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  1. The two are worlds apart mate. ARL is like north west counties, only with less infrastructure. The Farah Palmer cup is a national comp run by the provincial unions. They have tv deals and all the things you would expect of it.
  2. Mitre 10 Cup is a pro comp mate. They play at enclosed stadia, and only Auckland has the extra weird lock down conditions. Auckland Rugby league is played on park fields.
  3. Stock levels are back. Sorry, just trying to make sure only 5 are sold. We only have 4 available in other clubs at this point, so that to those who have bought other club jerseys
  4. I can't post a photo sorry, the forum is saying I have no space. Link is here https://1908.store/collections/frontpage/products/limited-edition-jamaica-ncc-club-jersey-4
  5. Hi all, I have an update for you. The season WILL go ahead, but when isn't yet clear as RLJ are waiting on Government clearance. Safe to say that everything is locked and loaded, which brings me to.... For the first time, RLJ are making a few replicas available. If you don't know, they basically own their supply chain, so all of the Money made from it goes directly to the league and not to designers or retailers. The pricing model is our on social media now, with only 5 jerseys for each team available at USD$100, EXCEPT for the Hyenas. Romeo and the guys have asked me to pass on their thanks for everyone who contributed, and as part of that, they are going to make two discounts available: For anyone who contributed to the sponsorship deal, they are making a 50% discount on Hyenas jerseys. For any member of the Totalrl forum, they will offer a 25% discount. They are selling jerseys on pre order for the next (I think) couple of weeks and then the order goes in. There will only be one run of jerseys I am told because they like the idea of someone being able to have a collectors item, rather than a training shirt. I have copied their social post below, and the discount code for forum members is : TOTALRL2020 You will need to confirm your forum identity before they let it though. If you have contributed to the sponsorship, please flick me a personal message and I will get you a code for that. *post* It's been a while since we saw some NCC Rugby League action, but we are working on changing that as soon as it is safe to do so. Now, for the first time, we are making limited edition NCC jerseys available on pre order. Strictly limited to 5 per team, you can support the game and grab a real collectors item. Visit www.1908.store to get involved! Free worldwide postage included
  6. Great topic. ive been away from England for a fair while now, but it’s always weird to me when we mention London. The game is at least 40 years old there now, but you are right, it’s very much drought and flood when it comes to popularity. personally, I often wonder if the lack of inter London rivalries is part of this? football is popular, but there is no London team, it’s popularity was born from local communities playing other local communities. Something that they still call ‘theirs’ Not that I would want to, because the UK is a nightmare to grow the game in because of societal pre dispositions and opinions of our sport, but, if I were looking at a strategy to make league a mainstream sport in London: I would split a map based on the established rivalries, or community divides, let’s start with north and south of the river for example. that would be my top level, maximum support base. My state of origin if you will. Below that, Work out the same formula and make sure that there is a population density in that area to support a club, or clubs. if the rivalries are there, and especially if league becomes the summer sport to display that, I think there is a fighting chance. finally though, and most difficult, would be to find people who know our game, and want to make a difference win their community through sport. use any funding to employ a small central team who can support these people to do what they want to, to get people playing the sport. Take away barriers for things like admin, or knowing how to do branding, or how to write a sponsorship brochure. centrally manage the business side of our game, and make it easy for the people who want to grow clubs to grow them. most importantly, once clubs are established, close the door to rivals threatening their turf. Too often small clubs have a falling out, resulting in a break away club competing for the same people in the same place. This usually results in the demise of both clubs, or worse, the dreaded merger needs to happen. So I would say, never allow a situation where that is possible to happen, unless both clubs come to the governors wanting to do so. In that case, you would most likely end up with three strong clubs across two ability levels. That’s my ten pence worth. Great topic, and hopefully London specific enough
  7. I can't agree with this. It seems that the answer to participation is always to essentially play a different sport in the hope that it attracts new participants. In essence, we are trying to shy away from what makes our game popular. In my opinion, the issue with europeans playing the game are more about culture than about fear of big Polynesian kids. The lack of a public profile for our game in NZ is a big problem, even eligible NRL players talk about supporting the all blacks. The further the local bodies stray from actually promoting our product for what it is, the worse the future of our sport is. the idea that we need to be a non contact sport is contrary to what makes our game attractive, and in the same vein, both boxing and the UFC have never been more popular. We have to accept that our sport is combatitive. Not everyone is suited to playing, but many are drawn to our sport as supporters for the exact same reason. If we continue to try and make our game based on non contact, then we move into competition with soccer, basketball and cricket, all of which are well established and growing. For me, the focus should be on quality, this gives a great end 'product' but also helps the player who want to progress to do exactly that. There is plenty enough talent in NZ, and willing players; we just continue to do a disservice to them by trying to sell to an audience that isn't interested in the same values.
  8. This is a bit of nonsense. The reality is that its not Union being the problem in NZ, its the atrocious administration within NZRL. Auckland thinks it is bigger than the club, whilst simultaneously trying to kill a number of its own clubs off to form a NSW cup type competition, without any sustainable business case. The money they had accrued up to the 1970s was squandered by following mis management, whilst NZRL are traditionally both financially and idea poor. The perception of our game here is that everyone knows 'league' but its seen as a game for the dregs of society. The union guys here are actually good people on the whole compared to the UK, but its partly because league has failed to make any real progress since an early flourish from 1908 to the 1930s.
  9. Its based on how they would stand from the scrum base mate. Forwards --------------------------- half back (Scrum half) 5/8th back (stand off half) 3/4 3/4 {-------------centre three quarters----------} wing wing full back (fully back)
  10. Did this guy play for Chorley Lynx, or am I making that up?
  11. Im not a huge fan of the Aces logo, the overly classic style hurts my eyes (OK I was bored at work), so I mocked these up.
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