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New coach for Skolars

18 March 2015 - 08:49 PM

old boy returns .... http://www.skolarsrl...new-head-coach/


Leigh Miners CC fund raising

17 March 2015 - 11:53 AM

Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but Leigh Miners have started a fund raise to help with the cost of switching their CC game against Oxford. Lots of support on Twitter and details here:






'Southern' RL fans - why do you follow the sport?

14 March 2015 - 11:54 AM

Over the season I am going to try to visit as many 'southern' (essentially anywhere south of the heartland areas) RL teams as I can. One thing I am interested in, beyond experiencing games at different levels,  is why people follow, play, manage or invest in the sport.


So, if you are a 'southern' RL fan-


Where were you born?

Where do you live?

How do you get involved in game (spectator, sponsor, post on here...)

Why do you follow RL?


I am planning to write it up here: https://fishinginaba....wordpress.com/




First coaching casualty of new era

08 March 2015 - 12:02 PM

After conceding over 150 points in two games, it seems that Skolars have sacked their coach. While I think there are elements of the teams performance (or rather lack of it) that need better coaching, I had hoped that there would be no changes until the season proper kicked off. The match against Hemel seemed a critical test. Not everything is down to the coach. I am sure with more funds Joe would have strengthened the team, plus we don't have the comfort of a strong RL community down here - lots of teams chasing a few players and no meaningful DR. Feel a but glum today.

More importantly I hope Joe continues with a role to support RL in London. He has done so much.

So what is a good crowd?

14 February 2015 - 10:53 PM

Was going to post this in the Crowd Watch thread but think it may be a separate debate. Realistically speaking what sort of attendances should we be happy with? What is our bench mark for a good crowd? (i write this the night before watching London v Doncaster).