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buford t justice

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In Topic: Simon Brown

Today, 07:50 AM

Hunslets midfield triangle of Andy Kain, Simon Brown and Danny Grimshaw will really struggle against them two top half backs, Scott Leatherbarrow and Cain Southernwood .......Hmmmmm yeh right

An ageing half back with a major injury doubt, a half back who is past his best and has a tendency to disrupt dressing rooms and a decent championship 1 half back...,

Or 2 up and coming half backs with ambitions to progress and catch the eye to earn a full time deal in the future in the top flight - 3 if you include Alistair Leak.

I know who i'd rather have.

In Topic: Simon Brown

Yesterday, 06:33 PM

This from a team that scraped in from relegation on the last game of the season and have now lost their one decent player - Ben Black.

And youve signed a few of the lesser lights of said team as marquee signings.


In Topic: Stadium renamed

Yesterday, 02:04 PM

Great news, a proper local sponsor instead of that wishy washy RL website.

How much is the ground sponsorship worth?

I hope there will be Fox's classics om sale to go with the half time brews this season.

In Topic: Simon Brown

Yesterday, 07:48 AM

So Brown is garbage and we have got a bunch of ex Batley players here to retire, might as well not kick off in February. :)

You can kick off, but you will struggle.

A team that huffed and puffed out of championship 1 and that has signed a load of cast offs is only going one way IMO.

In Topic: Simon Brown

15 December 2014 - 07:47 PM

You lads down at The Hawks aren't alone in your worries for the season, I'm not as convinced as some of my fellow fans here at The Mount of our improved chances this season. They tell us that the squad will be stronger but I don't see it, especially with the way every other team, yours included, all seem to have brought in a few names, whereas our new guys are of a sameness, but as they say, let's get on the field and see how it goes. Regarding Brown, I thought he was decent on loan for us last season, and I know he was on Kear's radar at the beginning to come from York with Scott but went to Halifax where I thought he would flourish, but like a lot of Fax fans I felt that Harrison really lost his way last season and didn't seem to have time or patience to let Brown come on, aided I feel by a loud section of their fans who couldn't wait either. As it seems that he will be guaranteed a good run as one of your top signings, he'll do well for you. I can see you doing better than you think, as I think you could have a better season than Whitehaven at least. Brennan has promise up front, he didn't get a chance with us last year and like Fax fans, some of ours got on his back from the start, Mauny will see you around, and the grapevine has it that Walmsley from Fev could end up with you, as he's not on Fev's retained list. Not great with the ball but can tackle.

Brennan is an average league 1 forward at best. Was never fit at Batley and was found out, he had plenty of chances before JK got rid of him.

Hunslet is fast becoming the Batley retirement home again, and unfortunately i can see a year of struggle for the hawks.

As for Batley, the players we have signed are of good quality, and if we gel, we will have a good season.

I dont get peoples fascination with signing 'names' as most cone on big money and never deliver in the part time game.