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  1. Let's hope they don't beat us then!!
  2. Iconic, but surely every Dewsbury fan has one by now?
  3. Luke Blake's return is very good news, a real solid player who's contribution to the teams performance his final season went a little under the radar. Glad to have him on board. Chandler will give the squad some further depth.
  4. Fev doing something to the detriment of smaller clubs... they really are preparing for SL
  5. Just read the same statement on the Eagles forum!!
  6. Weather forecast is for rain on the Friday...
  7. I'll take Fax at home first up. With the brass they've spent getting them early gives us a good chance to turn them over Dogs 22 Halitosis 16
  8. I've a job to remember last week let alone the past decade. I remember the play off away at HKR when we scored first lol the noise we made
  9. Yeah border guard up Hanging Heaton...
  10. I'd worry about next season first and leave the distant future where it is PD
  11. That just rolls off the tongue so easily, can't wait to hear their chants and songs
  12. Aw what the heck, we do what we can. Count me in
  13. Good player, shame to lose a talented player as he'll be hard to replace
  14. Back to the old only one person in the tackle rather than players dropping off
  15. Not if the hands av dropped off!
  16. Not so much new but scrums back, one on one ball steal, and injured players treated off the pitch. Interesting that Iro sits on the panel representing Championship clubs
  17. Some effort that for a wonderful and important cause
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