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#3173880 North South Divide. It's time for RFL North, RFL South.

Posted by Hemel Rugby League on 10 August 2015 - 12:59 PM

At Hemel, we are all conscious that semi-pro rugby league is tough both on and off the field. In the first two seasons we reached the playoffs - not too difficult to do as it was a genuine development league with only three M62 clubs. In 2013 we beat both promoted clubs.The change to a performance based league this season with more stronger clubs, more matches, no blank weekends for recovery etc has been catastrophic for all the southern clubs.


However, the new playing structure  for 2016 agreed by the League 1 clubs last week will help alleviate some of those problems.


The big issue of the lack of a talent pool - which will only be made worse by the arrival of a Super League reserve grade and the virtual disappearance of dual-reg - still needs addressing. For an extremely accurate view on the playing challenges have a look at the interview with Hemel's Troy Perkins in last week's League Express. At least at Hemel (and Skolars) we have access to the London Junior League which is a proven producer of decent players given that there is a strucure for them to stay in the game post 16 years.


Should Hemel be in League 1? Given the infrastructure we have at Hemel it's the right place for us to be as there really is no realistic alternative in the sport. 

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#2996833 Rugby League to hit Indian cinemas next month

Posted by Hemel Rugby League on 16 September 2014 - 06:55 PM

The film will do for Hemel that This Sporting Life did for Wakefield

#2989648 Gateshead Thunder announce Falcons double header (merged threads)

Posted by Hemel Rugby League on 06 September 2014 - 10:08 PM

Some mistake, surely

Hemel Stags have not been consulted on this and we expect to be playing at the International Stadium on Sunday at 3pm. The International Stadium have confirmed they have a booking from Thunder for this Sunday.

#2920880 bronco's into admin

Posted by Hemel Rugby League on 25 April 2014 - 12:06 PM

The view that the RFL have not put any money into London is a little off the mark. At the peak of Sport England funding to the RFL there were 29 fulltime rugby league development people employed in London & the South East who were largely responsible for the creation of a player production line for the benefit of the Super League club and the generation of greater interest  in the sport. In financial terms there was probably around £1 million pa being spent on salaries in London. Those development  posts could have been allocated elsewhere in the country by the RFL, but were not.


In respect to the RFL funding stadiums I don't know the financial arrangements concerning Odsal stadium. However, a glance at the annual accounts of the RFL will show that while it is a profitable organisation it is not a cash-rich organisation partly because it tends to distribute all it surplus fund to its member clubs. If it was to, say, halve its distribution to clubs there would be some funds available for capital projects but there is little chance of that happening for obvious  reasons.


Unless a club has ownership of an existing stadium which can be sold  to enable a new stadium to be built there is little prospect of new stadiums arriving unless there is someone who has a big pot of personal  money to invest. The other alternative is to try and build a ground from grassroots up - no easy task as the people at Hemel can confirm.

#2919119 Where are we for 2014?

Posted by Hemel Rugby League on 20 April 2014 - 02:10 PM

Hemel played their first game on  5 April 1981 v McEntee (Walthamstow) at Pennine Way (Lost 38-0)


They have played all their home games at Pennine Way since then with the exception of three:

  May 1983 v Les Ulis (Paris) at Chaulden Meadow, Hemel as Pennine Way was being used for Hurling

  Feb 1999 v Featherstone Lions at WASPS RFC Sudbury - RL Challenge Cup

  Aug 2002 v Bedford Tigers (RLC) at Hemel RUFC - Pennine Way unplayable


They have always been called Hemel although the name Hemel Stags emerged in the late 90's in place of the cumbersome HHARLFC.


HHARLFC own the ground at Pennine Way where Hemel Stags Rugby League Club Ltd now play in Championship 1.


The club's original logo featured Henry XIII (don't ask -  Hemel FC are nicknamed 'The Tudors') and the first Stag logo appeared when the club joined the Rugby League Alliance in 1991

#2868791 4G pitch at New River

Posted by Hemel Rugby League on 23 January 2014 - 11:39 AM

Rubber particles are an integral part of a 4G pitch. During winter it's necessary to maintain the pitch by spreading fine salt on it to prevent the rubber from freezing - much like roads are gritted.


The Hemel Stags pitch - which is only 7 - a - side - has been a boom for the club both financially and during the current very wet pre-season when we have been able to maintain quality training sessions.


Although we paid cash for our pitch, after four years we have already recovered all the cost with that money having been ploughed into other facilities at Pennine Way including the new grandstand.

#2854838 Where are we for 2014?

Posted by Hemel Rugby League on 20 December 2013 - 12:22 PM

Our reserves are in the London Premier and we also have a team in the Championship South U19's competition. Website will be updated when fixtures are confirmed.