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In Topic: NRL to go to THREE referees?

Today, 10:24 PM

let the NRL keep faffing about with their rule....as long as we stick to the international laws,which only the RLIF can change,then it might give us a advantage every october & november lol

In Topic: What could it cost to influence the club?

Today, 09:47 PM

Happy to remain on topic!

Just for clarity, Superdude, the topic is not:

Whoever disagrees with Superdude must be either :

  • CH
  • CH's mate
  • CH's supporter
  • A girl
For the record, I am none of the above. And I would not Trust CH with any significant sum of money. Nor though, would I trust your judgement when it seems to be founded on nothing more than wishful thinking.

Your belief that if and when the club folds another one will be created, with appropriate backers and sanctioned by the RFL, has no clear evidence to support it.

If I'm wrong and you have clear evidence of this, then present it and the discussion will be done. I too will be rooting for the new dawn.

If the the club were to fold, and another one formed with the appropriate backing, I would support it.

But until someone declares their interest in taking over this club or launching a new club when this one folds, It is foolish to just assume it will happen.
and thats where rugby oldham should be sticking their hand up,they have the backing of supporters direct,which is essential,and the member base to do exactly what several supporters trusts have done....TAKE OVER THE CLUB THEY SUPPORT

In Topic: POLL: Pick your English starting 13 for the Four Nations

Today, 01:27 PM

he's had to look like he's proving a point...cos if he slacks off he's get a hammering from everyone and he'll get savaged in the media...



and yeah with a bit of luck he'll be back when he's 28

In Topic: Opinion: Rugby League exposes its own Achilles heel again

Today, 01:21 PM



The NRL, meanwhile, is sick of waiting around for a properly constituted RLIF and has decided to take responsibility for the Pacific itself, launching a strategy a couple of weeks back and sending Sonny Bill Williams and Smith to Samoa, Jarryd Hayne to Fiji etc.


prior to englishman nigel wood becoming head of the RLIF  6months ago the RLIF has been headed by kiwis & australians for the previous 10 years.....if they are sick of waiting they should have done it years ago when they where in charge




 the odds continue to lengthen of a traditional Great Britain tour next year because the players have been promised the post season off (although other countries, most with NRL players in their sides, plan to play).


lengthen? its dead in the water...




The Kiwis weren't about to wait for the Aussies to sort out their politics for next spring – they booked an incoming tour by the French which they deemed to be affordable.


the kiwis did'nt stand up to the RLPA in 2012 and they won't in 2015 either...

if they where to stand up to the RLPA do you not think they'd rather have GB or england over for a series instead of ONE game against the french cos thats all the RLPA is going to allow them to play!






at the end of the day dave smith & the NRL should have ###### all to do with international RL....australia should be represented at the RLIF by john grant and the ARLC!!


alot of work the NRL does,especially in the pacific is about building the NRL brand,sod all to do with international RL

In Topic: What could it cost to influence the club?

Today, 10:26 AM

Just throwing this out there...


What if CH has taken out a mortgage/loan to keep the club afloat, maybe this is why he wont just walk away? Or wants £X?


(no idea if this is true in our case but he wouldn't be the first business owner to risk everything, we know the club has debts but everyone assumes they are to other companies).




pppssstt....you've got it 100% right