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  1. Phew!!! Thanks for clearing that up for me IS and G.
  2. Sorry but i'm a bit confused by G's comment above, have i only got 2 teams left to choose from? My choice this wk is Raiders. 36 points.
  3. Poll: Roosters/Dragons 8 winning teams:Raiders Broncos Panthers Cowboys Sharks Bulldogs Roosters Storm Away wins: 3 Total points: 322 Good luck everyone.
  4. Thanks G. Sharks for me. 36 points.
  5. Poll: Raiders/Warriors 8 winning teams: Bulldogs Roosters Broncos Storm Raiders Dragons Sharks Eels Home wins: 5 Total points: 325 Good luck everyone.
  6. Bulldogs. Total points: 32
  7. Poll: Cowboys/Tigers 8 winning teams: Roosters Bulldogs Panthers Sea eagles Raiders Cowboys Warriors Storm Away wins: 3 Total points: 310 Good luck everyone.
  8. Dragons for me.
  9. Poll: Raiders/Eels 8 winning teams: Broncos Roosters Cowboys Sharks Eels Storm Warriors Dragons Home wins: 5 Total points: 320 Good luck everyone.
  10. Cowboys for me please.
  11. Poll: 2 8 winning teams: Roosters Panthers Broncos Sea eagles Eels Cowboys Storm Dragons Away wins: 3 Total points: 331 Good luck everyone.
  12. Ooops! Nearly forgot! Storm.