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  1. I got wind of the situation .Let's hope he MEX A CO of it.
  2. Yes he is building a big defence wall around us (US). Stop the players RUSSIAN about.
  3. Yes please
  4. Sound as though we need a new programme to get rid. If they wont sell then distribute them to GG purchasers; they taking any they wish free of charge making a contribution if they wish.
  5. Found them. Cheers.
  6. We could of course go a step further and give a free different coloured ticket to anybody that buys 9 for a fiver in the GG.
  7. Have we got the dates for our matches yet?
  8. How about making them part of the Golden Gamble? For and extra £1 or 50p their ticket would go into a separate draw for the programmes. From our (the sellers points of view} we could on the day have different coloured tickets for the separate draws. The programmes would then benefit the club.
  9. Thanks for that info David.
  10. Different Camp.
  11. Ok we finished 4th. But I have read it is where you finish in the middle 8's that determines your funding. S o has anybody got any details of how it works and how much per position
  12. One has to congratulate Halifax on their last three wins. Outstanding results.
  13. Nice to see Briggs name in there. Let's hope he get more matches now.
  14. The last game he played in, he played well. Took difficult kicks and ran well with the ball. Memory not what it was but I think he also scored in that game.
  15. 6ft 1 and over 15 stones.