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  1. When I was a lad the Caswells were a Featherstone family who moved to Halifax. Ronnie, and George were brothers. Any relation.?
  2. Good to see Kyle back. I think we will win. Toulouse 8 Fev 22.
  3. If they are very good we will take them even if they are indecent.
  4. Sorry got carried away. VIFA it should say.
  5. How about calling the Post Office Road end: VIVA ! VIFA ! That is: Long live the memory of Vince Farrar. I can hear the crowd now shouting: VIVA VIFA = VIVA FIVA !!!.
  6. If he is like Moses then he will keep taking the tablets and don't forget he never reached the Promised Land. He broke the rules and was forbidden. You would be better with a David. See a few Goliaths off.
  7. In our neck of the woods duff can mean making a lot of dough. Lets hope so. Elsewhere ought that's duff is ######. Fingers crossed.
  8. They have appointed him so we don't take any short cuts. Otherwise he will be hair today and gone tomorrow.
  9. So its Duffy then
  10. Clue to our next two signings: GILBERT AND SULLIVAN. Great players.
  11. It has got to be illegitimate cos some #### posted it.
  12. I was also in Pirates of Penzance so is this a 'First Rate Opportunity' Robin? Perhaps if it is rumoured to be American then it is USeless. So if it is wind up rubbish does somebody want clocking?
  13. Misi, Walton, Davis. Agreed with the comments about our performance. I wonder if Sharpe's leaving had anything to do with it. A few weeks of turmoil; in the offing I reckon. Are we to get an assistant coach or is the new one to cover all aspects?>
  14. It depends. If it happens this week I don't think he has time to get to know the players and to coach them effectively.
  15. Agreeing with what you say about the game but the timing of the announcement is still at a silly time.