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  1. Round 4 fixtures and write up from the Otago Daily Times. Ponsonby fight for 2 wins, qualifying for the grand final in the process. A battling Waitaki Warriors took the steam out of Ponsonby in game 1, gassing themselves in the process, where they played a fresh University team. A scrappy Ponsonby did enough in game 2 against a weakened South Pacific team, showing some spirit to keep their unbeaten record alive. Kia Toa again showed improvement, with the Tigers taking the 'W' against South Pacific in what was possibly the upset fo the season so far. 1PM Game results South Pacific Raiders 26-42 Kia Toa Tigers Ponsonby United 32-6 Waitaki Warriors 2:45 game results University 50-0 Waitaki Warriors South Pacific Raiders 6-34 Ponsonby United
  2. Win table after Round 3. The League also picked up some sponsorship from an Auckland clothing retailer. buyveblen.com
  3. Round 3 Fixtures and write up from the Otago Daily Times. Im unable to upload photos, but the results and game images are on social, making this thread particularly dull This round was played in Oamaru, taking the game to new audiences, with Ponsonby taking a 2 hour flight, then a 1.5 hour drive each way to make the games. 1PM games Ponsonby United 38-8 Waitaki Warriors University 28-16 Kia Toa Tigers 2:45 games Kia Toa Tigers 0-60 Ponsonby United Waitaki Warriors 8 - 30 University Waitaki showed fight by taking the lead against Ponsonby early, but the Auckland team found their feet later in the game, University showed some fight to beat an much improved Kia Toa in game one, and had to back that up to gain a win over Waitaki in game 2.
  4. Round 2 Fixtures and write up form the Otago Daily Times. University came back with 2 big wins, first over Kia Toa, then with a revenge win over South Pacific Raiders. South Pacific took a game 1 win over the Waitaki Warriors, 36-6 before Waitaki took a win from Kia Toa who suffered too many injuries to take the field for a second game.
  5. Fixtures from round 1, and a write up from the Otago Daily Times. 2 wins each for South Pacific and Ponsonby, with Kia Toa struggling for the opener, and Ponsonby overcoming the fancies University in game to of the round.
  6. The Otago Rugby League competition is underway, way down the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand. After quite a few years of struggle, this year is a bit different, with the entry of Auckland club, Ponsonby United. Ponsonby are NZs oldest club and have been facing some political trouble with the Auckland Rugby League, who are bizarrely refusing to let them play in the competitive mens competition. The entry of an Auckland team is the first time the Otago competition has had an entry from a North Island team, and is drawing some decent attention to the game down South. For Ponsonby, it is not the first time that the club has played out of Auckland. They had previously challenged for, and won the Thacker shield back in the 1940s. The Thacker Shield is now exclusively played for between Canterbury and West Coast rep teams. The other teams playing in 2021 are Dunedin based University, Kia Toa Tigers, South Pacific Raiders, and the Oamaru based Waitaki Warriors. For context, Oamaru is a good hour and 45 minutes drive from Dunedin, so the footprint of the game is growing. The format of the competition is something of a novelty also, with each team playing 2 games of 60 minutes each week. The challenging nature of playing 120 minutes a week has been a great way for each round to hold a festival atmosphere, with at least 4 of the 5 clubs present at each venue, each week. There are 5 rounds of action, and the Grand final takes place on September 4th. You can follow the action on facebook & instagram, and ill post here also.
  7. The 20s is a combine of Akarana, Counties Manukau and ARL. For some reason, ARL still run rep teams, despite the NZRL recognising Akarana and Counties as the voting members. It's all a bit complex, but to me, it looks like when the report I listed earlier came out, ARL decided that they were bigger than that and wanted to do their own thing.In the past few years ARL have gone back to fielding rep teams, its all cannibalistic.
  8. If you are interested, this report was undertaken in 2009, when the government basically stepped in to sort the shady dealings of NZRL out. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/26518854/rugby-league-contributing-to-new-zealands-future-pdf-138-mb I would love to say the game has moved on since this stuff, and in many ways the NZRL has. Unfortunately that cant be said of the practices mentioned and some of the people referred to. In terms of a national comp, NZRL has struggled to capture the imagination of the masses in the same way that super rugby did. I honestly think its just down to poor brand perception, but national champs is played in front of basically no crowds, with the exception of Canterbury, whose clubs seem to have got on board with the Bulls concept. What seems to be the biggest repeating feature with NZRL is the enemy within.
  9. Hi Gents, I am of the understanding that these were posted out a couple of weeks ago from Jamaica. Let me touch base with Roy and ill come back to you all with an update.
  10. HI all, Apologies for the really slow response on this one. The jerseys landed in Jamaica just at the end of last week. There were delays coming from the supplier in Pakistan who makes the match jerseys (The usual replica supplier is in China). Jerseys will be posted out from Jamaica this week, so postage permitting, should be with you in about 10 days. Once again, apologies for the delay in this one, its not the normal way we do things, but with the whole situation, we are hopefully there with replicas. We are also looking at when we can get the NCC season underway, unfortunately, because of the country infrastructure regarding medical, and the recent flooding, its a bit of a waiting game, but we will be there sooner rather than later hopefully. Please flick me a direct message if you have personal questions, otherwise im happy to field them on this thread. Once again, thanks for all your patience on this, we didn't anticipate this level of delay in the supply.
  11. I would be strongly against bringing the worst rule in the NFL into our game. As for head injuries, we have rules in place for that, and as an earlier post says, concussions are a result of the brain hitting the skull, either rapid acceleration or deceleration. We would need to play touch to remove it. Meanwhile, the UFC and boxing have never been more popular. I agree with player welfare, but we also need to recognise what the fans of our sport are looking to watch. Deal with foul play more stringently, and we would have a better result, no new rules needed. Shots to the head have never been ok, is just that the way it has been ruled on over time has changed.
  12. With the Wolfpack news, it looks as though 'Super league' has set out its intentions for the future. Far from the original concept of a Europe wide league, with a worldwide club system, it looks like more decline in the wider public interest moving forwards. With this in mind, and with the amount of rebranding going on (Ironically, in Wigans words to, attract new fans) is it an idea for the 'Super League' to rebrand to what it actually intends to be, a Heartland Championship. The general state of play appears to be that they will let you play so long as you pay all costs and take none of the revenue generated. This is, of course, their prerogative, its their league, but calling it a 'Super League' is starting to look wildly out of place. I dont see any clear vision of the games future at the top level, aside from bold statements about rebellious nature and other such marketing. I feel that the 'Super league' actually has failed to understand what professional sports leagues are; there is confusion about who's job it is to nurture new talent, about who can fit at the top level, and a clearly blurred line between traditional amateur competitions that put teams at a level from which they can compete, and professional leagues, who have franchises, identities who compete at a level for which they can afford, and add growth to the 'marketplace' that is a league (See the NFL). So, genuine question, is it time to call it what it is, a heartlands championship and hope for the return of those fans from the good old day?
  13. The two are worlds apart mate. ARL is like north west counties, only with less infrastructure. The Farah Palmer cup is a national comp run by the provincial unions. They have tv deals and all the things you would expect of it.
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