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  1. You do realize that the only reason they weren't relegated was due to it being 3-4 weeks before the start of the season..don't you? Promoting a team at such short notice would have condemned that team to the long,painful season bradford should be having.. Has it stands bradford are going to have a really tough season this year and will likely be my mind thats a hefty punishment Demoting them to league one,id reckon they'd have a good shot at winning league one or gaining promotion....thats not that bad a deal to me that..
  2. No good having a bigger playing budget if theres no players to spend it on..
  3. Winning the 8s ?? Are you daft?
  4. should happen to bradford,its their mess,sorry bradford fans i don't mean that in a nasty way Bradford either make the start of the season,they struggle and we run a 12 team comp Or Bradford don't start the season,we all get a couple of byes and we run a 11 team be it No need to unsettle league one with 3-4 weeks to the start of the season
  5. I wasn't even thinking of the 8s honest.....but yeah it should anyway lol I was more thinking that league one is too large especially with manchester wanting to join too now
  6. Ive been having this argument on another forum.. You can't just drop a league one team into the championship at 3-4 weeks notice,they'd be on a hiding to nothing,no scope to strengthen their squad meaning almost certain relegation....absolutely pointless and would damage another club
  7. I'll put this here instead of starting a new thread.. Does anyone think the championship should increase to 14 teams? I do..
  8. Despite being lower down the hill boundary park is/was far colder than least in my memory anyway...
  9. the challenge cup final is played on a bank holiday,on the anniversary of the games birth.....i can't think of anything more perfect. and since 1996 we (GB or ENG) have gone down under in 1996,1999,2006,2008,2010,2014 and the 2017 RLWC at the end of this season..can include the 2003 sydney mess if you like too and hosted or held a tournament in 1997,1998,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2007,2009,2011,2012*,2013,2015,2016....2012 didn't feature OZ or NZ but thats their fault granted we've hosted more than toured by thats down to other factors than whether its summer or winter
  10. Sky pay the RFL,the RFL dishes the money out..thats how tv contracts work.. Its also worth noting that "internationals & challenge cup" aspects of the overall tv deal may well have been " in the bank" before the main deal was sorted so the RFL would have had access to funds to pay out the £300k each Also don't dismiss the RFL's ability too access money,they aren't skint...they sold their share of spotland they bought to help out hornets last year,found a big wedge of cash,as we all know,to buy the lease at odsal,..and they've "advanced" monies to clubs countless times down the years...didn't bradford get forwarded a large chunk of the next years tv money 3-4 years ago?? Call it creative accounting lol but theres always money there....somewhere lol as i pointed out in another post,theres £2.3m of parachute payments that hasn't had to be awarded floating about somewhere down a sofa at red hall
  11. Sky didn't pay it...the RFL did
  12. it was a backhander to say thanks for voting that ###### through and by the way we've re done the tv deal so heres £300k to keep sssshhhh stop pussyfooting round it
  13. No it shouldn't....
  14. ive always been a fan of lee gaskell,i can see us getting him for a few games this season
  15. heres a question... what happens to parachute payments money if its not had to be used? at the end of the 2015 season,when it kicked in, it didn't have to be used..thats £1.575m "saved" last season only hull kr got the parachute payment of £788,000,leaving another £787,000 "saved" so there should be £2.362m somewhere shouldn't there???