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  1. England to tour Australia & NZ in 2019..And it's highly likely NZ will tour here in 2018..
  2. I'd go Leeds - Wolverine , yellow & blue Wire - hulk , wire have had green away shirts before irrc? Hull - black panther Wakefield - capture America, red white & blue Catalan - iron man, red & gold
  3. Expect Nigel wood to pop round for a brew to say thanks,he's doing that to the dozen people that buy it lol
  4. The rules haven't actually changed that much,other than to say residency is now 5 years and players from tier 1 nations can play for tier 2 nations,providing they are eligible,if the miss out on selection for a tier 1 nations.that last rules is practically the same as for the world cup in 2008 when the likes of Jayne & Jennings turned out for Fiji & tonga
  5. What did you want to happen?? Lol
  6. This wasn't started to bash the club..So leave it out,it's a general discussion about academy rugby and the feesability of us,Rochdale & swinTon joining forces to create a "greater Manchester" academy.. I dunno if any of you have seen my posts on the main board but i directly attribute the lack of talent and dwindling player numbers at amateur level to the narrowing of the junior development pathway to semi & pro clubs,there's only a handful of pro clubs now that run u16s & 19s and now if kids aren't picked up by one of those clubs at 14/15 they are likely to take the sport less seriously.... I'd look at adding 5-6 "joint academies" our greater Manchester academy for us, Rochdale & swinton, south Yorkshire academy for Doncaster & Sheffield, kirkless academy for Batley & Dewsbury, Midlands academy for Coventry, Gloucester & oxford...You get the just..
  7. George's new found proclivity to chuck his elbows about is more worrying imo
  8. Wear "heritage jerseys" in the challenge cup rounds..
  9. Just too add to the this...Oldham's reserve side was "reserve champions" when we,as a club, we'd lost half a dozen or so league one grand finals,skint as ######,damn sight more than we are now,and i know some of the financial facts too.... ...We won the reserve championship..Beating Widnes!
  10. Kids end up where they are cos there no other options at the minute...And no i don't buy that every kid wants,and only wants,too play for " the big 6"
  11. Not all kids have to come from the areas they live parky!
  12. Why are you a RL fan?? Lol
  13. As a joint venture there would be some kind of draft,one team gets first pick ,the other team gets the next...And so on
  14. With the news that Leigh & Salford are actively looking at setting up a joint academy.... Should oldham & Rochdale (& Swinton) look into setting up our own "joint academy" ? Discuss.
  15. This.. As i said the other day if clubs can't afford a "stand alone" academy then joint academies are a must imo Salford & Leigh "Lancashire academy" Oldham,Rochdale & swinton "greater Manchester academy" etc