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  1. Pardon the pun but being allowed to reform in the Championship is bull**** , we never had that luxury it was straight through the trap door for us , same as with Rangers in Scotland. Shame people lose their jobs but I don't like how Bradford get this favourable treatment, hopefully we won't be on the receiving end when the season finishes !
  2. Yes biggest game for a while, feeling nervous but looking forward to it , hope we're singing " we are staying up" and "your going down with the Town" by the end ! Come on Oldham !!
  3. Agree should be safe...... but if Haven beat Dewsbury away next week then it is game on for them given they play us then Swinton, seen us relegated from similar positions and can't see us winning another game !
  4. Anybody know the match odds , can't find our game on skybet or 365 ?
  5. Yes shame , below link to a NWC youtube video on Joe Burke , sounds like a Naylor type of player, at the end of the video he scores a rampaging try ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0a93b3TCIEY
  6. Is he ? thought that was Briscoe
  7. I'd rest some of our key players say Grimshaw and Owen and give any fringe players a run out given we've got Workington next Hopefully Naylor will play the long game and 'tinker' to make the best of what he's got
  8. Impressed by the video and the tries we scored , good to see bits of the game from a different angle
  9. Have it on authority he's a good'un , in this youtube vid looks like a strong running tough tacking back rower to me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XH9AKd7LnpI
  10. I presumed he was injured, if he was left out form tactical reasons that was obviously the wrong call, we missed his direct running from dummy half, he'd be one of my first picks if I was selecting the team.
  11. We need to remember the side yesterday was weaker than what we finished last season with, so we will struggle in this division unless we add more recruits. Not a bad display and as always 100% effort but frustrating first half not being able to turn pressure into points mean't that up the slope and into the wind were likely to lose without that half time lead. Lippy my MOM, Palfrey's kicking game was spot on just wished he deployed it closer to the line with arranged runners as in this league we will struggle to force our way over the line Agree would have had Kenny Hughes on earlier as he is our best distributor from dummy half
  12. Yes got to agree not looking good
  13. Great result , shows typical BBC RU bias when he's the first RL player ever to be nominated , well done Sir Kev hope you make it back home one day to lead your home town club
  14. Oldham Council are skint .......... no chance they've stumped up a £1M
  15. Posted a few weeks back that all this delay is unusual, would still be very surprised if a buyout takes place as had resigned myself to another generation of CH , apart from utilising the ground I can't see what's in it for Corney unless he's got ambition for the mid eights / SL Maybe it's a sweetener to get Koukash interested again ......... BOGOF :-)