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  1. Think Turner looked class. Has great potential.
  2. Wildie Turner Duckworth
  3. All the best for the future Phil.
  4. We have of course to remember that in the distant past the NCB had bore holes on the land which stopped us doing anything with it.
  5. Yes the land was there in the past so why wasn't used as an asset to produce income? We are now moving in the right direction with the land being utilised. It must be worth around 15 million quid with planning and with the building that is going on around it planning should be easy. But as I have said many times before retain the asset and lease the land. Then we have an asset that is improving in value and bringing in an income. I cannot see with proper planning how we can be in any danger of liquidation or winding up or any court orders.. The team has to perform with that I agree but again we are back to proper control of cash flow.
  6. Lets hope he has an offspring from either leg when he comes back.
  7. Should be very remote for Fev. With their assets properly handled there should be sufficient additional income to offset any potential crisis. Other clubs may have problems. It is alarming how many so called 'business men' seem to know nothing about cash flow.
  8. Deal agreed with RL there is to be a new club. Andrew Chalmers suggested as head of consortium
  9. Yor kidding!
  10. It is quoted in the Domesday book as Fred- esten so he may have had it then OR.
  11. That's very interesting Mo. Wasn't Pontefract at that time two places called Tanshelf and Kirkby that eventually became one place?
  12. Remember him playing. Good lad. Good player. RIP.
  13. The location of the bridge in question is still in doubt. Various places have been suggested and the Stumpcross area is one of them. Others say that the River Aire is the location but overall the precise location has not been pinpointed. Of bigger interest to me is the fact that legend has it that Robin Hood spent a fair amount of time in Featherstone and his headquarters there were at the Travellers Hotel. No wonder his troop were called the 'Merry Men'. Love to hear more about that legend.
  14. Worked at all three of them. Tanshelf was a very small station with a clerk in charge (me), two porters and two signalmen. The main task was coal shipping from invoices taken from wagon sides. Hobman's coal shippers were next door. Baghill was a passenger station on a different line. Monkhill was the biggest and had Passenger and Goods sections. The goods were delivered by Scammel three wheelers and George Wright, the mayor of Pontefract, was the foreman (not seen very much due to his civic duties). There were seven in one office and four in the other. The goods staff including drivers were around 12 . Tanshelf and Monkhill ran the supporters trains to Featherstone which had a busy little station with signal box and a small railway cottage next to the crossings. Worked there as well. Goods were transported mainly by train in those days. Left in 1956 to go into banking as I was working Saturdays and Sundays at Tanshelf and couldn't do my athletics and rugby. The posh part of Pontefract was Carleton and Ackworth Road area to the rear of the King's School with other snobby's living in Darrington. In Featherstone the upper part of Purston was the posh area. I remember at Featherstone Lister Hall asking a Purston lass for a dance. I lived on Station Lane. She cocked her nose at me with a sniff and turned away. Years later when I was a senior banker she met me at a function and asked me if I remembered her. Yuk! Union was played at grammar school and League at the secondary modern. We of course played as kids at league in the streets and on the various Greens including Purston Park the Rec and the fields behind Girnhill Lane. The Rec was the land behind the back of the rovers ground and that was where Goody's gang hung out. Happy days. I don't hate Cas supporters but you have to tread warily when dealing with them. When I was promoted to manager of Yorkshire Bank Castleford I was asked to do a piece on my background for the newspapers. I told them that I played RL and did athletics and then filled in my other interests. In the column I mentioned in all innocence that I was a Featherstone Rovers supporter. I was thanked and that was that as far as I was concerned. I spoke to a friend who was a Cas supporter and he told me to change the article as I would have no customers when it was read in the Pont and Cas. I rang them and changed it to 'keen RL supporter'. Just treading softly softly of course.
  15. Already introduced myself to Liam. Told him to contact me if I can be of any assistance. Welcome Liam.