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    Rugby!!! I can watch any sport really.
    Gardening.....i know i'm sad, but i love it, chills me out!
    Like reading true stories and autobiographies, not good with fiction?!
    Mmmmmmm, love a chilled glass of wine or lager on a hot sunny day!!!
    Hate shopping, grrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! And snow, rude and aggressive people.
  1. Wishing everyone a peaceful, happy and healthy 2017.☺
  2. Happy Christmas to one and all. I hope everyone is happy and healthy.
  3. On Prem Sport 09.30-12.15 on my channel info. 15/10/16.
  4. Well done Irish Saint. Nice being around the Comp and all you players again this season............see you all again in 2017. Thanks again G.
  5. Congratulations G on winning the Tipping Comp for 2016, looking at your Points Total you can't be caught in the last game now.
  6. Poll: 5/6 tries. GF Winning team: Storm 1st player to score: Cam Munster H.T Score: Storm 8 Sharks 10 F.T Score: Storm 20 Sharks 16 Total points: 36 Good luck everyone. I think it will be a close game but it could go either way i feel. Thank you once again G for all your hard work 'running' this Comp. for 2016. I will be thinking of our friends tomorrow who have 'passed' in the last year.......Kiwi and BR, i'm sure they will be shouting the teams on from up above, especially BR he would be so happy to see Storm in the GF.
  7. Well done Irish Saint. Good to see Storm in the GF, BR would have been so happy.
  8. Poll: Sharks/Cowboys 2 winning teams: Cowboys Storm Total points: 66 Good luck everyone.
  9. Hi G, not sure if i'm in on time, just been busy this wk, what with people staying over and friends are more important than Rugby! Poll: Panthers 2 winning teams: Cowboys Panthers Total points: 78 Good luck everyone.
  10. Poll: 2 4 winning teams: Broncos Raiders Storm Panthers Total points: 130 Good luck everyone.
  11. Poll: Storm/Sharks 8 winning teams: Broncos Bulldogs Dragons Cowboys Storm Raiders Warriors Panthers Away wins: 1 Total points: 324 Good luck everyone.