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crowd funding..

02 March 2015 - 08:12 AM

something maybe Rugby Oldham could look into to raise funds for future projects...




bury broncos RLFC have used this option..





other clubs that have used crowd funding


FC united



hyde fc



trafford fc, to build a terrace...



devon v cornwall  "county of origin" rugby league


golden point

21 February 2015 - 10:53 PM

i say it every time theres a draw in super league...and tonight showed why!

it will help our players with their composure at stressful times...

take england in the last 4 nations,we don't have a problem making breaks or traveling 80-90m....but when we get 10m out from the tryline we are woeful and converting the pressure...where as we all get the sinking feeling when the aussies or kiwis get into our 10m cos we know they'll likely score...

bringing golden point to SL will help breed the composure needed to convert pressure into points...

and to cut off the whingers before they start....the losing team gets 1pt for a golden point loss...winners get 2pts obviously..

The RFL facilities trust

11 February 2015 - 09:59 AM



The RFL Facilities Trust provides financial and other assistance towards the development and improvement of facilities which are used for Rugby League.

This includes both professional and community club developments.

The financial assistance could consist of grants or loans to clubs to improve facilities at their grounds.

Technical support is also available to the RFL on facility development, facility planning and quality standards and approaches.

The charity does not charge for the services it provides and there are no geographical restrictions.

Each request is considered on a case by case basis


right bare with me while i brain fart this idea out....



scunthorpe united FC are in the process of applying for planning permission for a brand new,all sing,all dancing, £18m new stadium...planning permission is expected to be a formality and the new stadium could be ready by next may 2016


their current stadium,glanford park, is relatively new,only built in 1998,and is considered as one of the first "flat pack" designed stadiums built in the uk, "flat pack" meaning it was easy to build,basic steel,concrete & bolted together...ergo it'll be easy to dismantle...




recycling sports stands  is becoming increasing common in recent years,featherstone recycled 2 of scarborough athletic's stands and as we speak FCunited are in the process of rebuilding a stand they acquired from northwich victoria



now.....the RFL aren't strangers to buying stadiums and buying glanford park could help and improve facilities at several clubs and should be seriously considered imo..

Great Britain RL

01 February 2015 - 03:19 AM

A subject thats been done to death i know...but how about this?



theres talk of the auckland 9's expanding next year to include extra teams like a pacific island team,PNG and a super league team or 2...


but wouldn't the auckland 9s be the perfect place to re-introduce the GB brand without it having to hurdle the obvious obstructions that always pop  up when we talk about GB...


you could put together a very handy GB9s team with players in it from wales,scotland & ireland as well as england....where as a GB13S would have to use,pretty much exclusively,england players to be competitive....in which case we might as well play as england...


GB playing as a 9s team will not impact on the development of wales,scotland or ireland,in fact these players will have a realistic chance of making the GB9s....where as theres a relatively zero chance of playing for the GB13s


GB playing as a 9s team will not impact the international schedule cos we won't have to skip a four nations comp to fit in a GB tour (with englishmen)..... and wales,scotland,ireland & england will still be the principle NATIONAL TEAMS and will still be the main focus for test matches and comps





"pom watch" 2015

28 January 2015 - 03:33 AM

the 9s is coming up this weekend...

so "pom watch 2015" kicks off too

i see greg eden has made the broncos squad,could be a massive weekend for him...

only one burgess from south,george,should be fun watching him play 9s,not sure he played last year??

james hasson lines up for manly,2015 needs to be his break through season for james,needs to start more games instead of starting on the bench

mike cooper is in the st george 9s team...but i thought he was injured? no widdop either is he injured??

and obviously sam in the warriors team

think thats it for poms this weekend?

think the warriors will win,but ive put money on it so they'll lose lol