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  1. I'd agree I'd we were kicking off the season this Sunday, but we are a good way off that yet, and I'll bet our recruitment isn't done yet...
  2. I think we would have taken Woods before Gilmore a couple of years ago. The guys from Bradford have potential. Look at Elliot Hall, he went to Bradford and didn't fit, but was excellent for us. RL is a team game and quite often the sum are greater than the parts. Craig knows he doesn't have money to burn and will consider very carefully the personality of the player as well as their potential. His job is then to fit them in and deliver that potential and I think he's quite good at doing that!
  3. In my younger days, pre summer rugby I was always a popular player off the bench, primarily because I'd warmed it up for the cold fella coming off the field
  4. I got out my protractor, and did some fiddling with it and realised its actually an optical illustration projected onto a flat pitch to tire the opposition, hence our unrivalled sucess in the HW District... Think I might have blown our top six finish this season
  5. One things for sure, if he ain't pulling his weight, he won't play, there is some stiff competition in the pack this season. Ibdo think we bring the best out in players and think the move to the dogs could be very good for both
  6. Good game to start with, I think both teams will be hoping to catch each other cold!
  7. Oh goody a trip up the A64... not!
  8. And it ain't walking distance to the centre either
  9. I had Dewsbury down for a top two finish, but suspect 4th is more realistic
  10. Excellent forward, and I like others are pleased to see the BOD and BISSA are defending our runner-up position in the Championship. Can't have those SL wannabes like Fev n Fax have it easy
  11. Didn't he also do "get down"? A song apt for our noisy neighbours...
  12. Decent experienced player, think he'll do us well.
  13. Jimmy Meadow's on for 2023 Great news
  14. Not sure about those at 3:47min in, frighten the bejesus out of me. Still I suppose it was nearly Halloween night!
  15. I always suspected Roger, but what about us signing on Johnny for another season
  16. Give over Mr F. You'll be getting us all giddy this side of the valley
  17. We've got Keegan back, what more do we need...
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