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Dewsbury Rams stats project

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#21 christheram

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Posted 24 June 2014 - 02:41 PM

Me too

#22 Blind side johnny

Blind side johnny
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Posted 24 June 2014 - 03:57 PM

If you could have a couple of pages for colouring in I bet Piggy's Mate would buy one too.

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#23 andyram

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Posted 24 June 2014 - 04:20 PM

I would buy one too if it was made available.

#24 coolie

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Posted 25 June 2014 - 06:12 AM

I would Mate :)

#25 Tom Ward

Tom Ward
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Posted 25 June 2014 - 07:12 AM

I would also like to buy a copy too.

#26 Crown Flatter

Crown Flatter
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Posted 25 June 2014 - 07:31 AM

Same goes for me.
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#27 Tom Coates

Tom Coates
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Posted 25 June 2014 - 11:58 AM

Great that there's plenty of interest.


One of the exciting things is that a lot of the content already exists. Steve Horsfall's taken some fantastic photographs in recent years, and our Bulldog mate Gary Coyle has also captured plenty of our matches. I wonder if they'd allow us to use some of their photographs in our not-for-profit book? With full credit of course.  ;)


We've also got Ossy's growing archive of match reports. Ossy - do you have all of your articles saved down?


I've already mentioned some of the great coverage from the Independent during the 90s (when they had a full-time RL correspondent!) and then there's also the Reporter, League Express and match programmes.

#28 Bigm1

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Posted 14 October 2014 - 12:01 PM

Rothmans is all that there is in the public domain as far as I know Tom - any publication relating to RL before 1995 was quite a rarity. There was once a loose association of RL statisticians which I believe was led by Trevor Delaney but I haven't heard any reference to it for many years. Sadly all of the club's records prior to 1991 were lost in the Crown Flatt fire so your only detailed resource prior to that would be the RFl's own archive and the Reporter archive.
It will be a fascinating, frustrating and enjoyable exercise in equal measure - good luck to all involved.


I've been working on a similar project for Hunslet matches.

I think the statisticians referred to in the above post is the Rugby League Record Keepers Club run by Irving Saxton. They produced teams & scorers sheets for every club from 1895 to 1994. I have the Hunslet sheets & they're pretty comprehensive with just a few teams missing from the eary years.

They were until recently available on disc through the Rugby League collectors Federation run by Richard Bailey, although a recent request for a couple of missing sheets wasn't replied to.

If it'd help at all I could extract the matches involving Hunslet & Dewsbury - it'd at least give you results & dates.

Please reply if you're interested.

#29 Tom Coates

Tom Coates
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Posted 14 October 2014 - 01:09 PM

Hi Bigm1


Definitely interested if you can help fill in the gaps.


Just to update everyone: I now have 1990 to 2014, with Cup/League distinctions from 1996 onwards.


Can you email me, Bigm1? coatestf@gmail.com




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