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    Excellent news on both fronts. I must say what a great bunch of people we have at our club from top to bottom and the support we get from our sponsors is incredible
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    Website & social media confirms signing of Lewis Galbraith. Good news. At game on Sunday you will see scoreboard relocated in permanent frame at top rear of Lingard terrace. Fibre optic cable going in tomorrow so can operate from in Rons lounge. Software been looked at so by first home game should be as we want it. This is with help of sponsors which will credit shortly when job complete but we are very grateful- good news i think more to follow....
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    Yes, it's the easiest thing in the world to be a cynical keyboard warrior. If you want an example of Andy Burnham's contributions, watch his speech at Anfield on the 20th Anniversary of Hillsborough - an uncomfortable watch. Then watch and listen to his Anfield speech on the 25th Anniversary, after he had delivered on his promise to support the 'Justice for the '96'. It may bring a tear, but I would challenge anyone to suggest that this politician didn't care. No complaints from me with Andy Burnham as a figurehead for the game.
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    Other broadcasting news though - Catalans home games confirmed as on Sky.
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    Are we learning nothing? Melbourne v Leeds kicking off at 9.05am on the Friday. There are literally two significant markets for this event, Australia and England and they pretty much rule out one of them by this scheduling. No doubt they will point out that Friday night viewers will bring in more just in Oz than it would on Sky even on the Saturday, but that isnt the point - no terrestrial broadcaster would ever want this event if we treat it like this. We have seen that the Aussies can get huge figures on a Sat or Sunday, and Sky would have got bigger figures for that. Why do we keep making it hard to be an RL fan?
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    I have sent my ideas to Mr Burnham, I am not a fan of talking shops and I hope that some of what I have sent to him could be implemented; it’s about a range of issues that effect our local communities and Rugby League. I can only hope I am knocking on the right door. there is no need to be negative or cynical and I think we all need to see what we can do to make our game survive and grow
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    Simple answer No.In fact to expand on that they want the likes of Oldham,Rochdale,Swinton and even Salford to just die peacefully and the sadistic bar stewards at the RFL would rejoice.#### they are
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    Mate his son plays our game and we need people like him on our side. I think he's s decent human being and deserves better than your cynical comment.
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    Exactly, it totally beats me, why would a coach not want a situation where he can play those who have been out of form, ease back players returning from injury, assess personally those on the verge of promotion to first the first team, having all his player's training and playing to the same game plan's and strategies, what is there in that not to be advantageous to any coach?
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    Since it's conception dual registration has caused division between supporters and clubs alike. Love it or loath it dual registration will be used by ourselves and other clubs within our league this coming season. We simply can not afford the quality of players that Hull K R can provide us with and it would be foolish in the extreme not to take these players if they integrate and buy into the YCK culture that Ford is fostering at our club. No one on here will be complaining if a dual registration player from Hull K R scores the winning try that gets us promoted from this league.
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    Same reason for most. The game forgot investment in youth, paying more attention to cameras,or being dictated too by them. The game is dying for a reason,ignorance.
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    I agree, leave the case in court where I belongs. But changing the subject slightly, I have to say I am so disappointed with attitude of the Daily Post towards our club. They ran the story today, and even have video footage of the accused arriving at the magistrates court. What is disappointing is that this is the first time they have mentioned us on their website since John Cookson's heart attack last April. If only they could show a fraction of this interest during the season. http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/ex-crusaders-rugby-league-team-14135158
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    Similarily shoving all the best HB s , all the ' big ' kids and all the fast kids in one team/club doesnt help them develop All kids need to develop all the skills , small kids grow later and catch up and pass the young big kids
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    Really hope it is still online on the CBC.
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    Does seem odd as I thought the WCC was meant to be a bigger deal for Super League fans than NRL fans. Hope Leeds stuff them by the way.
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    Every SL club should be forced to run under 16s,18s & 21s/reserves or else they can't use the marquee rule Championship clubs should at least run a under 21s/reserves...with under 18s encouraged but optional..
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    Yes for a good few years was part of a really good second row with Langers , he had good hands and an eye for the try line. Wish him all the best and thanks for his time at Oldham
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    With the players they've got & McNamara in charge. I really fancy them doing it.
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    Both these two easily qualify for that Have you got a link to that? I have never heard that one before....to be fair, I am sure it is VERY rare for players to be granted a testimonial in the RL....much more common in the Norther Hemisphere
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    Don't understand at all the reasoning behind the above few posts predicting that we will have to pay compensation through a tribunal for unfair dismissal or that we would settle out of court for fear of being found to have unfairly dismissed. Believe me, providing the commonly held facts are true it should not cost a penny and any lawyer who advised the club to settle should be dismissed as well! This is a clear breach of contract case. Period. It warrants a summary dismissal in my view. The club appear to have given Darrell the right of an appeal which he took. The club acted appropriately and proportionally. Further, the size of Darrells claim would very much depend upon whether he got another contract or work elsewhere replacing the Fev contract. If it was of the same value there would be no pecuniary loss and his claim would be fairly insignificant. That said, in my opinion he has no reasonable prospects of success, in the first place and I expect his Union lawyer would advise the same. Sorry to say this Blues Ox, with ref to your Point1.
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    Would be a good starting point but I do feel that the RFL Have been more bothered about flags on maps than actually sorting out the deficiency in player numbers.
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    The RFL required whoever they appointed as new owners of Bulls 4.0 to retain the club's academy. Why did the RFL not require every other SL and Championship club to maintain an academy? Since this was surely a recognition oif how important academies are? So important, that they insisted someone coming in from outside, taking on a defunct operation with no money, and labouring under massive impediments from day 1, must still run an academy. Hell, academies must have been seen by the RFL as nearly the most important feature in the whole gane, to insist on that? Yet the announcement that every other club is required to run an academy, regardles of whether they can afford to, for some reason seems to still not have been made, a year later. Anyone any ideas why? Frankly, I am confused. No, really.
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    Doing a bit of digging I found this from April/May 2017 on the TWP Website. Premier Sports To Broadcast The Wolfpack In The UK (Toronto) All 2017 and 2018 Toronto Wolfpack league matches, home and away, will be broadcast in the UK on Premier Sports. Premier Sports operates via Sky channel 428 (SD) and 462 (HD), Virgin channel 551 and via the Premier Player online. The broadcaster currently holds shows every game from the NRL and a host of magazine programs including Rugby League Back Chat and the NRL Footy Show making it a must have channel for fans of “The Greatest Game.” So it was all known about early last year and all TWP were doing was putting out a press release as a reminder. Looks likes Bo Derek's attempts to blame this on the RFL for not telling them before hand or as being the first people who should have released the information about the contract doesn't hold any water either. He truly doesn't come out of this looking anything like competent.
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    He just needs to put on 10kgs, lose a few notches of the bleep test and increase his BMI by a few percent. Oh and acquire a chronic knee complaint.

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