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  1. No Gareth in there 19
  2. Could we have won those 4'tho
  3. When he left us he signed a 3 year deal , he has signed a new deal with saints at the start of this season , will this be a part of the new package or just in the deal he first signed
  4. Well it's May Day bank holiday Monday the day after , so most people will be off
  5. Battle bus running too
  6. HALIFAX RLFC V BATLEY BULLDOGS SUNDAY 30TH APRIL MBI SHAY KO : 18:00 Referee: J Smith - See more at:
  7. Farrell lillycrop southernwood
  8. Last minute change of ref , Thaler reffed yesterday , think it's now Jon Roberts
  9. You forgot we played there about a month ago too RPH
  10. That's ok , dd , lol
  11. And both patch and James Harrison have injuries , before anyone has a go
  12. But it's cup cas won't allow us Holmes or Mayer