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  1. All that build up to find out Linners lost his passport and is stuck in France. Made a mockery of the club and made us look like amatuers. Embarrassing
  2. Thats half true, Lunt had the shirt on. Shorts and socks appeared to be England RL ones. Maybe he forgot them? bit of a poor do you cant have the full matching kit for a big launch event, looked like when you forget your PE kit and had to get stuff out of lost property.
  3. Completely agree, Craig was a model professional and nice bloke, with the experience of Karl thrown in there should be a drastic improvement in terms of attitude and discipline in the squad.
  4. I like the idea of Karl being there to help Craig develop in the role, its something Matt Diskin certainly needed so its great to see the club have learned from the gamble on Matt. welcome home Craig, best of luck to both him and Karl.
  5. Tommo and Boothy both have good coaching records in Aus, may be a long shot but either would Capture the imagination of a lot of fans who have drifted away in recent years.
  6. I would like to think the club have learned that experience is key, Harrison and Kear took us further than we ever dreamed of, then Diskin took us back to the beginning again. not sure whos available though?
  7. Well it pained me to stay away, but im a man of principle, i said it would get worse and him swearing at fans at the summer bash 3 seasons ago was the final straw for me, but today is a good day and im looking forward to next season already. hope we bring in an experienced coach who can start to rebuild the foundations of the team that have been removed brick by brick over the last 3 years. onwards and upwards hopefully!
  8. I thought it was a film. Stopped following him on twitter as his desperate attempts to look like an A list celebrity wound me up.
  9. This is my second full season away after a similar length of time following the club home and away. Nice bloke is Matt, but I said from day 1 its a massive jump to championship level coaching from where he was, and the gamble has failed. I heard the interview on radio Leeds with him, and it sounded like the interviews he gave 2 years ago when I stopped going - players not doing what they are told, no passion, they need to take a long hard look at themselves etc etc etc - like a stuck record. Change is most certainly needed if not now then for next season - we were on the crest of a wave when John Kear left and should have kicked on with an experienced coach, and now we have gone so far backwards its like it was before Karl Harrison took the reins and started us moving in the right direction.
  10. Sad news, she was a nice lady. thoughts are with Kevin and his family at this difficult time.
  11. I did, but that was in 2015 after a season and a half of the worst rugby we had seen in a long time. The club stuck by him and backed him financially and in 2016 it was rewarded. unfortunately Diskin hasnt got the coaching ability Kear had amd has failed with far more at his disposal than any coach in the clubs history. Some people seem happy to pay to watch mediocre performances year in year out, im not one of them. i have no doubt if we had gone with an experienced coach after 2016 we could have built on that success, but we didnt and the gamble didnt work and we are now miles behind the likes of Featherstone and Halifax again.
  12. I take no pleasure in ‘I told you so’ but I had this attitude halfway through last season amd havent been since. nothing will change and therefore I voted with my feet. Looks like others are too now. ive never been a trendsetter, just honest and open in my views. On this occasion seems like i was ahead of my time.
  13. Youre probably correct, although ive had 30+ years of following the club home and away through thin and thinner so I can hardly be accused of jumping ship when it gets rocky - theres many things you can call prople who watch Batley but glory supporters wouldnt make the top 500,000 list. As a result I guess ive earned the right to call myself a fan, ex-fan or escapee and everything in between. You get less for murder these days than the years (and money) I have spent following the club, but youre still called a murderer when you get released. I’m enjoying my time on parole before I get locked up again indefinitely. And i still loathe you lot from over the hill, so Batley RLFC are still in my veins and always will be.
  14. Just giving an honest reply to a question why I havent been to games. Been a Batley fan all my life and will always want us to do well, thats never been in question.
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