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  1. Our League
  2. New season shirts

    As a rugby union club !!! What was Batley rl original colours when the northern union was formed tho
  3. Our League

    Yes , not brill was it coolie
  4. Our League

    Alex walmsley has made his England debut , will that trigger a payment to us from Saints , I think it might
  5. Friendlies

    So we have Dewsbury away on Boxing Day and just announced Keighley Cougars can today announce the confirmation of our first pre-season friendly ahead of the 2018 season. Kingstone Press Championship outfit Batley Bulldogs, coached by former Leeds and Bradford hooker Matt Diskin, will visit Cougar Park on Sunday 21st January. 2pm KO. This friendly was originally arranged ahead of the 2017 season when following the appointment of Craig Lingard as Head Coach, the two clubs agreed to play friendlies ahead of both the 2017 and 2018 season with both sides hosting one each. The Bulldogs hosted the first of these two friendlies in January when they defeated the Cougars 38-12 in front of 725 spectators at the Fox’s Biscuits Stadium. Admission prices for this friendly will be £10 for Adults, £5 for Concessions and £1 for Juniors. Posted on: October 20th, 2017
  6. 2018 and possible new signings

    We lost to sheff in 2013 GF , the idea of winning gf is for promotion right
  7. 2018 and possible new signings

    Yep , we beat jewsbury in 2005 Grand Final at Widnes , thought you would have known that Graham
  8. 2018 and possible new signings

    Jewsbury relegated with Sheffield please
  9. 2018 Squad.

    Squad not looking too bad in my opinion Scott Campbell Crooks Smeaton Rettie Walker Brambani Lillycrop Leak Gleadhill Manning Day Brown Rowe Ward Farrell Davey Breth Holland Hemmingway Cowling Ainscough Bravo
  10. He is back

    Wasn't meaning directly , but at some point they have all pulled on a jewsbury shirt
  11. Our League

    This is the sight that will show England warm up game , join to view
  12. He is back

    Both breth n patch are playing so I take it a decade on they shouldn't be in our squad either in your opinion
  13. He is back

    Well I'm ok with this signing , Graham , goes well with breth , Farrell , crooks , walker , brambani , lillycrop , all got something in common but just can,t put my finger on it
  14. 2018 Squad.

    Danny Cowling a year left on a 2 year contract Roger and breth is still with us
  15. He is back