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  1. Well done JB.👏 Good to see behind the scenes G.! 📒📑📉📈☺
  2. Poll: Dragons/Sea eagles. 8 winning teams: Broncos Roosters Sharks Panthers Storm Cowboys Sea eagles Eels Away wins: 3 Total points: 324 Good luck everyone.
  3. And thanx for the summary IS.
  4. Wow!!!!!! How difficult is it to post this wks 'Tips'??!!! I have been unable to access the site for the last 24 hrs and i still can't access fully from my 'tablet'! So here goes. Poll: 1 6 winning teams: Warriors Raiders Broncos Sharks Sea eagles Cowboys Home wins: 3 Total points: 220 Good luck everyone.
  5. Poll: Roosters/Rabbits 4 winning teams: Roosters Sea eagles Storm Bulldogs Away wins: 1 Total points: 170 Good luck everyone. Bit of a dodgy one this wk end.
  6. Oh well, i'm out!! It was a gamble last week choosing Knights! 😉 Good luck to the remaining Tipsters!
  7. Ha ha ha!!!! Could still be a foolish decision!! But hey ho it's just a game!
  8. No such thing as 'recreational' drugs, drugs are drugs.........they ruin lives and kill people.
  9. Knights for me please.
  10. Poll: 2 8 winning teams: Eels Dragons Storm Roosters Sea eagles Raiders Knights Panthers Home wins: 5 Total points: 314 Good luck everyone.
  11. Hmmmm, don't be fooled by what you see, there is plenty of time for me to start sliding!! 😉