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  1. AVERAGE KICKING GAME??? YOU DAFT? smith kicked the aussies to death in Melbourne,not a single ball went down GIs throat,smith kicked the kiwis to death in the 3rd test a year later....then against the aussies at the Olympic stadium,when smith didnt play we failed to find touch 3 ###### times!,looked hopeless on attack...and why? Cos we didn't have that calming influence at ya eyes lad!
  2. Saints fans are stupid....and I get giddy every Oct/ know this lol
  3. He's never been a running threat,that's not his game but he enables widdop to do the running!! Smith is a midfield general!
  4. Also to add...when nsw won that series in 2015 they played Canterbury 6&7 team mates,renyolds & hodgkinson in all 3 games.... Cementing my point that in Liu of having a Thurston or johnson,magic men,having a combination that works trumps or at least equals magic men...
  5. Like how Wayne Bennett told Williams " he needs to realize he's a halfback" he said that to Tanya Arnold lol Ps...nsw problem is,and always as been,they swap and change too much....that's our problem too and you know it lad
  6. They are...they've seen the value of having the A-league,vital live content during a weekend morning...
  7. I emailed danny k,of the RLEF,this morning and he's just replied,he's aware of what the WRL are about and who certain people are...he seems confident its nowt to worry about at the moment,and I trust him..he doesn't see union fingerprints on it though and has been in contact with "sports accord' we'll see
  8. You just proved yourself wrong...picking better combinations works better than picking the best players,I do agree gale is better than Smith..but the Smith & widdop combination works.. Like you the best I've ever seen England or GB play was that 2014 4 nations,it's alittle harsh to point out we still lost..I mean yeah we did but the Aussies needed agent Sutton to pretend Ryan hall has no fingers and against the kiwis we had a penalty 20m out straight in front on the hooter,a normal game we'd kick that to tie the game..but that was no use to us at the time...we came away from that 4nations a fingernail behind the Aussies & kiwis.. literally..we backed that up in 2015 beating the kiwis in a series,the first two games we tried a different halfback pairing of Williams & widdop,laboured a win then a loss in the 2nd test..Smith & widdop paired up in the 3rd and Smith marched us round the field and kicked the kiwis to death and we never looked in danger of losing and he won MoM iirc? As I've said before I'd take all 4 halfbacks to the WC and I would play gale in certain games like the French or Lebanese games..but not against Australia or nz
  9. I don't care how we play as long as we win....and we're far more likely to win with Smith & widdop in the halves
  10. Gale & widdop didn't work last time...Smith & widdop works
  11. Probably should do yeah....but won't
  12. Maybe it doesn't have to be that low a standard,maybe it could be a precursor to having southern & northern conferences below the championship? I dunno I'm just spitballing ideas as absolutely everything seems to be on the table? 16 team SL,16 team championship, southern conference,northern conferences,American conference,1st round played in Illawarra,magic in Iraq,cup final in Syria....fcuk it way not!
  13. That picture has a Sydney morning herald address and mascord was in the Ukraine yeah I'm assuming Steve wrote it....