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  1. League One's Future

    Everyone isn't here to serve super league!.. Everything you've just wrote is exactly why the championship & league one clubs need to be released from the stranglehold that is super league! We are not allowed to generate our own media income!
  2. John Bateman

    Alex got shopped around the nrl at $500k and no one took it...daft really cos he's easily a top 5-7 in the world prop imo
  3. John Bateman

    2 are on their last contract and the other have just signed their last contract... So I'll give you 4 one else is though
  4. John Bateman

    This...a nrl club could offer just about any English based England squad player a bargain basement $175-250k contract and it'll be comfortably more than they'll ever earn in super league... Sam tomkins aside I doubt any Englishman in SL is on more than £100-125k a year...
  5. Gift card giveaway

    It's not happened since it happened when I posted this thread John...but i'll take note of what you've said and let you know when it happens again.
  6. Jackson Hastings to Super League?

    Too troubled imo
  7. Gift card giveaway

    Anyone having issues with a "Gift Card give away" hack? I can barely browse the forum,on my phone,for a minute before it gets hacked .
  8. Potential RL 6 Nations this Autumn

    That's Ireland's fault then.. I'd fancy that world cup Ireland team to give the knights a real challenge...and if they beat the knights then they absolutely have the right to say they should be playing the full England side...but as of this Oct/Nov the full side is busy,they can't play everyone! It's typical of RL that we spend more time whinging and less time doing! Ireland v the knights would be the easiest pre match team talk ever..."go out and smash em cos they think we aren't good enough"..
  9. Potential RL 6 Nations this Autumn

    That article is from November last year.. But they are still discussing whether the knights will be involved,issues about costs is the hold up apparently...though having the knights involved will likely bring in a media partner freesport/premier sport or the BBC...which in turn should increase sponsorship revenue... So there's a choice to knights and no one sees the European Cup...or knights and the comp gets televised...basically..
  10. Lions tour 2019

    Ireland don't want too be apart of it...they recognize it's gonna impact their world cup qualifications...Wales & Scotland are still in the back pocket of the RFL despite the fact the RFL don't actually put their hand in their back pocket to help Wales &'s a fxxking mess...just like I said it would be years ago...!
  11. Is Billy Slater a diving cheat?

    He's always been a kung fu kicking,feet first,late hitting cheat...
  12. Just a bit sad

    Gubrats....stop digging lad
  13. Australia to Play Tonga in Qatar?

    Heat exhaustion (Qatar) is a far greater concern than getting altitude sickness (Denver) at a altitude that no one in the history of altitude sickness has been struck down with altitude sickness.