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#2996775 Sam Smeaton

Posted by jamescolin on 16 September 2014 - 05:08 PM

In the end it is all about man management. To utilise that you have to know what makes that particular person tick. Some need stern discipline, some need praise, some a kick up the back side. To motivate anybody you have to know their psychology. Then they need reward for their efforts. It is not difficult but you can't treat everybody the same and expect to obtain the results you require. Work for your staff and they will work for you.

#2986718 Match Report Rovers vs Eagles

Posted by jamescolin on 01 September 2014 - 06:02 PM

If someone had asked me recently if I would be happy with four points from games against Halifax and Sheffield I would have said 'Yes'. Keeping in mind that we had a major disruption at half back and we need to beat Keighley to gain second spot then we have reason to be cheeful not downhearted. So come -Onward and upwards FEV!! Also keep in mind that Donny have Batley to contend with. Not over yet.

#2981097 heads screwed on

Posted by jamescolin on 21 August 2014 - 05:07 PM

BUT a lot better than the situation was before the Halifax game. Also keep in mind the opposition have to win their games to succeed as well.

#2977427 New CEO

Posted by jamescolin on 14 August 2014 - 09:28 PM

I have always asked direct questions. Further I went to see the last CEO and offered him my help for nothing. He promised to contact me if needed. he never did. I feel that if people can't verse an opinion on this forum (without being rude or insulting)then why have a forum? Further if people do have answers then they should either give them or give a reason for not giving them and also stop playing cat and mouse and adopting superior attitudes. I think Monketmagic22 has a point and I endorse his comments.

#2956531 The Future

Posted by jamescolin on 08 July 2014 - 07:53 PM

Lets look at the overall picture. We have quite a few players injured and of course one suspended. 2 matches I understand. These are mainly in the forwards. Onpaper with a fit side we are still a formidable outfit. Don't forget that Donnie and Halifax have tough fixture to come. This weekend could see them both losing. If we can get a decent team out on the field and win and they both lose we are back to to 4 points in front equivalent to 5 in a way as we have a far superior for and against. One advantage is that we are heading for a settled team. Let's look on the bright side. Ok we have lost to Rochdale and Workington. The former due to a lack of forwards and the latter to an improving side. Don't forget Halifax have lost 6. In my opinion there is hope yet of finishing in second position. I would much rather be a Fev supporter than Sheffield who are near to the relegation zone. So let's keep positive.

#2954650 Nahaboo

Posted by jamescolin on 04 July 2014 - 04:41 PM

I know it is only small fry comparitively speaking but Laurabeth confirmed with me that for the 3rd season running via my ex employee standing and being a volunteer helping the charity the Rovers have received a further £500 from Yorkshire Bank. All in all counting my involvemrnt with the Joint Supporters and the excellent members that is I reckon £2000 in all so far. Long may it continue.

#2952839 Nahaboo

Posted by jamescolin on 01 July 2014 - 10:15 AM

We have to say that Mark is still here and is sorting out the mess. Let's give him our full support in any way we can. The Terminator's thoughts echo my own. When we get a clear picture on Wednesday then we as supporters can only do our best to back Mark in his efforts.

#2952685 Nahaboo

Posted by jamescolin on 30 June 2014 - 10:23 PM

People keep talking about FN being slated. He didn't get his own way and walked. Do we want a club that is run at his whim? Supposing he HAS made some investment is it worth carrying on with him if he decides to come back and does make more investment and THEN walks away again. As a millionaiure businessman who has made his money by 'Passive Income' that is by way of introductions to people who make a profit and then pay him a fee for that introduction haven't people a right to question his motives when he walks from the club. Who were the anonymous investors. Why were they anonymous? If everything is above board why haven't we been given a full picture from the start. Why the secrecy. Why did Poskitt disappear on the same day? Something is not right and to just keep supporting the man because he has made an investment is walking around with a blindfold on. What's to say that under his scheme we had got into SL then he walks again. What is in it for him. I don't accept this pleasant, friendly, benefactor description, he is a businessman and somewhere there is an ultimate return for him in his so called support. We may find out on Wednesday but to my mind this possible coming back is just a ploy to achieve his ultimate aim. That is if we fall for it. Lick my boots and do as I say. I think not. Roll on Wednesday.

#2950603 Nahaboo

Posted by jamescolin on 27 June 2014 - 11:46 AM


Col, i am useless when it comes to financial matters, but like Mark, i agree we need to be vigilant. but at the moment we have people who are willing to invest in our club, and we desperately need that investment, so we have to proceed with caution, but can we really turn those investors away.? i think not.

 I am not thinking of turning investors away OR. I am saying let's be cautious and not be taken in. If the land goes cheap the investors have spent nothing. Now that Mark is not in control I am just saying don't just take the options offered without looking deaply into any alterations. Especially keep in mind we are dealing with ananonymous people.

#2950597 Nahaboo

Posted by jamescolin on 27 June 2014 - 11:38 AM


Fair play Colin, I take what you're saying and accept your call for vigilance.
I hadn't heard about the 250 house development that is already taking place, so as you say, possibilities must be there.
With regard to lease-holding rather than free-holding, I'm not sure how common that is with modern developments. Would the small annual leasehold payments really be better than what would be a large lump sum for building land?
Im not sure how the scenario where A shareholders are forced to sell the land cheap occurs. Presumably the club would be strapped for cash and then what? Sell the land to the very same person/people responsible for putting the club in that state? The club could just apply for planning permission and put it for sale on the open market, should the need arise, could  they not?
I still don't see planning permission as ever that easy. There are always hudles to overcome. A covenant on the land may be just one thing.
Im not going to disagree with you when you say the club should be careful with what they do.
Have you seen the current value of the land as a written down asset in the club's accounts?

 The way I see it Mark is that in leasehold the land is still ours and the value will increase over time. The lease payments would be continual and the land is still ours. A lump sum is ok but if expenditure exceeds income it slowly disappears and then you have no land. We could sell the land as a club for the true sum provided the 'A' share holders don't pass a resolution selling it at less than market price, hence the plea for caution. The figure in the balance sheet will be the historical one. I reckon 17 acres of the land with planning will be around £15million. The danger is to sell cheap without planning at what looks like a reasonable figure. Time will tell. I followed on from Rovers Forever's remarks. With 40 years commercial experience 20 of which was in Leeds I have seen such pitfalls. These words are only cautionary ones for 'A' shareholders who may not have such experience. I say this as a Fev lad with Rovers interests at heart. My caution arose recently when I read that Mark was no longer in overall control. We don't know these anonymous investors so treading carefully is the orderof the day. We have also to keep in mind Capital Gains. Keep smiling

#2950225 Nahaboo

Posted by jamescolin on 26 June 2014 - 05:00 PM


TBH Colin there is a lot of speculation in what you've posted.
Planning permission and land reclassification is never "easy-peasy". If it was so desirable as building land how come nobody has ever made a move on it? Nobody has ever offered ROvers money for it?
People are dubious about Feisal. Fair do's. But a man who has made his money from tax and investment now wants to build houses in Fev on brown belt land? And the best way to get that land is to buy rugby league players for the club? Seems very far-fetched.
If (and its a huge if) the land was developed for property, how would the club retain ownership of the land? Paying a construction company to build the houses, then rent them out? So the club would become a property developer? Really?

Look up 'Passive Income' Mark. Overlooked opportunity, those who want, and those who have. Then take my cut. Passive Income earners don't do the work they pass on opportunites to speculators. Your second point. Lots of land is leasehold. We enter an agreement with a builder on the basis that they are given a long term lease to build on our land and we share the income. Nothing is as far fetched as someone investing money in any org and not expecting a return. Perhaps you would like to explain that.

#2949729 Nahaboo

Posted by jamescolin on 25 June 2014 - 04:11 PM


if these people don't put money in Col, where does that leave us. if faisal pulled out now, what position would we be in. genuine question

 Same as Cas when he pulle3d out there. We could get planning on the land, lease the land out and ally the lease payment to the building and renting. You seem to say that because money has been put in then we have to do as he says without quibble. Probiz have made their money out of commissions from introductions to people who make big money from his schemes. I reckon this is one of them. In a message at the outset of this topic it was said that our chairman is no longer in overall charge. No doubt we will find out on Wednesday who is. We would be in a worse position if we sold land cheap and expenditure exceeded income. We would then end up with no money and no land. Softly softly and look at all the details before we vote is my opinion. Think I have said enough. We are all Fev supporters (75 years for me), and we should not be at each others throats. I am just pointing out the possible dangers and how we should not take everything at face value. See you OR.

#2949491 Nahaboo

Posted by jamescolin on 25 June 2014 - 09:36 AM


Will it ever be buildable land Mark? Not worth a fortune otherwise

 Brown land with NCB owned bore holes in it. That's why nobody showed interest in the past. Since the allotments have been paased for building and the big demand for building land I reckon now the NCB has gone and our land is adjacent to the allotments that it would be easy peasy to get planning. The big question is why are anonymous investorsa interested ina small town club unless they get some return. The idea that they are benevolent people with an interest in the Featherstone club is a load of codswallop. Why should they be? The reason they are in the club is to take it over so we have no say in the development. For crying out loud. I reckon with planning we are looking at a value of £15 million. To sell without planning would be suicide. Lease the land after planning, retain ownership and get a return on the developments.

#2949176 Nahaboo

Posted by jamescolin on 24 June 2014 - 03:56 PM

AS Terry said the 'A' share holder have the casting vote in any controversial resolution such as selling the land. I was aware of that but my point was that I didn't want the 'A'share holders falling for any 'soft soap'. We should retain ownership and lease it and then look to a shared income from any buildings built. Otherwise you are looking at reducing capital to cover overheads and no land ownership. These anonymous people coming in bother me.

#2948653 Nahaboo

Posted by jamescolin on 23 June 2014 - 04:13 PM

Heres what i think is in it for Faisel.


Didn't faisel have something to do with cas before the move to fev right after poskitt and didn't he move to fev because cas didn't want to sell him any land?


Now he's moved to fev and whats to say he hasn't been offered land by fev? We can all say it's not for sale til cows come home but if he's sticking with the club til we get in superleague and then he's staying with us from goodness of his heart!? Ha ha ha business men are greedy, there will be something big in it for him i can guaruntee you that but in the meantime lets just all soak up the false statements and be oblivious to what is really going on shall we. 


We get to Superleague, he leaves with his land and then we either get more investors or sink like the titan

Then I am not a lone voice.