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    Toronto are good news. Full stop. The crowds are fantastic. You can easily imagine them growing another 5,000 or so if they get into SL. Sounds like a there is a great buzz and atmosphere around the club too. The thing is, we have taken the internationalisation of the game in our stride. People like going to Catalan and Toulouse and those Rochdale fans seemed to have a fab time on Saturday. Someone made a good point on Twitter (I think), which was that SL needs refreshing and clubs like Toronto now and maybe in the future clubs like Coventry (and I hope London) bring a breath of fresh air and media interest in the game, so Toronto and their fans are great news.
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    Blimey - there must be some right wrong 'uns in that Rhinos squad to get this pushed through just in time
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    Injuries, small squad, part time players. Featherstone haven’t been good enough, they have lost against all the top teams, 2 against fellow part timers Halifax. I’ll be honest, if Mark Campbell turned his attention to York then who could blame him as a businessman? We have had some fantastic seasons over the last 10 years and still attendances aren’t great really. Then, if we were to make SL, they would increase due to away followings but then drop off with the Home following due to losing a majority of games. I love sitting in that stand and minding my own business watching Rovers but aside from the 2,000 (ish) who turn up every week I’m starting to wonder if we’re at our limit. The sport has slowly fallen away in our little town and days like yesterday won’t help. Aside from all that, it was good to see a close game again, there has been too many 60, 70, 80 point score lines. We win, yay, everyone is happy but does it get your heart going? Do you have any fingernails left? Yesterday was a shame but we’ll move on and keep trying to get up there. I know that in the coming weeks I will be cheering on Toronto, Toulouse, London & Fax (if they are the 4) in the hope that they do our league proud. Hell, ad absolutely love if all 4 went up, what a spanner that would be. Good luck to all those teams, they deserve their place and deserve to represent our league.
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    I've nothing but good things to say about Toronto. As long as clubs start at the bottom and earn their way to the top on the field playing to the same rules as everyone else then the more expansion the better as far as i'm concerned. The size of their crowds has been enormously encouraging, i hope they go from strength to strength and continue to help the sport grow in Canada, the thought of rugby league becoming a major sport in places it currently isn't, is always the biggest prize that for me, as a heartlander, any expansion club can help deliver. We're a long way from that of course but every journey starts with one small step. I'm excited to see what impact playing in Super League has on the local interest if and when Toronto win another promotion. How far along are Toronto with developing a youth set up, does anyone know? Getting more Canadians playing the game and in the long run, eventually seeing some emerge good enough to play at pro/semi-pro level along with the impact that has on the Canadian national team and the international game, is another potential major benefit you hope to get from an expansion team and i'm sure it's something the Wolfpack have an eye on in due course.
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    For some, it’s just enjoyable and intriguing to see how the TWP progress and develop. For others, breaking all records in SL will never be enough. Tant pis. We’re never going to see massed hoards of fans crossing the Atlantic, but we’re certainly seeing a different, seemingly more engaged approach from the club. Bit of a learning experience all round imo.
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    Lets be totally honest the game could have gone either way yesterday. Dropped balls, Silly penalties, Forward passes etc. On another day Batley could have easily taken the spoils. Nothing between the 2 teams. At the start of the season it was pretty obvious that the teams that currently occupy positions 1 - 6 in the table would be there. Batley are currently in 7th. You can't realistically ask for more than that looking at the squads of the top 6. Four of the top 6 are full time and Fax and Fev have better squads than the likes of Batley, Dewsbury etc.
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    I haven't a microcosm of sympathy towards Isis but the minute you start changing the rules because of their behaviour they've won. They should be tried here and jailed for life. The Home Secretary doesn't remake Government policy. He's more interested in throwing his hat in the ring when May gets the black spot. Another one who exists in a moral vacuum.
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    As reported in League Express, because of the Wolfpacks close links to the Canadian high commission they will be stepping in and ensuring that no players are blocked from entering the country because of criminal records or any other reason. That's real positive news for the Wolfpack project and the 8s.
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    I'm so glad that AB had the humility and honesty to ask. he wasn't alone...!
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    How he's not classed as a troll is behond me say something positive about town and a laughing emoji appears! A life hes lacking me thinks..
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    Rhinos?? Fev's trip's next week. We pull the strings.
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    No excuses for yesterday, we had a decent team out on the park, I thought we won the forward battle and I thought Campbell and Smeaton played well, but this total football approach is simply not working. You will never win games coughing up so much possession. The most frighteningly annoying part of yesterday was, we managed once again to limbo underneath the appalling standards set by our opponents. I can take being beaten by better sides, but Dewsbury were dreadful and we were even worse. In all honesty, even if we had managed a third try to win the game near the end, my outlook would be no different. It was an error strewn knock-on-a-thon with so many stoppages that it resembled an American Football game rather than a game of rugby league. The standard of the handling displayed by both sides would have been an embarrassment to an under 11's team. I'm all for this total football approach, but only after the game is won. Get the game out of sight and then try to entertain, surely a guy who has spent as long in the game as Diskin must realise this? Do not under any circumstances try it before the game is won though, we do not seem to know, or to be learning this basic of the game. The errors yesterday cost us, as they have so often over the last couple of seasons. I do not know what Diskin's half time team talk comprised of, but a simple message of whoever controls the ball better after the break, will win the game, was all that was needed. We came out in the second half, in just the same Cavalier fashion as the first, forcing passes, not playing the percentages and our kicking game was absolutely abysmal. I still maintain we were robbed at the Bash by a poor decision, we were robbed again yesterday, but not by a poor decision, I couldn't blame the ref for yesterday, we robbed ourselves, by either an inept coach, or a group of players who ignored the instruction to settle it down, either way, the coach is accountable for it. I am all for giving the guy a chance and the time to make changes and put his mark on the team. But after almost 2 seasons of quite frankly, abject failure, how long are we going to keep up this charade that he is ever going to make a coach? What worries me more is, how many more chances are we going to give him before we prove beyond doubt that he is simply out of his depth?
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    All York can do is win their remaining games. There's a decent chance Bradford might drop points somewhere. I usually enjoy the play offs but with there being such a gap between the top two and the rest this season neither of them really deserve to miss out. For the good of the sport I think we need Bradford in the Super League and York in the championship with the potential for growth.
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    Well what a GREAT and wonderful and pleasant experience I had at the Wolfpack/Rochdale game today. I met up with a Rabbito fan in a pub before the game randomly (I think he was some sort of undercover reporter or something).... this was the first game I have went to by myself since the family could and would not be removed from the cottage on the weekend! I made the long drive down, went to the 3 Brewers and this guy was beside me....i said Hello. He had come into NA via San Fran about a week ago and been traveling in the US, up to Toronto for the Wolfpack game and then off to St. Louis next...had been in Denver....knew alot about RL....I think he is an undercover reporter from Oz or something....currently lives across the bay from where I used to live in Sydney. He say, "Did you ever kayak up Lane Cove River?" I laughed and told him I jogged it every day but no one could canoe or kayak through that mangrove swamp!" I think he was testing me. Anyway met some others who gave him and me (after I gave him my unused season ticket) to the VIP lounge for the game.....he couldn't believe the kindness of the Wolfpack fans! He kept my ticket as a souvenir as we drank beers and discussed the game...other Rabbito fans emerged in jerseys and hats an before you knew it I felt like i was in downtown Sydney again! HE GOT TO SPEAK TO THE OWNER WHICH WAS REALLY NEAT FOR HIM. He figured our operation is equivalent to the Rabbitos by my best guess! Toronto is the Alpha and the Omega...the Wolfpack is the future of Rugby League....the atmosphere at the game today was so refreshing.!...for everyone including all the Aussies. We are the future and don't listen to the Naysayers about us......anyone of the fans who was there today had a great day of rugby! its just the Karma of the whole thing is all...is very wholesome and refreshing.....all good! Thanks to Rochdale for a great game and your fans were decked out and alot of fun too! All the fans from all over the world....we are the meeting place! GREAT THINGS TO COME! Its time to give Toronto the credit it not only deserves but has rightfully earned! "God Blesses The Toronto Wolfpack!"
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    Oh dear AB "F"eatherstone and Y "ork" = 🤨
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    We’re asked to press the ignore button but why should we on our own forum? Marrafanny and Mouse are just on here to report back to the haven forum that town fans can’t get on. Cue confused or laughing emoji
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    Not the point... we don't hand over evidence that could see someone have the death penalty applied. Don't like it? Get Parliament to change it, not a thick-as-mince new minister who hasn't even had his new business cards printed yet.
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    One thing that must happen next year, whatever happens, is that all games must start on the same day and time on the final weekend. If Toronto and Toulouse cannot play home games at 3.0pm Sunday UK time then they should be playing away against a UK side in the final fixture. It's irrelevant now, but Top4 qualification could easily have gone down to points difference with those playing last knowing exactly how many they need to score.
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    Good news and things like this just show yet again what a proactive organisation the Wolfpack are.
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    And I was mocked when I said that the RFL/TWP should work with the Canadian government to ensure trouble free access.
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    So it`s yawn is it georgeb 1 . Someone either at Town or West Wales has given the chance for anyone to watch the game , full marks to them , this should happen more often , hats off to whoever took the time to put it on here .
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    That's the problem though, they use the hard edge to change the rules then it becomes the norm. Much like most anti-terrorism stuff. For example, the surveillance laws brought in with "safeguards" that it will only be used for anti-terrorism operations now gets used to prosecute those who litter or don't clear up after their dogs. On this one, the next time a young kid with Asperger's hacks the US military then we'll happily send them along even though the ultimate penalty is death.
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    In case we're keeping count, I just had another hot dinner after coming home from another Oldham game.
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    By OUR do you mean YOUR great game?. Do you want a game the whole world enjoys or or just those clubs in the heartlands? What do Rochdale thenselves actually do to promote the game in Rochdale? I have seen the crowd fugures and it doesn't appear they do much. If you believe the future lies in the M62 corridor I would urge you at the next home game to look at the faces in the crowd and ask yourself how many look to be under 40 years of age.

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