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#3058466 Heavy Woollen Line Up

Posted by buford t justice on 21 January 2015 - 12:33 PM

Iv heard there playing 23


Surely thats against the rules?


I know we are the professional club but a 10 man on field advantage for them would make our task impossible.

#3056442 Keith Mason a Bulldog

Posted by buford t justice on 16 January 2015 - 06:50 PM

Apparently Keith Mason and Mickey Rourke were both training together at MP Fit gym in Birstall a few weeks back.

It must be true then.

Mickey Rourke to pump his hollywood millions into Batley Bulldogs.

We heard it here first!

#3054867 Batley V Fev

Posted by buford t justice on 12 January 2015 - 12:17 PM

Yep, clean sweep for the Dogs in the friendlies producing unbridled optimism for the real stuff that lies ahead.


If theres one thing we Batley fans know, its that optimism is for fools and people who dont know any better - i'll leave it open to interpretation which forum members fall into these categories.

The results of the friendlies are of no interest to me to be honest, im looking for a bit of cohesion and hoping we start to look something like over the next 3 games so we are ready for Workington on the 15th - plenty of encouraging signs on boxing day so hopefully we will have built on the good things we did in that game.

it is nice to know that we now have a game almost every Sunday for the forseeable future - anyone know how much it is in on Sunday?

#3054142 Bulldogs Website

Posted by buford t justice on 10 January 2015 - 10:33 AM

Hi Kev , just about the match highlights bit why is it nearly 17 minutes long

Fev do this , but its only a teaser 33 seconds long to promote DVD sales for there squadbuilder

Leigh do one , but its £3 a month to view it , which goes to there squadbuilder


Ours is nearly 17 mins long which is gonna affect BISSA DVD sales resulting in a smaller BISSA contribution to squad next season

This has got to affect BISSA , cos if I could watch all the tries for free I wouldnt buy a DVD and im sure others are the same

If the website videos are edited right, maybe just showing a few key moments and then a link to the BISSA website to buy the full DVD, then it could help increase sales.

Or could BISSA or the club run it as a subscription service through the website? A tenner a year - id imagine a lot of fans would pay that, its convenient, MODERN and can be accessed by fans anywhere.

If people also want DVDs great, but its time we moved into the 21st century.

#3053283 2014 Championship and Championship2 Average Attendances

Posted by buford t justice on 08 January 2015 - 12:38 PM

The problem with Championship 1 is the geography of it - not only do clubs have to contend with trying to attract fans to third tier rugby, they also have little chance of attracting many away fans due to the sheer distance of some of the trips every other week.


For a semi pro competition it is absolutely crackers - The RFL need a serious re-think, maybe having 2 competitons below super league that feed into the super 8 phase, split into north and south or east and west would be far more workable IMO.


Expansion is great, but all the current format is doing is killing off interest and eventually the clubs themselves who play at that level.

#3051110 Video highlights

Posted by buford t justice on 02 January 2015 - 02:05 PM

Well its all academic now anyway...

The site has been shut down and the video deleted... Someone seems a little oversensitive

I wonder why!

And as you are one who said you wouldnt lower yourself to visit the site (or words to that effect) makes me wonder if its you who's over sensitive.

Now we have no online highlights - well done, get your Mary Whitehouse badge out and wear it with pride.

People are quick to criticise yet offer no solutions.

#3045663 Simon Brown

Posted by buford t justice on 15 December 2014 - 07:47 PM

You lads down at The Hawks aren't alone in your worries for the season, I'm not as convinced as some of my fellow fans here at The Mount of our improved chances this season. They tell us that the squad will be stronger but I don't see it, especially with the way every other team, yours included, all seem to have brought in a few names, whereas our new guys are of a sameness, but as they say, let's get on the field and see how it goes. Regarding Brown, I thought he was decent on loan for us last season, and I know he was on Kear's radar at the beginning to come from York with Scott but went to Halifax where I thought he would flourish, but like a lot of Fax fans I felt that Harrison really lost his way last season and didn't seem to have time or patience to let Brown come on, aided I feel by a loud section of their fans who couldn't wait either. As it seems that he will be guaranteed a good run as one of your top signings, he'll do well for you. I can see you doing better than you think, as I think you could have a better season than Whitehaven at least. Brennan has promise up front, he didn't get a chance with us last year and like Fax fans, some of ours got on his back from the start, Mauny will see you around, and the grapevine has it that Walmsley from Fev could end up with you, as he's not on Fev's retained list. Not great with the ball but can tackle.

Brennan is an average league 1 forward at best. Was never fit at Batley and was found out, he had plenty of chances before JK got rid of him.

Hunslet is fast becoming the Batley retirement home again, and unfortunately i can see a year of struggle for the hawks.

As for Batley, the players we have signed are of good quality, and if we gel, we will have a good season.

I dont get peoples fascination with signing 'names' as most cone on big money and never deliver in the part time game.

#3037135 volunteering with the club

Posted by buford t justice on 25 November 2014 - 05:24 AM

Was talking to a friend last night, Leeds Beckett university and Huddersfield Uni both apparently do sports marketing degree courses.

I think its worthwhile the club getting in touch and seeing if the students fancy some volunteer internship \ work experience - they would surely jump at the chance of the experience and it, would be a great benefit to the club and look great on their CVs.

#3036501 volunteering with the club

Posted by buford t justice on 23 November 2014 - 05:20 PM

Although a huge majority of the duties that coincide with running a small semi professional club constitute "voluntary" presently, I feel a volunteers team needs establishing.

This team will be fan based obviously and id imagine very rewarding whilst helping the club we love.

A simple database or list of - names contact numbers skills and availability.

How about a thread sticky with kn posting duties to be filled weekly

We have BISSA for the squadbuilder, the supporters club for the club shop/away trips etc, maybe setting up some kind of supporters committee for advertising and marketing the club could be the way forward?

A committee of fans who can dedicate time to get round the pubs and clubs, the local events, town centres etc on a weekly basis with flyers etc, using the mascot outfit as well.

#3036310 A missed opportunity

Posted by buford t justice on 23 November 2014 - 11:16 AM

Buford back to my point are you able to email Iro to be Battler if required or give time probably at weekends but maybe during week to help promote Club?

Thanks Kevin, i served on the BISSA committee for a few years and unfortunately had to give it up due to work / family commitments and at present out of work i barrly have time for myself.

I still pay into BISSA, buy a season ticket, a shirt, travel home and away, sponsor games with my friends, attend club events and am a supporters club member, at times during the summer my following our club could lead to divorce, but im sure you'll agree as a fan i cant do much more and perhaps as a fan of a professional club shouldnt be expected to do.

You are preaching to the converted on this forum!

My name is Richard Ellis by the way.

#3025862 Keighley website hacked (merged threads)

Posted by buford t justice on 02 November 2014 - 08:55 PM

Hacked by the ISIS nutters.

Surely they cant think Cougar Park is the heart of the 'decadent west'?

Never a dull moment in rugby league.

#3023455 Lee Greenwood

Posted by buford t justice on 31 October 2014 - 02:48 PM

Been appointed head coach at the All Golds. Another step up the ladder for him. He has always seemed to get the best out of any team he has been associated with and I wonder if he will be the next number 1 at the Mount when JK calls it a day?

Lets see how he fares as a head coach first Fred, different kettle of fish to being a number 2 and i imagine it will be a tough baptism down at Gloucester for him.

If we have learnt anything as a club since the Thornton era it has been that the value of having an experienced head coach in chatge at this level is crucial.

If and when he calls it a day, id like to think we would push the boat out to get a coach of similar standing to replace him.


Posted by buford t justice on 30 October 2014 - 12:27 PM

There are so many to honour if you think about it - great names from the past like Wattie Davies, Frank Gallagher, Henry Oulton, London Dick the first ever cup winning coach - we could potentially run out of things to rename after people!


I'd personally love to see a memorial wall or a monument at the ground, with the names of past players, coaches and great names

associated with the club engraved on it, something like that near the memorial garden would be a really nice addition to the club.

#3022345 OT HIV sufferers

Posted by buford t justice on 29 October 2014 - 12:43 PM

what a ridiculous thread.

Unless you are going to pull someones shorts down and fellate them on field or go even further, theres not much chance of catching it - theres probably more chance of a player dying from malaria from an Aussie import whos arrived via the middle east, and thats never happened has it?

Some people really are thick.

HIV is only transmitted via blood to blood contact, and does not survive outside the body so short of deep throating an opponent while you have a gaping sore in your mouth theres little to fear.

I appreciate Featherstone is a tiny pit village, but you lot surely arent this naive and have some experience of life outside of it, other than away games? This isnt the dark ages.

#3011473 Tom Lillycrop

Posted by buford t justice on 11 October 2014 - 10:06 AM

What do people mean by "his face didn't fit"?

He's been released by four clubs in as many years. Did his "face not fit" at Bradford, Wakefield or Sheffield either?

He stands very deep and has good pace over a short distance for a lad of his size, but he doesn't have an offload game and misses too much defensively.

He's only 22 though and I hope JK gets the best out of him. His work-rate certainly deserves it.

Give me Ewan Dowes or Byron Smith any day.

We have a good track record of polishing rough diamonds at Batley to be fair.