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  1. According to this we've brought 11 players in
  2. I'm wondering whether it might be a good idea if scotlandRL figure out a way of putting 4 stable Scottish teams together and have them play in the RFL north east premier Division? The north east structure seems fairly stable,though stand to be corrected, most teams run u14s & 16s as well as the 8 team open age premier division..Putting 4 Scottish clubs,Aberdeen Inc,into that structure would do them the world of good imo...and when the Scottish teams play each other that could form a " 4 team side conference" which would be for the Scottish title,as a work around the RLEF domestic league criteria
  3. Elliot kear Rhodri Lloyd Rhys Williams Ben flower Gill dudson Lloyd white Ben Evans Rhys evans Regan grace Morgan evans Connor farrar Lewis reece I've gone crosseyed..?can anyone spot anymore born & bred welsh lads?
  4. Aye there's a good number of actual Welshmen in the squad again these days...that's the benefit of having two Welsh clubs in the English system
  5. What all this highlights is a lack of a coherent strategy over just about every aspect of the game.. Amateurs on its ###### Juniors amateurs on its ###### Semi pros on its ###### or barely have their heads above water Pro juniors/reserves a joke Competition structures a joke Unnecessary instability caused by constantly questioning event venues,we've had it this year with the summer bash,magic & the challenge cup final, despite the summer bash recording it's highest single day attendance and Newcastle hosting the 3 biggest attended magics ever in the last 3 years! Oh happy effing days...
  6. How they see it as a rival is beyond me?? England touch are apart of the same federation that the Aussies & kiwis are who are supported by the NRL & nzrl...Scott prince was running around for the Aussies in the last world cup lol
  7. We've signed Huddersfield fullback jared simpson on loan ahead of today's deadline
  8. England touch got knocked back by the RFL so they went to the RFU the touch world cup in 2015 was plastered on NRL logos,it's the RFL that dropped a bollock not siding with England touch..and it's telling that the play touch & try tag initiatives came after they knocked back England touch...I know the lad that runs England touch,a oldham and lifelong RL fan and he used to work for the RFL lol
  9. Anything to do with this is backed by the RFU the TV adverts that run on premier sports for tag comps are our doing
  10. Yet the England touch team,that plays in the Federation of international touch world cup,is backed by the RFU...
  11. I need? No! The RFL need holding to account!,the sport is crumbling and they,like you,have ya heads in the sand! Was it last year koukash called for a vote of no confidence in the RFL? At the time I had the RFLs back..and I'm no fan of koukash..but he was right! These morons are asleep behind the wheel!
  12. There needs to be a massive and extensive restructuring of the whole sport,top to bottom....and the current RFL board are not the people to do it..
  13. The RFL only really care about the top 14-16 clubs...everyone can fend for themselves
  14. Has he been out on DR anywhere?
  15. You need to wash ya mouth out putting Wilkin on that list lol