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  1. Batley Bob

    More squad news

    Cowling still not official roger
  2. Batley Bob

    More squad news

    Now it’s official roger , add it to your list please
  3. Batley Bob

    Yorkshire Cup Double-Header at Rams

    Don’t you worry bsj , your not at odsal
  4. Batley Bob

    Xmas , Black Friday and BISSA

    Spread & Save The six stages of Spread & Save… Get a jam jar for BISSA Spread the jam on your bread. Fill the now empty jar with loose change. Return to BISSA. Or just put your loose change into the BISSA bottle on game days BISSA converts your jar or bottle of money into players.
  5. Batley Bob

    Xmas , Black Friday and BISSA

    Earn money for Bissa while doing your Seasonal shopping online via this link Every penny counts to bissa and it won’t cost you anything
  6. Batley Bob

    BISSA AGM and Social Evening

    Really good night at BISSA last night , walkers from Bradford Park Avenue joined us on there walk around grounds they have used as there home base , through the years
  7. Batley Bob

    And another Bulldog inbound Danny Yates

    Interview from today's press
  8. Batley Bob

    Just what kind of fan are you?

    As a Batley fan I don’t dislike Fev !
  9. Batley Bob

    King Louis

    It’s just the same as when Dewsbury had a poll to name there mascot bsj , many moons ago , and all the batley fans voted for rogering the ram
  10. Batley Bob

    King Louis

    Here is the link , please vote for Louis Joufret
  11. Batley Bob

    Championship odds

    Mystic bob can see fax 12months into future
  12. Batley Bob

    Challenge cup and New 1895 cup

    Think we have added quality in jack Downs and Tyler Dickinson to be honest , add Joufret to that with a preseason under his belt andI definetly think we will be thereabouts
  13. Batley Bob

    Challenge cup and New 1895 cup

    I think we have put a good squad together and am very optimistic for this season