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  1. Fev away
  2. Fev away

    And as a warm up , we are featured on rugby am again Wednesday tea time
  3. Fev away

    And I have to say , our social media team have improved 150% this season
  4. Fev away

    Lets do a smash n grab
  5. Fitness Coach

    Is this the Gary Dempsey that was strength and conditioning coach at Carnegie rugby Kev
  6. How to redeem offers at Rams v Toronto this Sunday

    When Batley played , cas ,Huddersfield , Leeds and Wakey , all played at same time , you should have been able to pull those fans
  7. Fitness Coach

  8. Next up Toulouse , Saturday
  9. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

  10. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    Supposed to be both
  11. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    Yes it is , the turnstile is the place to go with your dews season ticket , and you will see these star studded line ups , notice Izaac is still with us
  12. Team for Saturday

    I'm missing too , with it being saturday
  13. Team for Saturday

    Ok , ok ,ok here is the 19 Is this the first time Joel and Isaac have been in together
  14. Next up Toulouse , Saturday

    19 man squad
  15. Next up Toulouse , Saturday