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  1. The 20s is a combine of Akarana, Counties Manukau and ARL. For some reason, ARL still run rep teams, despite the NZRL recognising Akarana and Counties as the voting members. It's all a bit complex, but to me, it looks like when the report I listed earlier came out, ARL decided that they were bigger than that and wanted to do their own thing.In the past few years ARL have gone back to fielding rep teams, its all cannibalistic.
  2. If you are interested, this report was undertaken in 2009, when the government basically stepped in to sort the shady dealings of NZRL out. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/26518854/rugby-league-contributing-to-new-zealands-future-pdf-138-mb I would love to say the game has moved on since this stuff, and in many ways the NZRL has. Unfortunately that cant be said of the practices mentioned and some of the people referred to. In terms of a national comp, NZRL has struggled to capture the imagination of the masses in the same way that super rugby did. I honestly think
  3. Hi Gents, I am of the understanding that these were posted out a couple of weeks ago from Jamaica. Let me touch base with Roy and ill come back to you all with an update.
  4. HI all, Apologies for the really slow response on this one. The jerseys landed in Jamaica just at the end of last week. There were delays coming from the supplier in Pakistan who makes the match jerseys (The usual replica supplier is in China). Jerseys will be posted out from Jamaica this week, so postage permitting, should be with you in about 10 days. Once again, apologies for the delay in this one, its not the normal way we do things, but with the whole situation, we are hopefully there with replicas. We are also looking at when we can get the NCC sea
  5. I would be strongly against bringing the worst rule in the NFL into our game. As for head injuries, we have rules in place for that, and as an earlier post says, concussions are a result of the brain hitting the skull, either rapid acceleration or deceleration. We would need to play touch to remove it. Meanwhile, the UFC and boxing have never been more popular. I agree with player welfare, but we also need to recognise what the fans of our sport are looking to watch. Deal with foul play more stringently, and we would have a better result, no new rules needed.
  6. With the Wolfpack news, it looks as though 'Super league' has set out its intentions for the future. Far from the original concept of a Europe wide league, with a worldwide club system, it looks like more decline in the wider public interest moving forwards. With this in mind, and with the amount of rebranding going on (Ironically, in Wigans words to, attract new fans) is it an idea for the 'Super League' to rebrand to what it actually intends to be, a Heartland Championship. The general state of play appears to be that they will let you play so long as you pay all costs and tak
  7. The two are worlds apart mate. ARL is like north west counties, only with less infrastructure. The Farah Palmer cup is a national comp run by the provincial unions. They have tv deals and all the things you would expect of it.
  8. Mitre 10 Cup is a pro comp mate. They play at enclosed stadia, and only Auckland has the extra weird lock down conditions. Auckland Rugby league is played on park fields.
  9. Stock levels are back. Sorry, just trying to make sure only 5 are sold. We only have 4 available in other clubs at this point, so that to those who have bought other club jerseys
  10. I can't post a photo sorry, the forum is saying I have no space. Link is here https://1908.store/collections/frontpage/products/limited-edition-jamaica-ncc-club-jersey-4
  11. Hi all, I have an update for you. The season WILL go ahead, but when isn't yet clear as RLJ are waiting on Government clearance. Safe to say that everything is locked and loaded, which brings me to.... For the first time, RLJ are making a few replicas available. If you don't know, they basically own their supply chain, so all of the Money made from it goes directly to the league and not to designers or retailers. The pricing model is our on social media now, with only 5 jerseys for each team available at USD$100, EXCEPT for the Hyenas. Romeo and the guys have as
  12. Great topic. ive been away from England for a fair while now, but it’s always weird to me when we mention London. The game is at least 40 years old there now, but you are right, it’s very much drought and flood when it comes to popularity. personally, I often wonder if the lack of inter London rivalries is part of this? football is popular, but there is no London team, it’s popularity was born from local communities playing other local communities. Something that they still call ‘theirs’ Not that I would want to, because the UK is a nightmare to gr
  13. I can't agree with this. It seems that the answer to participation is always to essentially play a different sport in the hope that it attracts new participants. In essence, we are trying to shy away from what makes our game popular. In my opinion, the issue with europeans playing the game are more about culture than about fear of big Polynesian kids. The lack of a public profile for our game in NZ is a big problem, even eligible NRL players talk about supporting the all blacks. The further the local bodies stray from actually promoting our product for what it is, the worse the
  14. This is a bit of nonsense. The reality is that its not Union being the problem in NZ, its the atrocious administration within NZRL. Auckland thinks it is bigger than the club, whilst simultaneously trying to kill a number of its own clubs off to form a NSW cup type competition, without any sustainable business case. The money they had accrued up to the 1970s was squandered by following mis management, whilst NZRL are traditionally both financially and idea poor. The perception of our game here is that everyone knows 'league' but its seen as a game for the dregs of society. The unio
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