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Kear on his way?

07 April 2015 - 03:51 PM

Rumour going around that hes set to replace Andy Hay at Featherstone.

Maybe change wouldnt be a bad thing with the way our attack has been this season.

The Derby on Friday

30 March 2015 - 11:40 AM

Huge game looking at the league table, both sides will be desperate for a win.


Think it will be an old fashioned nip and tuck derby with Batley just edging it 12-8.





The Club and al,l its various sub groups

23 March 2015 - 12:43 PM

As a former BISSA committee member, and someone who has regular contact with BISSA, members of the supporters club committee, the independant travel club and people in the marketing team, I cant help but wonder why, under one umbrella, the four groups cannot come together and form on big committee to raise funds, arrange travel and market the club.


I am forever hearing how the supporters club cannot fill a bus, how the independant travel have taken people away from it, how if we had more bissa members, how the advertising of the club could be better etc etc etc -yet all these factors and marketing of the club to me go hand in hand.


Surely in marketing the club, away travel could be promoted, and packages put together to include match tickets and travel costs, and tgrips arranged to suit a family friendly bus and those who like a good day out drinking?


Surely one big fundraising committee could be organised that covers all bases, and provides funds to help purchase players, run away travel and market the club?


Seems to me the club have the right idea in terms of the direction the club is headed, but then we have all the other factions that support the club pulling in opposite directions.


Is it so difficult to get the 4 groups together (5 if you include the club as well), form a committee and run all 5 entities under one banner? Surely run as a membership scheme with monthly subscriptions as BISSA presently do, the funds can be divided up to cover travel costs, a pot for player recruitment / donating to the club and a pot for marketing?


Seems to me a logical step in the evolution of the club, and IMO this would certainly get fans talking and create a buzz amongst them if done correctly.


I have no doubt streamlining the whole support structure would benefit the club and make more money for the club and help run all the little extras far more efficinetly.


Thoughts? Would this be something the club could look into organising? What are the pros and cons from BISSA / Supporters Club / Travel Club / Marketing point of view?


Normanton on Saturday

17 March 2015 - 12:34 PM

Anyone any thoughts on this one? Not sure what kind of following we'll take with us to Belle Vue with it being an earlier kick off time and on a Saturday to boot - I take it there are no supporters buses running? 


I'm expecting a comfortable win, but it is probably a good game to have after last weeks mammoth effort as some of the lads will definitely be a bit jaded I would have thought, particularly with a 6 day turnaround instead of the usual 7.


Would like to see the likes of Brad Day and Thackeray get a run out but am still haunted by previous close shaves aghainst amatuer sides so hope we dont go into it too overconfident.


Ill settle for getting through and having no injuries going into the Doncaster game, which is already looking a must win game as they are desperate to get their first win and we need to get some momentum going.

John Kear in todays Batley News

12 March 2015 - 08:25 PM

I read with interest Johns comments on Scott Leatherbarrow in response to a thread on this forum.

As he is a reader of this forum id like to point out to him that no 'sweeping statements' were made.

I agree Scott was brave playing on with an injury and applaud him for that, but that doesnt explain how poor he was for the other 55 minutes at Sheffield, and in all the other games this season.

I think Mr Kears comments are slightly unprofessional and dissrespectful to fans who pay their money and who are entitled to an opinion - there were a lot of fans at Sheffield who had a similar opinion of how hes playing this season.

I think players and coaches alike seem to forget that the people who pay in and watch every week have played the game themselves at various level and/or have watched it long enough to know a poor performance when threy see one.

Lets hope when fit Scott can show us the kind of form hes capable of, and lets hope we can all express opinions freely in the future without the coach feeling the need to object to the opinions of the paying public in the local press.