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  1. The weather will be nothing to worry about,it's gonna be 20-21c all week in sydney
  2. England & kiwi test players can not play origin! End of story
  3. To play origin you still have to be eligible for Australia,by playing for England he's no longer eligible for Australia..and in turn not eligible for origin
  4. Tier 1 capped players can't swap to another tier 1 no players swapping between Oz,NZ & ENG
  5. Question is....will the PPV livestream cover the cost of a dozen or so return business class flights?? That's already £20,000+ in costs lol
  6. its not for us to approach him...if he wants to play for england come out and say so..
  7. When Blake Austin can string 4 games together without getting injured then yeah let's have a look.
  8. Heignington is a bench prop these days...We aren't lacking in props or back rowers!
  9. Bring in matty Smith (surprise) for widdop,have Williams & Smith starting with gale off the bench... Easy
  10. Element of surprise to whom? Us or Samoa??
  11. Now that seems logical
  12. Does that look like the Salford stand lol
  13. Legend is..The stands either side of that middle section where donated to the club by Salford..Now,i know the seats where stored at a storage place on featherstone rd...Where the steel framework is,was god knows? I can't remember if we ask CH in the meetings we had?? Heard allsorts of rumours about the framework being damaged?? Be just our luck to have been given that and we couldn't use it lol
  14. No no that was some crappy wooden seats behind that stand at whitebank
  15. Gaz widdop has gone off with a knee issue in the st George V rooster game...Could be a doubt for the test