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  1. RLJ talk to about 50,000 people across social media a week, which is why they are keen to hopefully send some rugby league fans this way.
  2. We have agreed to feature Dev Into on the jerseys in a secondary spot if a different message is chosen.
  3. Here are some ideas based on feedback.
  4. Hi all, The jersey space is indicated below. Please note these are not the finished jerseys, its just an indication for space of what you might like to work with. Alongside this, the logo (When decided) will appear on all the club Facebook posts and background. We will also run 3 seperate promotions for your product through all our Rugby League Jamaica social (It hits about 100k people), so there is potential to drive others to this forum, or to point them to whatever cause you might like to. Hopefully this helps!
  5. Hi all, Probably best for me to speak up at this point. Firstly, thanks so much to each of you for making this happen, it really does help the game in Jamaica. Now, as part of the package, RLJ aim to promote the product of the sponsor, so, in the case of this forum, we would love to drive some more users over here. Dev Inno have been great and the amount over and above the USD $500 has secured them the naming rights to the High School U14, U16 and girls tournament. We will incorporate Dev Innos brand onto the Hyenas jersey. In terms of the help you guys have put forwards, we really look at these things as partnerships. So ideally, we would like to drive more people over to this forum. We reckon there are a fair few Jamaicas who dont know it exists yet, alongside somme of our Pacific and North American followers. My question is two fold: Would you like to have a simple message, or a driver to this forum (Hopefully Jon and the totalrl guys would be fine with that. Secondly, as we will make replicas available, we are considering making them exclusive to Totalrl forum members for the Hyenas. If this is the case, would you prefer to be wearing a 'Totalrl Forum" logo, or a different message? This is your choice of course, but form our perspective, we would prefer to promote your message rather than 'take the money and run' in our approach. Many thanks again Martin Riding Rugby League Jamaica
  6. Something like that. There is a business plan in place, essentially the semi pro competition would be joint owned with its licence fees covering the cost of junior development in its catchment area. We are about 5 years from making this any kind of reality at the moment. We need to increase player numbers in order to refine them. That said, there are some really promising athletes who could excel at our game. The money to fund it isn't the only barrier. You could put in a million dollars next year, but it still takes time for people to understand what our game is, to take it up, to excel. Its also important that Jamaica develops in a Jamaican way. Thats something that the guys on the ground are really good at.
  7. HI mate, I help Romeo and the team out, im based in NZ though. Its really amazing the work they put in out there on a nothing budget. There are way over 1000 registered players on the island. The NCC is the senior club competition, runs from May to Sept/Oct and had 7 clubs in 2019. Under that is the RLJ:D2, which is the expansion club competition, this is a short season designed to keep players in the game and to grow into new areas. There are 6 or 7 (Waiting for confirmation) universities who play in the Intercol league who are tied to clubs in informal ways.CMU Spartans are the Caribbean Maritime university. One if the best things the guys have sorted there is that the Unis offer scholarships based on rugby league, so Rugby League is help ing people through higher education. Intercol start this month and is again an open age league. The most impressive part of all the activity out there is the high school leagues. They run U19 U16 and U14 (U16 and U14 start this month). We see schools come and go over time, but the longer term aim is here. This is the main investment made. There are 16-18 schools playing the game and a wide geographical spread. We are working to introduce more schools, and then form regional academies to improve promising players. Also this season, for the first time, we will have a girls schools comp under modified rules. To put it in context, $1000 US dollars would pay for 1 full time coach who can look after 2 schools. For $102,000 per year we could have a full time coach for every school in Jamaica. We play year round, so there is also a series of 9s competitions that we are looking to formalise into more of a season moving forwards. Sport is quite different out there because the of the social challenges, so players look to sport as a career pathway. In time, we hope to establish a pro/semi pro league. The catalyst for this is the 2021 World Cup. The aim is that every Jamaican in Jamaica knows firstly that Rugby League is a Sport, and secondly that it is played in Jamaica. If we can do that, our numbers will swell. Once again mate, its the guys on the ground who do the work, they are awesome, I just help with the presentation and strategy really. I hope that helps
  8. Replicas will be available, but the plan is to do a limited edition run this season now we know how many units usually sell. We originally did a full range for the RLJ:D2 competition (This is the expansion comp) which was designed to recover the costs to produce the jerseys. It went pretty well, but we were a little short on the numbers that we needed. Needless to say, there will be replicas available as we look to expand the offering.
  9. Hi Eddie, They have released main sponsor packages at $500. 3 of the 7 have gone at this point. They will be releasing other packages if these sell out in time. Im told the cost is to cover the kit cost, which means the Association can then invest the usual spend here into further development.
  10. If anyone might be interested in helping the game in Jamaica, they are offering main sponsorships for a reasonable price. Apologies if this isn't allowed, just trying to help grow the game.
  11. League in Auckland is on the fall mate. There are more clubs here than Union ones, but they merged a while back to increase their numbers. The issue is that League was semi pro when Carlaw Park was operating so it drew the wider public interest, now its all park fields and falling standards. The changing demographic means the working class people are being pushed south our of Auckland proper, with many moving to OZ, whilst more centrally, there hasn't been much work to draw the new immigrants to our game. The playing numbers in youth levels are the biggest concern out here, and the influence of the High School Union comp is huge. Its basically on a par coverage wise with Superleague in the UK. Its live on Sky, they get good crowds and people love their schools. As a Pohm over here, I find that infinitely weird. I would hazard to say that since 2000 the game has regressed to probably behind football, Union, touch, cricket, with basketball, baseball and even American football on the rise. We haven't had any real investment in the game at club level, its all spent elsewhere, so the club facilities struggle twofold, they get less council funding because of falling numbers and less funding form the league because they are busy elsewhere. At the top level, the Fox memorial senior mens comp draws a decent level of coverage, but is nothing like nationally recognised anymore, and its has basically no corporate support, compared to the half million a year it was getting back in the 90s from breweries and the like. All in all mate, we need to change up what we are doing here in Auckland, but I can tell you first hand that its a difficult process to reason this with the old guard.
  12. Im surprised Latrell Mitchells name hasn't popped up yet. Maybe im crazy, but hear me out. He is holding out for $1M a season in Oz, thats 500,000 quid. Isn't that a quarter of what they are paying SBW? Why would they throw huge money at Manu Tuilangi if they could possibly get Mitchell for a season or two.
  13. Yeah, but how is this any business of Jamaica? How can the allegation be upheld if it was said behind closed doors? Unless the rest of that French team step forward to confirm or deny that happened then it just a headline grabber. If this is a genuine concern from the player, then why wasn't it brought to RLIF at the time, why os to only now, after he has decided to fall out with them that this serious allegation shows up? Was the player happy to keep his mouth shut if he got his food payed for and his jersey was hung in his living room after each game? If this allegation can be proven, than appropriate action should be taken, however, without evidence, or a proper investigation, then the quote is a slanderous one. You can't bury people on accusation alone.
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