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  1. barrow

    Can tell you know who the bottom three will be...swinton,Rochdale & barrow The championship has been a 3 tier league since the TV deal kicked in.. Leigh have got £700k parachute payment London have got £500k for finishing 2nd Teams finishing 3-10 get £200-150k..a massive drop off! And the two teams coming up get £150k..Toronto have top 2 money behind them but barrow don't..and swinton and Rochdale are the other £150k Rochdale have lost a £20k sponsor.. If the super league got staggered funding there would be uproar! All the lesser clubs ask for is a level playing field!
  2. Andy Burnham

    Who's slagging prince Harry off? I've met him,he's a alright bloke lol The simple fact is being patron or president of the sport is purely ceremonial so asking them to get RL played in all Manchester schools or magic weekend played in Buckingham Palace backyard is daft lol
  3. Bottom two v top two "super 4s"....retaining a 2nd v 3rd million quid game.. Simple.
  4. Challenge Cup Invitation to NRL Clubs

    You mean like the challenge cup final rematch between hull FC & Wigan being played in a few weeks in Illawarra? Yeah can't see any SL club or the RFL agreeing to that what a stupid idea!
  5. Challenge Cup Invitation to NRL Clubs

    What a ridiculous's this exact attitude that holds the game back! The WCC should be a showcase to sell our sport worldwide!
  6. Challenge Cup Invitation to NRL Clubs

    Nope... For starters we're not even doing the WCC properly. If we do just champion v champion then let's get it written doing that hosting duties rotate every year,none of this faffing about wondering who's doing what for months.. If we expand it then do so by creating meaningful games that enhance the competition..we should've expanded it to 4 teams..the 4 NRL & SL grand finalist,with the competition played over 2 weekends, 1st weekend would be the semi finals, NRL winner v SL runner up & SL winner v NRL runner up,2nd weekend the WCC final.. The actual way we expanded it was meaningless..2 games that meant nothing..and surprise,surprise it's not lasted..a few of us said it wouldn't!
  7. Super League predictions 2018

    I've just bet.. St Helens win SL Warrington win CC Rooster win NRL QLD win origin 2-1 525/1
  8. Michael Carter / TV deal etc (Merged threads)

    I'm seriously concerned too....not only that the SL Chairman are going to ring fence all monies for themselves like the England test rights and challenge cup rights.....but if and when someone digs deep into the RFL files something is found that will seriously damage the sport and could land some folk in serious trouble... I'm thinking like the Melbourne storm salary cap scandal where they had 2nd book of accounts than no one knew about..
  9. Michael Carter / TV deal etc (Merged threads)

    As long as its ESL Ltd money then that's fine..
  10. Michael Carter / TV deal etc (Merged threads)

    The RFL giving surplus money to SL clubs.. What the f......
  11. Michael Carter / TV deal etc (Merged threads)

    The sums have never added up
  12. WCC Scheduling

    Erm...what you whinging at then
  13. WCC Scheduling

    Nah...9am is a reasonable time for a game in oz..stop bleeding whinging!
  14. WCC Scheduling

    It's on nine