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buford t justice

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#2979384 Chairman statement

Posted by buford t justice on 18 August 2014 - 09:47 AM

Thanks for your response Kevin. Surely, as a committed Chairman, you see the huge need for support on the Board, investment, etc? It is easy to comment on this forum, sometimes critically as a supporter, but the majority on here have the same passion for the club as the Durectors and their wives. The difference is, we do not own the Club.

Surely as owner of the Club, it is important for you to progress the Club, as you have, sometimes against all odds, for which the true supporters have given you the plaudits, and quite rightly so. Now that the demands of the game are changing rapidly, surely it is the responsibility of the chairman/owner of the Club to restructure the Club to cope with these demands and remain in a competitive arena to compete for the bigger spoils? It is hardly taking responsibility by throwing the duty of attracting new directors and stakeholders back to the supporters, who have voiced their concerns via this medium.

Agree completely.

We all care deeply about the club, and unfortunately at the minute emotions are running high with everyone connected with the club, so at the minute any talk of you leaving Kevin is a knee jerk reaction, as are the calls from some for change.

In sport its great when things are going well, everyone loves the pats on the back, but you have to be able to take the flack when things dont go so well.

Whilst relegation is financially disasterous for us, it could be a blessing in disguise, as we would only be in a relegation scrap again next year in a lop sided championship.

Its the perfect chance to regroup, take stock, make changes that can benefit us going forward and get a team on the field that can challenge for honours in the bottom tier next year.

The season though has been a disaster from week 1 and i personally blame our terrible recruitment for our demise, the points deduction just sped up the process. I pin most of the blame firmly at the door of John Kear for some terrible signings and some questionable tactics at times.

If it wasnt for you Kevin, we may not have had a club to support, and you certainly have my backing as chairman.

Lifes a learning curve and you learn from your mistakes, so by that logic we should become a much stronger club for this experience.

#2977710 3 point deduction.

Posted by buford t justice on 15 August 2014 - 01:47 PM

Has anyone on here stopped to think how the players must feel reading some of the comments of so called "fans".How is It supposed to make them feel, when the fans are slagging them off? Not wanting to perform ,that is for sure.
This season has been hard, a catalogue of errors starting with the betting scandal. The club has made mistakes with recruitment and some of the signings have been poor. The Dr system is a joke, the loan system is also laughable.
Surely now, with the points deduction,we must all stick together and try to get something from the season.On the points deduction why does the points have to come off this season? Weren't Bradford deducted points this season, on something that happened last season?
Stranger things have happened, and although it does look grim lets keep the faith!

The players will be hurting, until they jump ship for the biggest offer.

Not much loyalty in modern semi-pro RL im afraid.

#2977280 Todays RFL hearing

Posted by buford t justice on 14 August 2014 - 06:07 PM

Carl Hall just tweeted Doncaster will get decision in the morning and ours is after theirs. Looks like we are in for a sleepless night.

#2975814 Insipid and inept performance

Posted by buford t justice on 12 August 2014 - 12:12 PM

Disagree bulford martin is going to come good but like vinny hardly given a proper runout they are both in one week out the next . So how are they going to kick on when not playing .also charlie vets put in 2nd row when not big enough or on par with davis or scott . Didnt make the game but with no 6 why not try nicho surly better than a second rower playing there.

You must be watching a different player to the rest of us then.

Same for all the squad, if you arent good enough you wont get in, and hes been very poor whenever hes been in the side.

#2973297 Unity needed

Posted by buford t justice on 07 August 2014 - 09:47 PM

Chairmen and staff come and go, so do players but us fans are always there.

Im hacked off at the situation, and do i think we will stay up? At the moment no. But im damned if im not going to be there on Sunday getting behind the club i have loved for over a quarter of a century.

Whatever happens, we the fans will always be here, so whether you are positive, negative or indifferent to the current situation and our chances of staying up is irrelevant - if you love the club and can make it, get there on Sunday and cheer the lads on.

The inquest into what why and how will rumble on, but for 80 minutes on Sunday we are all united by a common bond, and thats our love of little old Batley RLFC.

Lets get there and make ourselves heard - whatever happens, to coin the old phrase - 'we are all Batley arent we?'

We can get back to the doom and gloom if we lose.

Come on the Gallant Youths!

#2972477 Oh dear

Posted by buford t justice on 06 August 2014 - 04:30 PM

From the RFL

Two clubs have been charged with breaching RFL Operational Rules relating to dual registration by fielding ineligible players in Kingstone Press Championship fixtures.

Batley Bulldogs and Doncaster have been charged with breaching Operational Rule D1.20 which states that dual registration players who have a salary cap value of £20,000 or more must have played in at least three league fixtures for the Championship club that season before the end-of-season registration deadline in order to play in games which fall after the deadline, whether they be regular season or play-off games.

The charges follow complaints that Jacob Fairbank, a dual registered player from Huddersfield Giants, played for Batley against Sheffield Eagles, and that Ben Crooks, a dual-registered player from Hull FC, played for Doncaster against Keighley Cougars. Both matches were played on Sunday July 27, two days after the registration deadline for the Kingstone Press Championship closed.

The charges will be heard by an independent Operational Rules Tribunal which has been scheduled for Thursday August 14.

If found guilty, Batley and Doncaster face a range of sanctions, including a fine and/or the deduction of competition points.

Dewsbury Rams have been cleared of an allegation that they fielded an ineligible player in a Championship fixture against Barrow Raiders on the same day.

So we are all but down if we lose Sunday IMO.

#2972326 Whitehaven on Sunday - the big relegation 6 pointer

Posted by buford t justice on 06 August 2014 - 11:50 AM

Shouldn't that be "taking advantage of this wonderful area by walking up a couple of glorious lakeland fells on the Saturday".


Most of our group couldnt walk down the fells never mind up them.

They are well adapted to going to the bar and back though.

Ill call it boosting the local economy.

#2972222 Whitehaven on Sunday - the big relegation 6 pointer

Posted by buford t justice on 06 August 2014 - 08:52 AM

There is a massive NCL local derby on Saturday Egremont V Wath Brow if your in the area.usually a 1000+ gate and a physical,close game

Sounds like it may be more enjoyable for us than Sundays game! Staying in Workington so hopefully going to find a pub to watch the cup semi final in the afternoon.

#2970917 Whitehaven on Sunday - the big relegation 6 pointer

Posted by buford t justice on 04 August 2014 - 07:53 AM

After Haven we have dewsbury and swinton at home and Donny away.

They have Sheffield, Rochdale and Swinton - not sure of venues.

They have an easier run in on paper - it really is absolutely massive for both on Sunday.

#2968455 Points Deduction?

Posted by buford t justice on 31 July 2014 - 10:01 AM

This speculation needs nipping in the bud if it is a loan.

Can anyone connected with the club on here please organise a statement?

Id say its pretty urgent that one is made to clarify this situation.

#2966094 Deadline tomorrow

Posted by buford t justice on 26 July 2014 - 10:16 PM

Only played around 5 games so we never got to see any. Let's see what happens when he plays for Batley against us next month!

Will any of you be there to watch? Or will the majority of your huge fan base stay away as usual?

#2966008 keep the fans in the dark

Posted by buford t justice on 26 July 2014 - 05:16 PM

On another thread it has been suggested that the failure to disclose any details of possible signings is in order to keep Sheffield in the dark about our possible tactics. Sorry but this is surely bunkum. If Heaton has been signed then, allegedly, he is able to fill the full back, centre or second row position. So how will Mark Aston know where he will play or who he will replace?
By not revealing any details regarding possible recruitment it is a slap in the face of the supporters of the club. They are expected to turn up and pay their money but are not given anything to whet their appetite. No wonder attendances are falling when there is nothing for the fans to discuss, nothing to gain their interest. New faces, with a picture of them holding the shirt and saying how pleased they are to have signed for such an inspirational coach, such a loyal set of supporters etc. etc., is what grips the attention of fans and sustains their interest during the testing times such as those being experienced now.
Still all this will be irrelevant next season if, and it is a definite maybe if, the team is in SL2 (or whatever it is named) as presumably the 19 man squad will have to be announced to the media AND FANS two days before the match as per SL rules.

Advertising and communication with the fans is the achillies heel of the club and has been for years.

Said it before and will keep saying it - we need a qualified marketing manager at the club, who knows how to promote the club and keep the fans informed and in the loop.

It has to be said as fans i cant be the only one who feels we are taken for granted at times.

If god forbid we do go down, we will need someone to push the club, as games against Oxford and Gloucester dont exactly get the juices flowing.

I just hope our 'surprises' on Sunday dont turn out to be a huge let down.

#2962821 The Run in

Posted by buford t justice on 21 July 2014 - 11:30 AM

27th Jul Sheffield Eagles (A)

3rd Aug Leigh Centurions (H)

10th Aug Whitehaven (A)

17th Aug Dewsbury Rams (H)     

31st Aug Swinton Lions (H)

7th Sep Doncaster (A) 


With the squad as it is, if no reinforcements are brought in - what does anyone realistically think we can get from the last 6 games?


We have a chance of beating Dewsbury as its a derby, and Swinton, and maybe a point at Whitehaven (that one is a massive 6 pointer) but will that be enough? I believe Keighley still have Swinton, Barrow and North Wales to play, so they are capable of at least 9 points in the run in.      


From what ive seen it'll be between us, Keighley and Whitehaven, not sure of the other fixtures but we must have one of the tougher run ins.

#2960132 John kear

Posted by buford t justice on 16 July 2014 - 07:21 PM



South Wales fan myself, and whilst I'm more than familiar with Johns work what can we expect of him in taking charge of the national side?

He'll certainly get you organised, has had a couple of wobbles here at Batley but is currently working a minor miracle with a threadbare squad down to the bare bones.

Good appointment for Wales IMO, should get you competitive and hopefully get some solid foundations in place to build on going forward.

#2952385 Away support

Posted by buford t justice on 30 June 2014 - 01:44 PM

First of all - credit to the fans who made the trip to Leigh yesterday.

But where was everyone else?

We have a core fan base of around 600 yet there can't have been more than 40 of us cheering our boys on yesterday.

There was at least three times that when we played Swinton at the very same ground on a Sunday afternoon earlier this season.

We headed into this game 5th in the table on the back of a great win over an in-form Doncaster side.

But do a lot of fans only travel to away matches if they think we'll win?

The lads deserve more support on the road.

Dewsbury have never had much of an away following, you dont even bother coming to the Mount in any great numbers and its only up the road.

Not much of a 'barmy army' really, more a barmy home guard.