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#2947579 Carcassone in Super League

Posted by Oxford on 21 June 2014 - 10:32 AM

For France to improve to a level where they are consistently capable of competing at the top level they are going to need more SL teams.

In order to get the academy teams playing youngsters have to have something to aspire to.

England/GB or whatever avatar the constant gripes from Joe public and RFL vacillation produces need a competitive northern hemisphere opponent for regular season in season out match experience.

This is because when it comes to international RL the Aussies  are essentially a chocolate fire-guard.

This is partly due the lengths they'll go to to stay on top and their superior attitude to  everyone else which blinkers and limits their vision. All of this means that the richest and most influential bit of our sport : 1) does as little possible  2) sees SOO as the pinnacle of the sport which technically it may be, but hardly a helpful motivating notion to make things happen and 3) does more things to harm than to aid development.

So the change has to happen here done by our leagues as a responsibility for our sport, by our sport. 

The idea that we're all in this together is a bit unfashionable now but it is the only way anything will improve the impact and credibility and image of RL to bring in more punters.

 All of that means T O, Avignon, the dragons and Carca in European Super league, which as someone keeps pointing out on here is its correct title, whether you like it or not! 


By the way I don't expect any of this to happen because this sport is its own enemy!

#2945661 Salford swoop for Knight Dobson LONDON, June 16

Posted by Oxford on 16 June 2014 - 07:10 PM

When I saw this I was struck by the headline and London effectively in the same sentence. Now RL and London is difficult enough to come to terms with in spite of the Broncos who have always been  a truly wonderful addition  to TGG but this got me to thinking of strange bedfellows. And I thought what would a list look like of things we wish went together but don't.

This is just a few examples here.

I'm sure you can add to this list:

The Aussies and lets encourage International RL

OZ coach and "What a great referee!"

What a great Sport you have and "I'm a Troll"

Isn't RL wonderful and I'm a rugby union correspondent

We're very sorry for our treatment of RL and the French rugby union

We think we should increase our coverage and any national daily uk newspaper  :superstition:  :angry:


What are you on?

Keep taking the medicine! 

Lacks clarity! etc etc etc

"It is a brave and honest person who can stand apart from the masses and openly challenge its most treasured beliefs."

#2945248 10 years from now

Posted by Oxford on 16 June 2014 - 06:51 AM

I have predicited for some time now that sooner or later Super League will be a part time competition played out along the M62 corridor without any appeal out of that area.

Sky will have dumped us by then as a competition played in that part of the country with a shrinking population as people move away for work will have no appeal for the rest of the country, and I'm 100% serious.

This is surely an opportunity to change your your posting identity to " The Future is Dire " or "League is the Past" or what about "Why does it always Rain on My Sport?" Did you know the Mayans predicted the end of the world for some time and they were 100% serious? I know " Woe! woe! and Thrice woe!" that would be a great soubriquet for you  ;) I do think if all of those things come to pass together no one will be playing the sport at all so you'll have a lot less to worry about, so it's an ill wind...........! :D

#2944334 Kevin Sinfield awarded MBE in Queen's Birthday Honours List (Merged threads)

Posted by Oxford on 14 June 2014 - 01:45 AM

This is great news and shows even in these bizarre times good things happen to the right people! :fan:  :fan:  :fan:

#2942590 Warren Ryan, racism , prejudice and bullying

Posted by Oxford on 10 June 2014 - 06:59 PM

   Warrens a red neck from another generation


He is also my favorite rubgby league voice.


I will miss him , lots.


But too bad for Warren. The world needs to move on from those attitudes. The biggest problem I have with it is that Warren has the arogance to think it's ok to say stuff publically and that because it isn't offensive in his own mind it musn't offend others.


Apparent;y a  hallmark of racist atitudes is thinking you have the right to ask anothter group to be understanding when really the solution is to not say that nonsense when you have been made aware it does hurt people.


I have learned already from reading the opening post of this thread that should two people from England get into a stoush in the NRL that I will reffer to the incident along the lines of  " Two men had a square off , they were not from New Zealand or Asutralia , It might be relevant that they are from the same country which is called England and they have also played in a national team together.....should I be interested to see two men from the same national team having a go.....is that sort of human interest fun stuff or crossing the line...."

Went off on a bit of a tongue and cheek tangent there.

Finally I heard an academic explanantion of the phenomena that is racism. It was said that Racisms is confined to the race in power over situations....the minorities can't be racist because they don't have the advantages or the cultural claims / historic identity to the place where they are in the minority that the majority in power share.


Minorities when they behave in ways that are on the face of it, the same as racist behavior....are instead being predjudice.


I have no view on this apart from it is interesting and that academics spend a lot of time defining things, when really what counts is how people repsond when they are told they are causing offence.

I think he was good too - and I honestly think the error of judgement here was not prejudice so much as thoughtless - however some people's defence of things like this and a lack of understanding that all things start with small steps is worrying and as far from the modern world quoted on here as you can get. 


To clarify a bit on racism v prejudice - racism is related to power so will always be about using institutions  giving certain sections privileges whilst denying others

life chances that should be regarded as a right - prejudice is supposedly about attitudes and treatment on an individual/personal basis, They are however, the chicken and the egg and I hope they both disappear from RL forever  - but judging by some views I think they may be alive and well and living at a stadium near you!  :no2:  :no2:  :no2:  :(

#2940768 People pay to watch a game and its players, not its officials......

Posted by Oxford on 07 June 2014 - 02:56 PM

I pay to watch rugby league and to have that privilege you need two teams and a referee..... Refs are just as important as the clubs.

I have to say to blindside Johnny that I've not always agreed but top post on this one, terrific stuff!


1976PMJwires absolutely right it's about what you pay to see whether it's at the match or on the television! And the refs are as important as the players cos they're on the paddock and actually affect things. But watching the V R make an incomprehensible decision with a changed rule emphasis is simply ridiculous. However, the point here is who on earth wants to see them and chairmen in the good seats or coaches being upset about a decision,  like they're impartial judges!      GIVE ME THE GAME!               

#2940053 Some wonderful BBC journalism

Posted by Oxford on 06 June 2014 - 04:49 AM

Fair enough.


On my point 1, put it another way then.  How do I get someone from, say, Gloucester to watch a Super League match between Bradford and Wakefield?


The assumption is that they don't watch- assumptions by all sorts of people in the chain - but the Gloucester All Golds , Bristol Sonics and others are not made up of entirely of exiled northerners. The assumption creates the image or stereotype or policy. It's essentially a self-fulfilling prophecy so much so that even many dyed in the wool RL fans accept as truths. This has been so endemic in the culture of this country that people who have never seen a game are likely to use RL as an image of dourness, boredom, northern put down and general " Oh I wouldn't go there if I were you" It's actually a marketing nightmare! But you sell each game as best you can and you engage with Sky to stop the constant referral to some games as higher quality, superior or more important  because of who's playing!

#2939843 Jazz, fine wine and art

Posted by Oxford on 05 June 2014 - 04:10 PM

in an ITV drama once Jazz was described as having three sorts  Cool  Hot and What time does the tune start!

I'm pretty sure he mentioned Duke Ellington so I would have guessed COOOL which would go well with TGG :smoke:

#2938774 Jazz, fine wine and art

Posted by Oxford on 03 June 2014 - 03:52 PM

:sclerosis: oh!

#2937644 On the evidence

Posted by Oxford on 01 June 2014 - 02:41 PM

On the evidence of all the games so far, got to be London being accompanied by the Red Devils and all we'd need is the Dragons
to go bust to please 99% of fans! All this and coaches and chairmen in panic mode because of relegation, paradise found for
everyone. What more could we possibly ask for?

#2922358 See the mice in their million hordes

Posted by Oxford on 28 April 2014 - 06:46 PM

I know that there will be some who will who will not understand and I promised myself I wouldn't post here again but the
reaction to Marwan Koukash throughout this sport has been appalling."If you can't stand the heat get out of superleague you silly man. Where has keeping the faith gone, in your manager, your players, your club and your fans. STop messing about with it all and meddling and let the people who know about rugby run your club" Really! the people who know about the game and essentially
ran it into the ground at almost every club and were lucky at the other clubs because they were successful. Your comments are
symptomatic of the theme throughout the game and in the rest of the comments here when it comes to Marwan Koukash . A truly sad reflection, not so much about what he's said or done but for having the temerity to try and solve problems at a club and within a sport that have let it become a parody of professional sport. And any possible investors with different ideas would only have to read things like this page to realise RL is a small sport from top to bottom and barely worth the effort for the grief. I
used to think that RL and its fans deserved better than their treatment at the hands of a biased media but comments like this
convince me it simply just desserts.Myopic is as myopic does! The above comment would be laughable if it was a lone voice but it is a general trend in OUR sport that does us no credit and can only work to the game's detriment.
Good Luck Dr Koukash, I'm sorry that this is your reward for bringing something different to this sport and if you walk away
then at least they can all be happy with one less club than they have now - what a price for the right to be smug and insulting
on-line! Digit Warriors and their helpful troll supporters will keep our game on the edge of everything by requiring everyone to conform to their limited view of what our sport is and what it might become!

السلام عليكم Dr Koukash if you want to walk away from this universe of small minded nasties and go for a
drink let me know, my treat - enough is always enough!

#2909185 A lions tour is it folly?

Posted by Oxford on 01 April 2014 - 12:58 PM

The condescension of certain sectors of the NRL borders on lunacy. Even when they see evidence to the contrary and hear it from the
likes of people who are revered on their own shores in their own game their arrogance knows no frontiers. No one is saying that their league isn't the best or that they wouldn't beat GB as a team but that in preventing a level playing from happening,and making sure of their supremacy to the detriment of the international game they do everyone in our game a disservice. I did hope that the new NRL
regime would understand and do something about internationals as the real way forward but they have an awful lot of opposition to
overcome first.And no a GB side doing badly in Oz would not help any one and that opposition is just waiting to put the Poms down in favour of limited outlook that has predominated there for a very long time now.It's no use being apologetic and shy about issues like this because they've taken to ignoring the vast possibilities because they like the small pond that arrogance thrives on. I don't
for one minute believe this is every Aussie but this faction has held sway in our sport back and kept it in the doldrums for far too long!And it is our sport too, it doesn't just belong to them!

#2909176 Polls, Referees and Really?

Posted by Oxford on 01 April 2014 - 12:41 PM

Looked at the on line poll and saw refereeing coming out ahead of youth involvement and the International scene.I do think this
obsession with the subject needs a line drawing under it once and for all. Just to put it into perspective- why don't you try to make 11,000 decisions in eighty minutes with a crowd of several thousand (and Danny Brough) shouting you just got it wrong!
My wife says of her team whenever someone moans about a decision "Well they'll just have to play better won't they!" as for the
Internationals and youth development I hope they come out on top in the end because they are inextricably linked, in my opinion,
in our war against the Aussies. And for those of you who think the term war is a bit strong just look up the archive of quotes
and actions from Bob Fulton the archetypal Whinging Pom in Roo clothing! Without more international matches we won't get the means to beat the Roos and without more youths playing we'll find it hard to match their real difference now strength in depth of
people with the right kind of match experience.But don't worry about this because the referee's just given a decision in one
micro-second of one match in one season that I don't agree with and that's more important than the health of the whole game or
beating the Aussies for the first time in two centuries!

#2907766 New Award/Trophy

Posted by Oxford on 29 March 2014 - 11:44 AM

Do you:

  1. Spend the full eighty of the match shout things like “forward”?
  2. Disagree with every one of the referees 11,000 decisions every match?
  3. Attack the RFL constantly?
  4. Think the world is against your team and every decision is a plot?
  5. Feel Happy every time RL loses a team in a development area?
  6. Wish we’d never left winter?
  7. Have a tear in your eye at the mere mention of 5 yards, lumbering skilful forwards and biff?
  8. Think Marwan Koukash is:
  1. The Devil incarnate?
  2. A self-serving, self-absorbed megalomaniac?  or
  3. An interloper with no right to an opinion?


    9.Spend all your time on the internet trying to prove RL is a minority M62 bound sport that deserves the poor coverage it gets in the media?

   10.Think RL is lucky to get the dismal amount of column inches it actually achieves? 


If you answered yes to:

1-4, you’re not even trying! ( You only post to be a bit annoying)

5 Bordering on old timer! ( You'll never be lonely in Dewsbury!)

6-7 Well done RL Luddite status but could do better!

8-9  Great stuff,Official 1970’s Troglodyte  play-off material !

10  Brilliant, You have won The Golden Player’s Number Six Charlie Bott Trophy for  remembering things as they probably never were and making up the rest! Stand tall and proud on the terracing and don’t forget to use the official phrase for all recipients of the award,

“They never give us owt!” 


#2907380 Superleague Supermen - Marwan Koukash

Posted by Oxford on 28 March 2014 - 05:09 PM

When I have defended MK it has been about several things: people assuming they know him, people assuming he'll be gone in a moment and people saying he's self serving. I have seen and heard no evidence in what he's said and done to convince me that he's not genuine, nor his love of the game. And, when I add to this, the reporting of his statements as if they were questionable, innocent or crazy in some way, I do wonder who they're listening to. This particular programme simply provided even more proof of everything I thought about him and his connection with RL. I don't think he'll single handedly change the world as we know it nor invent a cure for all diseases. But anyone who isn't convinced about him being good for our sport,  simply likes the sound of their own keyboard moaning mode, doesn't have the best interests of our sport in their make-up, doesn't believe in the use of evidence as the determinant in finding out the truth or all three! This is not to say  " Thou shalt not criticise Marwan!" But I do believe that people prefer a whirlwind of nonsense to reality and prejudice rather than the truth, but people do tend to be a bit disappointing don't they? In the meantime lets have a campaign: "  Every club needs a Marwan!"  :devil:  or if you're a critic  :nono:  !