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In Topic: 2 Bobs

Yesterday, 11:40 PM

Lol is he??

In Topic: English born-Irish-Welsh-Scottish qualified

Yesterday, 10:42 AM

For the record...ive not got a problem with english lads,or aussie lads for that matter,playing for ireland....heritage players for the dozen teams below nz,oz and england are going to be the foundation of these teams for a generation or two...

Let you all into a secret..barrie mac stopped playing for ireland the week after the nathan fien "grannygate" broke back in 2006...ireland where playing a RLWCQ game a week after nathan fien got found out and nz got docked tri nations points....it wasn't a coincidence...if you know what im saying...nudge nudge wink wink

In Topic: English born-Irish-Welsh-Scottish qualified

Yesterday, 09:04 AM

This thread reminds me of the time when someone tried picking a jamaica side and selected all the black players they could from super league lol

Do all the players you've selected,with "irish names" actually qualify for via the parent or grandparent rule ?

In Topic: Ben Currie at centre for England

Yesterday, 08:57 AM

Jack Reed should be in contention for one Centre spot.

Jacks having a cracking season so far.

In Topic: Forty-20 Magazine - League 1 Scene - What's going on at Oldham?

03 July 2015 - 09:15 AM

No one as ever questioned what happens on the pitch,they've been amazing this season...infact its the only aspect of running a RL chris seems to be good at..so much so keeping him on in a director of rugby role has been mused over...