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  1. I thought it was a film. Stopped following him on twitter as his desperate attempts to look like an A list celebrity wound me up.
  2. This is my second full season away after a similar length of time following the club home and away. Nice bloke is Matt, but I said from day 1 its a massive jump to championship level coaching from where he was, and the gamble has failed. I heard the interview on radio Leeds with him, and it sounded like the interviews he gave 2 years ago when I stopped going - players not doing what they are told, no passion, they need to take a long hard look at themselves etc etc etc - like a stuck record. Change is most certainly needed if not now then for next season - we were on the crest of a wave when John Kear left and should have kicked on with an experienced coach, and now we have gone so far backwards its like it was before Karl Harrison took the reins and started us moving in the right direction.
  3. Sad news, she was a nice lady. thoughts are with Kevin and his family at this difficult time.
  4. I did, but that was in 2015 after a season and a half of the worst rugby we had seen in a long time. The club stuck by him and backed him financially and in 2016 it was rewarded. unfortunately Diskin hasnt got the coaching ability Kear had amd has failed with far more at his disposal than any coach in the clubs history. Some people seem happy to pay to watch mediocre performances year in year out, im not one of them. i have no doubt if we had gone with an experienced coach after 2016 we could have built on that success, but we didnt and the gamble didnt work and we are now miles behind the likes of Featherstone and Halifax again.
  5. I take no pleasure in ‘I told you so’ but I had this attitude halfway through last season amd havent been since. nothing will change and therefore I voted with my feet. Looks like others are too now. ive never been a trendsetter, just honest and open in my views. On this occasion seems like i was ahead of my time.
  6. Youre probably correct, although ive had 30+ years of following the club home and away through thin and thinner so I can hardly be accused of jumping ship when it gets rocky - theres many things you can call prople who watch Batley but glory supporters wouldnt make the top 500,000 list. As a result I guess ive earned the right to call myself a fan, ex-fan or escapee and everything in between. You get less for murder these days than the years (and money) I have spent following the club, but youre still called a murderer when you get released. I’m enjoying my time on parole before I get locked up again indefinitely. And i still loathe you lot from over the hill, so Batley RLFC are still in my veins and always will be.
  7. Just giving an honest reply to a question why I havent been to games. Been a Batley fan all my life and will always want us to do well, thats never been in question.
  8. For me, its value for money. we were riding the crest of a wave at the end of 2016 and didnt capitalise, no promoting the club to entice fans to the club after such s momentous season and a lack of signings of any note and the appointment of an inexperienced coach has seen us go backwards at an alarming rate. i also dont think the current league structure helps as with no chance of the top 4, the season was effectively over at the end of May. For me, if i go to a restaurant and pay for a meal, i expect to enjoy it and feel i had value for money, i feel our club at times forgets we are paying customers because it is quite a close knit club, and can have almost an amatuer club outlook, taking for granted that fans will turn up regardless, and if you complain you are quickly singled out as negative and turned on by others who seem happy to put up with things so as not to upset anyone. if the meals you go out to pay for are continually not good, you stop eating there. This is no different - get a new chef with new ideas and put the customer first and you get customers back. Hope you get the jist of my analogy.
  9. And you amongst others shot me down for expressing similar views last season. I havent been since mid season last year, and other than the Toulouse win you mention, ive missed nothing on field. Maybe I was just ahead of my time.
  10. Another fine mess. The Batley chairman pulls no punches about it.
  11. Maybe so, on tv he looked to have a good game though.
  12. Didnt go to the game but currently watching it on freesports, the referee has got very little wrong all game. The crowd were chanting cheat at the penalty before the Bussey try but it was a clear penalty from a Farrell shoulder charge. Toronto the better team on the day but silly penalties didnt help our cause.
  13. I cant fathom why they dont play it at the end of the season with the winners of both grand finals playing in a big showpiece event. As it stands at the moment they are just meaningless friendlies.
  14. Thanks Kevin, nice to know you missed me. I wrote last season off mid season, and I didnt miss much by all accounts - first time in many years i've missed so many games, I may have been one of the most vocal but I wasnt the only one. New year new hope - it cant get any worse surely?
  15. We love signing forwards, its the Batley way. No doubt One or 2 of the pack will become makeshift centres once the annual three quarter depletion kicks in.
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