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Why TotalRL are wrong.......

23 October 2014 - 05:49 PM

Here we go. I'm going to try to speak about something without mentioning it. A bit like a Lenny Bruce routine. There's a sport it's best not to mention the name of and funnily enough it's become so unlike our game that there is any wonder it gets mentioned at all. But the problem is one of a shared history of anger, recrimination and bitterness with a generous smattering of sporting apartheid to boot. Now, if this sport is referred to at all it brings demons out of the woodwork both in troll and censorial traditions of t'interweb and on this website. I did ask John Drake about this early on and he had very good and logical reasons why this should be the case. However, bashing the opposition is a sporting tradition and as much a part of our history and make up as pies! It is also true to say that trolls cannot be got rid of simply by censoring the discussions. they are the kid that hides behind the bully and kicks you after the big one lays you out.This is also part of our identity and a part that clearly separates the chaff from the useful. To deny the need and impulse towards this animosity is to deny what and who we are and the necessity to see ourselves as a group that belongs together in the face of any adversity . Now the language here might seem a bit over blown but if we want to put bums on seats that were missing maybe it's time to assert what we are and remember what made us  was as much about that other sport and the despicable way it has expressed itself towards our sport and at times still does. If we cannot be our own champions who will do it for us? Who is there out there that we could possibly rely upon to further our cause?


Now I know that this will probably bring out the very things I'm trying to avoid here and if nothing else the trolls will attempt to divert the purpose of this thread as they have on many threads on this site. Are we going to let the trolls win or get across the bridge?


Sadly when we add the true leaguie but hugely negative posters being on a thread can become akin to a holiday from hell.


I suppose what I'm saying in relationship terms is "Bring Back the Biff!" 

They just don't get it.......

19 October 2014 - 07:40 AM

I was reading several articles about similar things people leaving and going elsewhere. Now, this doesn't interest me, when people leave I lose interest because they're not playing league any longer, so what's the point? However, only one of the articles referred to the fact that RL produces people that other sports might be interested in. In the same article this was quickly glossed over because the writer was also an ru apologist. I don't want this to become a bash kick and clap topic because it's too easy a target. The thread is simply, What is it about league that produces athletes like SBW and Sam Burgess?


It certainly isn't numbers, fitness levels or levels of expectation so what is it? 

I also went through the reasons why ru players were so sought after in the past by RL and given the risk and chances that they'd be poor ( more often than not)

I could only come up with bums on seats as a legitimising factor.

I need counselling!

15 October 2014 - 06:18 PM

I was just about to call it a day. I was doing my usual round of RL websites before listening to Music and stacking up League memories in the corner for the post 4 Nations how to fill the time period, and there it was ..... now steady everyone, and I hope I've given you ample bracing time



"Gary Schofield, I Got it Wrong!" 


I feel I've stepped into an alternative universe where everything is the opposite of the way you remember, so much so that I half expected kick and clap to be better than real Rugby!

Fess up to being an idiot

11 October 2014 - 04:28 PM

It's a fair cop Gov! You can watch the SL Grand Final......

 or  “Press the red button to see Western Province  face Sharks.. “ 

or just own up to being a real life imbecile which would save time and you could go straight to one of the dancing programmes festooning free to air!  :laugh:

Do Sky value RL or not?