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  1. Rochdale Looking For Payment Reductions

    Agree , sign of the times , hope the changes at the RFL yield some common sense ?!!! Looks like it's a complete change with Wood and Draper going , just need to get rid of Rimmer. Whoever's next in has a tough job !
  2. Josh crowley

    Yes for a good few years was part of a really good second row with Langers , he had good hands and an eye for the try line. Wish him all the best and thanks for his time at Oldham
  3. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Good to hear we've signed a 'fast' winger , lets hope Naylor breaks away from his playing style of last season and gives Crook free reign to give the ball some air , that way we might see the best of him !
  4. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Agree , great game management as we all know ! Let's hope Naylor gives him licence to give the ball some air this season as last year's one dimensional rugby was one of the main reasons we went down. Good signing !
  5. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Langers as well , sorely missed in second half of season , hoping Thomo stays too, looking good so far
  6. New coach

    Respect what Naylor has done with a limited budget and he was unlucky with injuries in the second half of the season (thought Langers was a big miss) but his style of play was a major reason why we went down. Would like to see a new face but if not I hope Naylor's learned from his experiences and giving him another chance would be fair enough.
  7. Swinton away - - - - Sunday - - - - - Sale

    We've all been here before, wishing for Hamilton to just give it up and go, it's his 20th year so he won't go this year. My dream is that the fella sees sense and decides to have some legacy by handing over the club to the supporters \ RO but that's just a dream, ORLFC is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it which is very little so I hope he isn't waiting for a big pay day, I guess the salary he pays himself for running the club makes it just about worth his while. As HOTB says the only way to get him out is to starve him of funds but that won't happen........ I expect it's business as usual in 2018, hope we can still stay at Bower Fold if there's nothing better in Oldham.
  8. Match today!

    Yes very negative this thread , our form is good, we should of beaten Toulouse and Bradford, if the boys put in the same effort I think we'll win our last two. 100% effort should see over the line , the ruminations about why this team is the most one dimensional in my ORLFC history can wait until the end of our season ! Come on Oldham !!
  9. Oldham Evening Chronicle

    One of the mistakes the Chron made was giving too much away for free on their non subscription website, I just used this for my fix. Because they had practically a monopoly situation on local news they should have forced me and others to use their subscription based offering, I live out of town so I'd probably have paid if I though it was decent value. Hope someone out there is seeing the opportunity !
  10. Oldham Evening Chronicle

    As a kid , like many I used to eagerly wait for the Chron and Roger's reports but after he retired it was never the same , then came the internet and the inevitable, hopefully something can rise from the ashes. Roger's a legend, loads of great reports and transfer rumours, loved it when he suggested Noel Cleal was going to sign for us :-)
  11. Prices Slashed For Toulouse Game

    Well its taken 20 years for the club to come up with a good idea like this but well done for doing so and hope it's the start of things to come.
  12. Swinton

    No comment from Naylor in the Chron , is he not allowed to with his touch line ban or is he fed up too ?
  13. re, batley [homish defeat]

    Think we're being a bit too pessimistic on here, reason we lost today is because Batley are a better side . We are a team of grafters who give their best but when we come up against better players on their game it shows. Today wasn't great but it looked to me as if the player's were trying and being away from Bower Fold mean't we lost our home advantage of playing on a tight pitch with a slope we know well. Didn't like the Manchester Stadium, atmosphere was poor, the pitch was too wide and the viewing across the extra wide running track atrocious. If we continue to work hard opportunities will come and I think Naylor's doing a good job , hope he can find another 7 though given Hewitt's loss of form as we need some craft in the middle of the park.
  14. game on

    But was the pitch playable at 12.30pm when the match commissioner should have arrived ? Or did he arrive at 1.30pm to call it off at 1.45pm which was far too late ! I accept Oldham's apology but it still should have been avoided.
  15. is it on

    Looks to me like Oldham or the ref cocked up because we knew the pitch was in bad order its been talked about on our forum all week and the weather forecast was for heavy rain on Sunday so per RFL rules "In the event that the home Club suspects that its Ground will not be fit for play owing to frost or any other cause, the home Club must immediately call a Match Official who is on a list provided by the RFL Match Officials department prior to the start of the season,to inspect the Ground. " "If, having made such inspection, the Match Official says there is a doubt as to the fitness of the Ground but is not certain that it will be unfit, the home Club must immediately advise the visiting Club and the RFL of the position and the appointed Match Commissioner must be called to inspect the Ground. In such event, the Match Commissioner shall arrive not less than 2½ hours before the advertised time for kick-off" Given the above why did the ref arrive at 1.30pm ? Cancelling a game just over an hour before ko is not fair on the fans, I'll be complaining. http://media.therfl.co.uk/docs/Section B2 - Match Day Rules_2016 - Final PDF.pdf