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  1. Shirt launch / keighley game

  2. Wakey friendly

    Toronto nailed on , they've no props , just sacked em all , 2 week before season starts
  3. Wakey friendly
  4. Good News

    Our newest stand piggy
  5. Wakey friendly

    Mine is 6th
  6. Good News

    8 boxes in back of new stand
  7. Wakey friendly

    Think you will find few people outside halifax agree with you
  8. Izaac Farrell

    Isaac doesn't join us till 1st Feb
  9. Wakey friendly

    I would put us above fax this season , not being biased but your recruitment has been very poor , add to that your a feeder club for cas
  10. Good News

  11. Wakey friendly

  12. Wakey friendly

    I expect top 6 , don't know if you think we are inside the expected top 6 tho
  13. Wakey friendly

    Hope you are keeping well Frank , and keeping the Batley flag flying in New Zealand