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    Excellent news on both fronts. I must say what a great bunch of people we have at our club from top to bottom and the support we get from our sponsors is incredible
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    Website & social media confirms signing of Lewis Galbraith. Good news. At game on Sunday you will see scoreboard relocated in permanent frame at top rear of Lingard terrace. Fibre optic cable going in tomorrow so can operate from in Rons lounge. Software been looked at so by first home game should be as we want it. This is with help of sponsors which will credit shortly when job complete but we are very grateful- good news i think more to follow....
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    Yes, it's the easiest thing in the world to be a cynical keyboard warrior. If you want an example of Andy Burnham's contributions, watch his speech at Anfield on the 20th Anniversary of Hillsborough - an uncomfortable watch. Then watch and listen to his Anfield speech on the 25th Anniversary, after he had delivered on his promise to support the 'Justice for the '96'. It may bring a tear, but I would challenge anyone to suggest that this politician didn't care. No complaints from me with Andy Burnham as a figurehead for the game.
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    Other broadcasting news though - Catalans home games confirmed as on Sky.
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    Are we learning nothing? Melbourne v Leeds kicking off at 9.05am on the Friday. There are literally two significant markets for this event, Australia and England and they pretty much rule out one of them by this scheduling. No doubt they will point out that Friday night viewers will bring in more just in Oz than it would on Sky even on the Saturday, but that isnt the point - no terrestrial broadcaster would ever want this event if we treat it like this. We have seen that the Aussies can get huge figures on a Sat or Sunday, and Sky would have got bigger figures for that. Why do we keep making it hard to be an RL fan?
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    Colombia is about to become the latest nation to have their first domestic fixture. http://www.asiapacificrl.com/2018/01/11/cota-host-inaugural-bogota-v-antioquia-fixture/?utm_campaign=twitter&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitter
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    Not any more. I think 38 pages is more than enough. There must be something else worth talking about...? Locked (finally).
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    I have sent my ideas to Mr Burnham, I am not a fan of talking shops and I hope that some of what I have sent to him could be implemented; it’s about a range of issues that effect our local communities and Rugby League. I can only hope I am knocking on the right door. there is no need to be negative or cynical and I think we all need to see what we can do to make our game survive and grow
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    Simple answer No.In fact to expand on that they want the likes of Oldham,Rochdale,Swinton and even Salford to just die peacefully and the sadistic bar stewards at the RFL would rejoice.#### they are
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    Mate his son plays our game and we need people like him on our side. I think he's s decent human being and deserves better than your cynical comment.
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    Very encouraging start to the season. Reid will get the plaudits and deservedly so but there was plenty of excellent performances from the new lads. Bridge looks absolute class and set up the Reid try. Crook kicked out of hand very well. Nelmes looked quality of the bench, had plenty of tough carries and made plenty of metres. Eccleston had a poor error which they scored from but had plenty of good carries. Johnson started well at full back but looked to take a knock and came off pretty early. Rasool had a few good tackles but didn't see too much ball. Holmes was similar making plenty of tackles at centre. From our other players Neild had a good game at full back. Hewitt played a lot better until he took a knock which then led to his error for the Adamson try. All the forwards worked pretty har.
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    2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013, Were all played on a Saturday morning Aus time.
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    I have added him to the matrix for the player stats for the forum and the club, I have him as number 29.
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    i think the guy on the left will have sunglasses on...can't miss him.
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    Always good to see a bit of casual racism and xenophobia ;-)
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    Shame, I really liked Dan. Hope he does well at Fax (except against TWP).
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    With your Farage history and not casting a vote, I'm very suspicious of your liberal metropolitan elite credentials...
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    The demographics show that older people were more likely to vote leave. Younger people were more likely vote remain. So without anyone changing their minds, if there are less older people and more younger people voting then the margin would swing to remain. It is of course just a mathematical exercise.
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    No. It's illustrative that it doesn't really matter what the government does if the opposition isn't fit to replace them. Everyone's dived into their particular trench and no one wants to stick their head out. Until opponents of the Tories start to understand why people vote Tory, and do something to win them over other than calling them all evil, which doesn't seem to be working, I doubt the polls will shift much at all.
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    As much as we grumble this is genuinely fair comment from the BBC. We are talking about world audiences here for its platform (bbc.com as opposed to bbc.co.uk).
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    Its blindingly obvious. As ever Saintslass becomes hard of understanding when evidence is put in front of her/him.
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    I think I can see some sense in it. If you really like Starburst sweets, but are determined not to have any, it can become quite an all consuming passion. Unless you focus on the times when you were not tempted, you focus on fighting the temptation. It becomes all consuming. Soon, you are making speeches about how to not eat Starburst sweets, but you notice them in every shop and eventually you give in and gorge yourself. If you had just had a pack of sweets when you fancied them and not considered it important to how worth while you are, you might have been fine.
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    Equally valid Why should you benefit from a million pound income without paying tax on it simply because your Grandma lived in Islington?
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    I can see your point but the whole "be the best" campaign since it started was a plagiarisation of an American campaign that worked quite well. Unfortunately, Britain isn't America when it comes to attitudes and it backfired in terms of recruitment. The British army isn't the American army and has widely differing attitudes on many things, from "bootcamp" to routine service, the British army is one hell of a lot less shouty and individually anal. The concepts of "team" are far more important than individualism in the British army. It's irrelevant if YOU are the best if you're in a team who are dysfunctional. Promoting an army that does have a softer side reflects the reality of the British army. I believe that "Frank" video I posted in my original post was one of the most successful campaigns in the army's entire voluntary recruitment history. In comparison, the "be the best" videos were touting specialist education and skills to a largely working class group of young people and school leavers who often had a poor experience of "education" and didn't know what they wanted to do beyond "oh ****, MORE education?"
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    Exactly, it totally beats me, why would a coach not want a situation where he can play those who have been out of form, ease back players returning from injury, assess personally those on the verge of promotion to first the first team, having all his player's training and playing to the same game plan's and strategies, what is there in that not to be advantageous to any coach?
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    Since it's conception dual registration has caused division between supporters and clubs alike. Love it or loath it dual registration will be used by ourselves and other clubs within our league this coming season. We simply can not afford the quality of players that Hull K R can provide us with and it would be foolish in the extreme not to take these players if they integrate and buy into the YCK culture that Ford is fostering at our club. No one on here will be complaining if a dual registration player from Hull K R scores the winning try that gets us promoted from this league.
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    Same reason for most. The game forgot investment in youth, paying more attention to cameras,or being dictated too by them. The game is dying for a reason,ignorance.
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    I agree, leave the case in court where I belongs. But changing the subject slightly, I have to say I am so disappointed with attitude of the Daily Post towards our club. They ran the story today, and even have video footage of the accused arriving at the magistrates court. What is disappointing is that this is the first time they have mentioned us on their website since John Cookson's heart attack last April. If only they could show a fraction of this interest during the season. http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/ex-crusaders-rugby-league-team-14135158
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    Similarily shoving all the best HB s , all the ' big ' kids and all the fast kids in one team/club doesnt help them develop All kids need to develop all the skills , small kids grow later and catch up and pass the young big kids
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    Really hope it is still online on the CBC.
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    Does seem odd as I thought the WCC was meant to be a bigger deal for Super League fans than NRL fans. Hope Leeds stuff them by the way.
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    Every SL club should be forced to run under 16s,18s & 21s/reserves or else they can't use the marquee rule Championship clubs should at least run a under 21s/reserves...with under 18s encouraged but optional..
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    Yes for a good few years was part of a really good second row with Langers , he had good hands and an eye for the try line. Wish him all the best and thanks for his time at Oldham
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    With the players they've got & McNamara in charge. I really fancy them doing it.
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    Too young for the 70's, but differences from attending in the 80's and 90's include: I can now go to the toilet indoors, I dont get a lungful of carcinogenic tobacco fumes, see no baggy player shirts, rarely have to figure out who the mud covered player is (or indeed who's team he is on), I don't have to wear 5 layers of clothing to keep warm whilst standing huddled under a leaking roof on a windswept terrace, watch almost no biff (on or off the pitch) and see no-one listening to the half time scores from other games on transistor radios. Most of these disappearing are good things but one thing that has definately changed for the worse for me is the demise of advert free shirts, which has now reached a new undignified low with the current trend of adverts on players bums. Oh, and players welfare has improved, I recall watching concused players staggering round the pitch for half a game or crippled lads being put on the wing and hobbling up and down, clearly causing further damage to themselves, because there were only 2 subs allowed. Thankfully not all has changed, I can still visit a substantial number of SL grounds which retain the traditionally nostalgic opportunites to drink terrible beer, consume food with less nutrition than a piece of varnished wood and get soaking wet whenever it rains....what some on here quaintly refer to as atmosphere ☺
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    By far the you are worst spy ever...how was James Bond British?
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    Nigels realised he doesn't have much of a role post Brexit, perhaps America no longer returns his calls and if he can spin out a 2nd referendum, lose that, campaign for a 3rd, it'll see him through to retirement, he'll be a regular on Question Time and keep his MEP salary!
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    Well i went on a spending spree if you mean buying a new Dishwasher and some household lighting quick before the prices went up as I could guess a Bosch appliance was not going to drop in price over the next couple of years I think that a lot of the pre xmas spending was people buying now whilst they could afford - but note M&S fancy food sales down, LIDL/ALDI fancy food sales up - people are being canny with their money even if they are spending it
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    That's why I said "if not a single person changes their mind." The over-65s voted 64-36 in favour of leave, the under-25s voted 71-29 in favour of remain. Since the referendum, approx 7% of the population over the age of 65 has died. A further 1.5 million people aged 18 and 19 are now eligible to vote. You might think that EU citizens getting British passports would also have an effect, but it seems like only an additional 60 000 people since the referendum, which is not enough to make much difference. As the original referendum was 51% to 49%, it's fairly clear though, that remain would win if the vote was held now - unless there are some people who have changed their mind. Which there may well be. Nevertheless, while I'm sure Mr. Farage would like to get his face back on tv, I don't think it was anything more than a throwaway remark - nothing for him to gain by having another referendum.
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    We have a revamp every few years. What's he on about?
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    I’m in shock , Montenegro are putting a team in the comp; can’t wait for this to kick off
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    Amine speaks out http://treizemondial.fr/amine-miloudi-a-palau-relever-nouveau-defi/ According to the interview in the link he wasn't sacked from his Castleford trial but he was injured. Also he moved to Palau to be closer to home, he didn't 'walk out'
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    Lost interest in it a while back. Can't quite remember why though.
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    Dead chuffed for the boys tonight, they stuck together, played for each other and the fans.This team with the new faces in it gave off good vibes as far as I'm concerned. A good victory.
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    So let me get this right, David Davis is talking of taking the EU to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), a court we want to leave and is one of our red lines, because the EU is preparing for a no-deal Brexit? The No-deal brexit that we have threatened again and again?
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    Form is temporary, lack of class is permanent.