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  1. Wishing everyone on the 'boards' , wherever you are in The World a very happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas. Won't be long before the start of Tipping Season again........and we can all watch some decent RL
  2. Thank you. I usually finish at the bottom of the ladder so this is a massive surprise. 😊👐 Thank you once again G for all your hard work throughout the season. 👏👏👏👏👏👏
  3. Thank you for the Congratulations. Well done to anyone who took part in the Comp this season, we've all had good results and bad!! And hopefully we will all be back next season to torture ourselves some more!
  4. Stick with it SG, i'm usually at the bottom of the pile holding up the rest of the table!!
  5. Well done G on yet another Tipping season. Thank you for all your hard work collating the figures and info. And thank you to all the Tipsters cos without all of us we wouldn't have a Comp!
  6. Poll: 4 or 5 tries. Winner: Storm Total points: 40. Good luck everyone. I think this is a difficult one to 'call'. Cowboys have suddenly found some 'form' and i think they could win too!!!
  7. No sponsor on Australian shirt?

    I really don't like all that sponsorship/advertisement on shirts, so distracting.
  8. Cowboys plan another hit and run

    Why don't I listen to myself?!!! 😕
  9. Thank you, i had a poor start but somehow (don't know how!) i pulled it together!
  10. Thank you. I've learned the hard way.......was previously always choosing Rabbits and Warriors!! Can't let the heart rule the head.
  11. Cowboys plan another hit and run

    I almost chose Cowboys this wk, i think they may have a chance to turn Roosters over.
  12. Well it's not over til the fat lady sings and......i haven't sung yet!
  13. Poll: Storm v Broncos. 2 winning teams : Storm Roosters Total points : 64 Good luck everyone.