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  1. England touch got knocked back by the RFL so they went to the RFU the touch world cup in 2015 was plastered on NRL logos,it's the RFL that dropped a bollock not siding with England touch..and it's telling that the play touch & try tag initiatives came after they knocked back England touch...I know the lad that runs England touch,a oldham and lifelong RL fan and he used to work for the RFL lol
  2. Anything to do with this is backed by the RFU the TV adverts that run on premier sports for tag comps are our doing
  3. Yet the England touch team,that plays in the Federation of international touch world cup,is backed by the RFU...
  4. I need? No! The RFL need holding to account!,the sport is crumbling and they,like you,have ya heads in the sand! Was it last year koukash called for a vote of no confidence in the RFL? At the time I had the RFLs back..and I'm no fan of koukash..but he was right! These morons are asleep behind the wheel!
  5. There needs to be a massive and extensive restructuring of the whole sport,top to bottom....and the current RFL board are not the people to do it..
  6. The RFL only really care about the top 14-16 clubs...everyone can fend for themselves
  7. Has he been out on DR anywhere?
  8. You need to wash ya mouth out putting Wilkin on that list lol
  9. I was gonna team has ever broke into the top 4 during the stupid 8s.. I can see that changing this year....maybe st Helens & hull replacing Salford & Wakefield...but the likes of Wigan on 21pts is asking too much imo
  10. Swinton coach has just quit to join fev...
  11. With them needing more RL content,instead of showing constant repeats,you'd think they'd go in for NRL rights again..
  12. Cas all the way..
  13. I don't get the best out of widdop or Williams,so they can do the razzle dazzle, they need that calming influence at 7...
  14. How can you build the business when you don't know how much you are you are going to get from one season to the next?
  15. Like I said we need to pick halves that work not halves that might