, but there isn’t that much point in having the concept during the regular Super League season.

And if Super League is to continue having the ruling then at least give both teams one point after the 80 minutes!